Should You Spend Your Rare $2 Bills?

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The $2 bill, with its iconic depiction of Thomas Jefferson on the front and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the back, has long been a curiosity in the world of American currency.

While it’s legal tender and can be used like any other bill, the question remains: should you spend your $2 bills or hold onto them? Here are some factors to consider.

Historical Significance

The $2 bill has been in circulation, in various designs, since 1862. However, due to its limited use in everyday transactions and the public’s unfamiliarity with it, the bill has taken on a novelty status among collectors and the general populace alike.

Collectible Value

While most $2 bills are worth their face value, certain older bills or bills with unique serial numbers might fetch a premium among collectors. For instance, $2 bills from the 1928 series, especially those with red seals, can be more valuable.

Sentimental Value

Many people have received $2 bills as gifts, keepsakes or tokens of good luck. If your bill has sentimental value, you might be more inclined to keep it for its personal significance rather than its monetary worth.

Spreading Curiosity

Some people enjoy spending $2 bills specifically because they spark interest and conversation. Handing over a $2 bill often leads to stories, questions and sometimes even debates about its legitimacy as currency.


While $2 bills are legal tender and accepted everywhere, some cashiers might be unfamiliar with them or hesitant to accept them due to their rarity in daily transactions. This could lead to minor inconveniences if you’re trying to make a quick purchase.

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Economic Impact

Keeping $2 bills out of circulation doesn’t have a significant economic impact, but reintroducing them into the economy can increase their familiarity and acceptance. The more they circulate, the less “novel” they become.

Future Print Runs

The U.S. Treasury still prints $2 bills, though in limited quantities compared to other denominations. While there’s no imminent danger of the bill being discontinued, fewer print runs might enhance its novelty status in the future.

Choosing to spend or save your $2 bills is ultimately a personal decision. If you view them as a unique piece of American history or a sentimental keepsake, you might opt to save them.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the intrigue they bring when spent or simply view them as currency, there’s no harm in using them for everyday transactions. Whatever you decide, the $2 bill remains a fascinating and distinctive piece of U.S. currency.

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