‘Pawn Stars’ Reveals 9 Most Rare and Expensive Coins Ever Sold

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The pawns shop, particularly the famed ‘Pawn Stars’ shop, has often been a haven for antiquities and collectibles, some of which come with tales as rich as their price tags.

Among these, coins, often steeped in history and rarity, make frequent appearances. Here, we delve into the stories of some of the most remarkable and valuable coins ever sold through ‘Pawn Stars.’

1. The Elusive King of Kings Morgan Dollar

Valued at a princely sum of $50,000, the King of Kings Morgan Dollar has the distinctive feature of omitting its place of minting, Philadelphia, a fact that collectors find tantalizingly rare and attractive.

2. A Tragic Tale: The Titanic Victim’s Half Dollar

The coin that once belonged to Titanic passenger John W. Gill holds not just monetary value (approximately $21,000) but also a heartbreaking history, making it a cherished collector’s item.

3. The Pioneering 1652 New England Shilling

Known as one of the inaugural coins minted in the American colonies, this 12 Pence shilling holds unparalleled historical and fiscal value, notably being purchased by ‘Pawn Stars’ for $250,000.

4. The Unacknowledged 1922 High Relief Silver Dollar

Coveted and rare, the 1922 High Relief Silver Dollar, also known as the Peace Dollar, was intriguingly unrecognized by the government for over a decade after its minting. This piece found a buyer at ‘Pawn Stars’ for $80,000.

5. The Ill-fated 1944 Steel Penny

Regarded as one of the U.S. Mint’s significant missteps due to its confusing similarity with other coins during wartime, this steel penny, with less than 50 known to exist, can command between $30,000 and $100,000.

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6. The Mistaken 1888 O Morgan Scarface Silver Dollar

Minting errors often lead to increased value, as seen with the 1888 O Morgan Scarface Silver Dollar, where an engraving mishap left Lady Liberty marred with a scar. As the king of error coins, it’s esteemed at around $20,000.

7. The Ocean-Rescued 1857 Double Eagle

Salvaged from the shipwreck of the SS Central America, the 1857 Double Eagle is not only a piece of preserved history but also a tangible piece from the depths, securing a sale price of $24,000.

8. The Inaugural 1792 Half Disme Coin

Representing a significant chapter in American numismatics, the first-ever minted American coin, the 1792 Half Disme Coin, has an astronomical value of $600,000, despite being sold to the shop for $150,000.

9. A Shakespearian Coin: “Ides of March” Denarius Coin

With a legacy intertwined with Julius Caesar and a scene immortalized by Shakespeare, the “Ides of March” Denarius Coin, criticized for featuring a living Caesar, demands attention and a hefty price tag of around $150,000.

Coins, especially those steeped in rich history or tales of tragedy, often become invaluable pieces for collectors and history enthusiasts alike. ‘Pawn Stars’ has managed to unearth, negotiate, and bring to the public eye some of the most intriguing finds in the numismatic world, each with their unique story and incredible value. These transcendent coins remind us that monetary value is often deeply entwined with historical significance, making them not only treasures of the past but also invaluable assets for the future.

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