10 Most Valuable American $2, $50, $100 Bills Still in Circulation

Closeup of a hundred dollars bill showing Benjamin Franklin.
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American currency, especially in denominations like $2, $50, and $100, can possess significant value, especially if they’re from rare prints or series. Let’s explore some of the most valuable bills in these categories that might still be in circulation.

1. 1928 Series $2 Bill

  • Value Factor: The first series of the small-size $2 bill, the 1928 series is rare and highly sought after, especially the notes with red seals.

2. 1953 Red Seal $2 Bill

  • Collectible Aspect: This series is not as rare as the 1928 series but still holds value, especially in uncirculated condition with a star in the serial number.

3. 1976 Bicentennial $2 Bill

  • Historical Significance: Printed to mark America’s Bicentennial, some of these bills, particularly those with unique serial numbers or errors, can be worth more than face value.

4. 1995 $2 Star Note

  • Rarity: Star notes are replacement bills and are always of interest to collectors, with the 1995 series being relatively scarce.

5. 1934 Series $50 Bill

  • Value for Collectors: The older the series, the more valuable it often is. The 1934 series of the $50 bill, especially those with star serial numbers or unique markings, can fetch high prices.

6. 1929 Brown Seal $50 Bill

  • Rarity and Collectibility: This series is noted for its brown seal, year, and serial numbers, making it a unique and collectible item.

7. 1985 $50 Star Note

  • Modern Rarity: Star notes from this year can be rare, depending on their condition and print run numbers.

8. 1966 Red Seal $100 Bill

  • High Value: This particular series is quite rare and can be very valuable, especially in uncirculated condition.
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9. 1996 $100 Star Note

  • Modern Collectible: As with other denominations, star notes in the $100 category from this year are rare and can be of significant value.

10. 2009A Series $100 Bill

  • Late Series Rarity: Later series are not usually as valuable, but certain star notes or bills with unique serial numbers from this series can be more valuable than their face value.

The value of American currency goes beyond its face value, especially for collectors. The rarity, condition, and historical background of a bill can significantly increase its worth. For those interested in numismatics, finding a rare $2, $50, or $100 bill can be an exciting and potentially lucrative discovery.

However, always consult with an expert or a reliable currency dealer for an accurate assessment of a bill’s worth. Remember, while not every bill will be a hidden treasure, there are still valuable pieces of history circulating out there.

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