6 Assets That Will Hold Their Value

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There are always new investment opportunities cropping up, but they often come with sizable risks.

Cryptocurrency is a fascinating concept; however, digital currency has taken a beating in 2022. Tech stocks have a reputation for their growth potential, but they’re hurting this year as well. NFTs are innovative and interesting, but most projects lose their value not long after launching.

If you’re looking for quality investments that can hold their value and add some stability to your portfolio, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Real Estate

Real estate has to top a list like this. It’s an asset that has held its value since the days of the pyramids.

The housing market is very high at the moment, which makes it a bit of a short-term risk. Inflated home prices also can make it difficult to find deals.

Nevertheless, even at a time like this, investing in a physical property remains a powerful way to turn cash into an asset that will never go to $0.

Tokenized Real Estate

It can be emotionally exhausting to invest heavily in something as volatile as cryptocurrency. The ups and downs of the crypto market — including the prolonged “crypto winter” of 2022 — can be hard to stomach at times.

That’s where tokenized real estate can make a difference. This novel approach to investing combines the tokenized nature of cryptocurrency with commercial real estate investing. It enables those who possess digital currency to purchase a portion of a very real commercial property.

Investing for Everyone

The ability to invest in commercial real estate is powerful. It’s something that used to be extremely difficult to do and required an astronomical amount of capital and know-how to pull off. Along with being accessible, tokenized real estate is also an investment that can hold its value over time due to its association with the more predictable real estate market.

Quality NFTs

The non-fungible token (NFT) is the poster child of a risky investment. It takes the volatility of cryptocurrency and applies it to an even riskier art-driven medium.

However, it’s possible to discover legitimate NFT assets that will hold their value over time. Usually, this requires finding an established project that already has proven its value and is steadily attracting new investors.

For those who are bold investors and good at their research, it’s also possible to discover new NFT projects that could be good long-term investments. Just remember that, in those cases, the odds are against you if history has anything to say.


If you’re looking for a simple, tried-and-true investment option that will maintain value over time, look no further than a certificate of deposit. A CD locks up your cash in a product that yields a steady — albeit usually low — interest rate over time. You can’t withdraw the money, and it doesn’t tend to grow very quickly.

Nevertheless, money invested in a CD is fairly safe. It doesn’t tend to lose its value easily. It’s also insured for up to $250,000 by the FDIC.

Investing for Everyone

There are many other more aggressive ways to invest money and grow wealth. If you’re looking for stability, though, a CD provides that in spades.

Index Funds

Investing in the stock market can lead to massive payouts. But it also can come with plenty of risks.

One need look no further than growth stocks as an example of this risk in action. After the initial crash caused by the earliest days of the pandemic, growth stocks grew hand over fist, until 2022 saw them come crashing down — hard.

One way to avoid the volatility that comes with stocks like these is to invest in index funds. These are mutual funds or ETFs that spread their wealth out evenly over an entire market index, like the S&P 500.

An ETF will dip along with the rest of the market, but typically not as intensely as many individual stocks. The spread-out risk makes it an asset that tends to hold its value better than many other stock options.


Precious metals have held value since the dawn of civilization. From crowns to cups, coins to ingots, gold has represented wealth for thousands of years — and it continues to do so today.

The important thing to realize is that, while they can hold value over time, gold and other precious metals are not as predictable as, say, a CD. Gold can be volatile in the short term and should be left alone if you’ve lost money soon after investing.

Investing for Everyone

Even so, sooner or later, it should return to its original value at the time of purchase — or more. This is due to the fact that precious metals tend to hold up in the long term due to their limited supply.

The Bottom Line

Investing is a tricky business. Most investors favor a balanced approach that mixes high risk with predictably safe options. If you’re trying to balance your portfolio or start investing in the first place, the above recommendations can help — but keep in mind that they’re just that: recommendations.

You can use assets such as index funds and tokenized real estate to provide foundational elements to your wealth. That way, if riskier investments drop in the short term or completely fail in the long term, you’ll still have a stable of assets that can function as the core of your wealth and keep it steadily growing over time.

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