I Built a Business Worth 9 Figures: These Are My Top 5 Tips for Getting Rich

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Serial entrepreneur Brandon Dawson started his journey from humble beginnings and went on to build Audigy Group, a business that he eventually sold for $151 million. The author of “Nine-Figure Mindset: How To Go From Zero to Over $100 Million in Net Worth” is now on a mission to help people achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

Here are Dawson’s top tips for building wealth.

Embed Wealth Creation Into Your Routine

Dawson said that working toward your financial goals should be embedded into your everyday life.

“Commit to a systematic approach to wealth generation, where earning, saving and investing are interwoven into your daily operations,” he said. “It’s not merely about the aspiration towards nine-figure wealth, but crafting a habitual cycle: Earn diligently, save judiciously and invest strategically. Crafting this cycle into your regular activities embeds financial acceleration into your lifestyle and business practices.”

Make Passive Income a Pillar of Your Financial Strategy

Passive income is a key component of wealth building, Dawson said.

“Incorporating passive income investments into your portfolio can be a game-changer,” he said. “Your wealth should work for you, even when you’re not actively managing it.”

Dawson used passive income to build his own net worth.

“My investments in various passive income streams have been a critical driver behind my financial success, allowing for stable, regular returns that form a financial safety net, and more importantly, fuel further investment endeavors,” he said. “This is something I reference in ‘Nine-Figure Mindset: How to Go from Zero to Over $100 Million in Net Worth’ because entrepreneurs tend to get stuck working hard for their money, instead of letting their money work for them.”

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Leverage the Quiet Power of Compounding

Time can be a powerful tool when it comes to building wealth.

“As my wealth-building journey unfolded, compounding consistently emerged as an unassuming yet powerful ally,” Dawson said. “It’s not just accumulating returns, but reinvesting them that turns the tide, transforming modest gains into a formidable financial force over time. This consistent reinvestment not only solidifies your current financial standing but acts as a catalyst for exponential growth.”

Incessantly Seek and Secure New Revenue Streams

You should never rely on a single revenue stream to build wealth, Dawson said.

“The underpinning philosophy behind sustained financial growth is a relentless pursuit of new revenue channels,” he said. “My experiences have cemented a belief that your financial trajectory should be perpetually ascending, avoiding plateaus. By perpetually exploring and seizing diverse investment opportunities, you ensure that your financial growth is not merely consistent, but multifaceted and robust.”

Cultivate an Agile and Adaptable Financial Approach

It’s important to be flexible when on your wealth-building journey.

“Flexibility and adaptability in financial strategy have been paramount in navigating through varied economic climates and seizing emergent opportunities,” Dawson said. “Ensuring your investment strategy can pivot in response to changing circumstances ensures not only the preservation of wealth, but its growth amid an ever-shifting financial landscape.”

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Make Your Money Work Better for You


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