Mississippi SNAP Schedule: When Benefits Hit EBT Cards in March

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Like most states, Mississippi transfers their SNAP (food stamp) benefits through an Electronic Benefits Transfer card. EBT cards are pre-loaded debit cards which monthly SNAP benefit are transferred. Card holders can use their cards to purchase groceries and fresh produce. In Mississippi, the EBT card can be used at any store that displays the “Quest” logo. State residents who receive SNAP benefits can also use their EBT cards to purchase food from farmer’s markets, truck vendors and community agencies approved by the Food and Nutrition Service.

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SNAP benefits are intended to help low-income individuals and families purchase fresh food each month. The USDA extended the amount of SNAP benefits recipients can receive during the pandemic as an emergency extension. This emergency allotment allows all recipients of SNAP benefits to receive the full allowable amount for their household size if they were not already receiving it before. 

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The payment schedule in Mississippi is slightly different from other states, as SNAP benefits do not begin distribution on the first of the month like many others. Mississippi begins payment on Mar. 4 and continues the distribution through Mar. 21. 

Each recipient is issued a case number for their SNAP benefits, and the day of EBT deposit depends on the last number according to the schedule below:

Case No. Ending In Date Benefits Received
00-04 March 4
05-10 March 5
11-16 March 6
17-22 March 7
23-28 March 8
29-34 March  9
35-40 March  10
41-46 March 11
47-52 March 12
53-58 March 13
59-64 March. 14
65-69 March. 15
70-74 March 16
75-79 March 17
80-84 March 18
85-89 March 19
90-94 March  20
95-99 March 21
Source: Providers

If you would like to see if you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits for the state of Mississippi, you can use the state’s screening tool.

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