This $5 Bill is Worth Over $2,000 — Look for This in Your Wallet

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If you think that a worn $5 bill holds no more value than its face worth, you might want to think again. A TikTok influencer, Shaun, popularly known as BlueRidgeSilverHound, has recently showcased a crumpled $5 bill from 1988 that went for a whopping $2,040 in a Heritage Auction last year, debunking the myth that worn notes with peculiar features are worthless.

This remarkable bill gained its immense value not because of its physical condition but due to a unique detail in its serial number. The note carries a “solid” serial number — “G 88888888 A,” which means all digits in the serial number are identical. These types of bills are extremely rare and sought after, as only about one in 11 million notes have a solid serial number, as stated by the personal finance website, The Penny Hoarder.

Many may assume that banknotes in poor condition or with odd serial numbers hold little to no value, but this bill challenges that notion, proving that certain unique features can actually enhance their worth significantly.

According to Shaun, “I’ve been told on a number of occasions that rough circulated notes with some of these fancy serial numbers and errors aren’t worth anything,” but the resale value of this particular bill contradicts such assertions.

Interestingly, this $5 note is not only in bad physical condition but also has an ink stain at the top, likely from a bank teller. Although this blotch might seem like a defect, it does not impact the note’s value, as it isn’t related to the original printing process.

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So, the next time you come across a $5 bill in your wallet, make sure to take a closer look. You never know, it might just have that unique serial number, turning it into a small fortune. It’s a strong reminder to collectors and enthusiasts that a bill’s worth can often extend far beyond its face value, regardless of its physical condition.

If you happen to find a note with a solid serial number, consider having it professionally appraised, irrespective of its physical condition. As an example of how much these bills can be worth, another $5 banknote featuring a solid serial number sold for over $2,400 in a Heritage Auction back in 2008.

So, whether you’re a currency collector or someone who has never paid much attention to the details on your money, it might be worthwhile to take a second glance at the serial numbers on your bills. They might just surprise you!

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