Employers Can Help You to Pay for Going Back to School

Are you thinking about going back to school to enhance your career and life, but don’t know how you’re going to pay for it? If so, you may as well join the millions of other students who are scratching their heads in wonder as they contemplate how to pay for school. What you may not know, is that many employers help their employees pay for school because they recognize that doing so can create more effective workers who have a greater likelihood of growing the business.

TAP Programs Helping You Through School

You probably have heard of TAP Programs, also known as Tuition Assistance Programs, that are offered by some employers to help their workers pay for school as long as the study relates to a current or future position within the company. Usually, there are some strict guidelines to adhere to when accepting this type of help. For instance, you may have to prove that any classes that don’t fall in line with your career goals are required by your major to receive assistance. Also, if your grades drop below a predetermined GPA, your assistance may be cut off. And if you drop a class, you will likely have to repay the money right away.

Before diving into a TAP program, learn what to expect first. It will be worth it to have someone else pay for your schooling.

What You Can Do If Your Employer Doesn’t Readily Offer Assistance

Many employees find themselves in the predicament of wishing that an employer would pay for their education, however, no TAP program exists within the company. This doesn’t mean that they won’t pay your tuition though. If you can muster up the nerve, you can ask for them to do it anyway.

How, you ask? Try asking your human resources or your boss for help. By explaining that the classes would make you more productive at work, help you become a leader, and the cost will be cheaper than hiring a new employee with a higher degree, you may just convince them that it’s a good idea. If they agree then you can draw up a contract with the tuition-assistance terms.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Going back to school on your own can seem impossible if you have to spend your own money. But with the help of your employer, you may be able to complete your education without spending a dime.


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