This Is the Wealthiest City in Your State

Scenic view of Honolulu city and Waikiki Beach; Hawaii, USA.
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Have you wondered where the wealthiest cities in the country are? New York City and San Francisco might come to mind, but big businesses and high rents don’t necessarily translate to wealth for a city’s residents. In fact, what separates some of the wealthiest cities from their less wealthy counterparts might surprise you.

In this study, GOBankingRates defined the “wealthiest” cities as those with high median household incomes. To find the wealthiest city in each state, GOBankingRates isolated all cities with more than  1,000 households and, from there, found each state’s richest city in terms of (1) median household income.

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Wealthiest City in Alabama: Highland Lakes

  • Number of households: 1,868
  • Median household income: $152,774

Highland Lakes is a census-designated place, meaning it isn’t incorporated. Residents clearly value education, with 99.1% of adults having graduated from high school.

Wealthiest City in Alaska: Fishhook

  • Number of households: 1,768
  • Median household income: $106,310

Residents of Fishhook have easy access to the Alaska State Fair, which is held annually in Palmer, about 13 miles south. The 2021 fair will be held Aug. 20 through Sept. 6, and scheduled concert performers include Martina McBride and Billy Idol.

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Wealthiest City in Arizona: Paradise Valley

  • Number of households: 5,352
  • Median household income: $211,393

Residents of the Phoenix suburb enjoy an average of 294 days of sun per year, giving them plenty of opportunities to play golf or participate in other outdoor activities. Paradise Valley was the longtime home of U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater, and the town honored him with the Goldwater Memorial.

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Wealthiest City in Arkansas: Cave Springs

  • Number of households: 1,421
  • Median household income: $134,740

Located in northwest Arkansas, Cave Springs isn’t far from outdoor recreational areas, such as the Ozark National Forest, Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area and Beaver Lake.

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Wealthiest Cities  in California: Atherton, Hillsborough, Los Altos Hills, Monte Sereno, Woodside

  • Number of households in Atherton: 2,215
  • Number of households in Hillsborough: 3,633
  • Number of households in Los Altos Hills: 3,016
  • Number of households in Monte Sereno: 1,128
  • Number of households in Woodside: 1,799
  • Median household income: $250,000-plus

It shouldn’t be a surprise that California’s richest communities are clustered together near Silicon Valley. After all, the region is the home of the giants in the tech industry, including Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Oracle.

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    Wealthiest City in Colorado: Cherry Hills Village

    • Number of households: 2,243
    • Median household income: $250,000-plus

    Cherry Hills Village is south of Denver and a primarily residential suburb consisting of 6 1/2 square miles. It was incorporated in 1945.

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    Wealthiest City in Connecticut: Darien

    • Number of households: 6,895
    • Median household income: $232,523

    Darien is part of Connecticut’s Gold Coast, located alongside Long Island Sound. It offers waterfront living while still being commutable to New York City. It’s about an hour away.

    Wealthiest City in Delaware: North Star

    • Number of households: 2,745
    • Median household income: $137,917
    In North Star, a suburb of Philadelphia, the median housing value is $445,900, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
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    Wealthiest City in Florida: Pinecrest

    Number of households: 6,033

    Median household income: $156,875

    Pinecrest, incorporated on March 12, 1996, turned 25 this year. It is in Miami-Dade County and south of downtown Miami. It has a lot of titles: Tree City USA, Playful City USA and Community of Respect.

    Wealthiest City in Georgia: Druid Hills

    Number of households: 3,579

    Median household income: $129,740

    Druid Hills, one of Atlanta’s first suburbs, was designed at the turn of the 20th century by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park in New York City, Stanford University, the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and a number of large estates, including the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.

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    Wealthiest City in Hawaii: East Honolulu

    • Number of households: 16,560
    • Median household income: $133,165

    East Honolulu is part of Hawaii’s capital city but also is recognized independently as a census-designated place. It is popular among retirees, with more than 25% of its population age 65 or older.

    Wealthiest City in Idaho: Eagle

    • Number of households: 9,946
    • Median household income: $92,807

    Outdoors activities abound for residents of Eagle. Eagle Island State Park, bordered by the Boise River, has a picnic area, disc golf course, swimming beach, and trails for hiking, walking and horseback riding.

    Wealthiest City in Illinois: Winnetka

    • Number of households: 4,107
    • Median household income: $250,000-plus

    Winnetka, about 30 minutes north of Chicago, is a haven for those who love their green space. It has 242 acres of parkland, as well as forest preserve land.

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      Wealthiest City in Indiana: Zionsville

      • Number of households: 9,865
      • Median household income: $137,377

      Located 20 minutes north of Indianapolis, Zionsville has small-town charm in the shadow of the big city. Zionsville is known for its award-winning school district, as well as its unique shops, dining options and art galleries.

      Wealthiest City in Iowa: Robins

      • Number of households: 1,215
      • Median household income: $131,078

      A suburb of Cedar Rapids, Robins knows how to celebrate special occasions, annually hosting the Bluegrass Festival, summer fireworks, the Robins Roundup, an egg hunt at Easter and the Santa Claus Christmas party. The population has grown by 83% since 2000.

      Wealthiest City in Kansas: Mission Hills

      • Number of households: 1,218
      • Median household income: $250,000-plus

      Mission Hills was developed by urban planner J.C. Nichols as a garden community, and it doesn’t disappoint. Those green spaces. and other locations, are decorated with statues, sculptures, fountains and urns, some of them imported from foreign lands.

      Wealthiest City in Kentucky: Indian Hills

      • Number of households: 1,107
      • Median household income: $190,313

      Located along the Ohio River, which separates Kentucky and Indiana, Indian Hills is a suburb of Louisville. There is a pride of ownership in Indian Hills, where 99.3% of homes are owner-occupied, according to Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty.

      Wealthiest City in Louisiana: Prairieville

      • Number of households: 10,928
      • Median household income: $99,953

      Even Louisianans who don’t live in Prairieville might have been there, drawn by the Flea Market of Louisiana. It has 400 covered booths and is open weekends throughout the year, rain or shine.

      Wealthiest City in Maine: Cumberland Center

      • Number of households: 1,072
      • Median household income: $99,500

      Cumberland Center is one of three distinct areas within the Town of Cumberland. On the coast of Southern Maine, Cumberland still retains its rich agricultural roots, which are showcased each September at the Cumberland Fair.

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      Wealthiest City in Maryland: Travilah

      • Number of households: 3,602
      • Median household income: $241,369

      Travilah is known for its big houses on big plots of land. It’s a bedroom community of Washington, D.C., about 20 miles north along the Potomac River.

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      Wealthiest City in Massachusetts: Wellesley

      • Number of households: 8,449
      • Median household income: $197,132

      Wellesley is a center of higher education, with Babson College and Wellesley College, within its limits. A Wellesley College professor, Katharine Lee Bates, wrote “America the Beautiful” in 1893.

      Wealthiest City in Michigan: Bloomfield Hills

      • Number of households: 1,325
      • Median household income: $178,894

      Bloomfield Hills is known, in part, as the home of the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Founded in 1904, it is a nationally known science center, observatory, artifact museum and research hub.

      Wealthiest City in Minnesota: North Oaks

      • Number of households: 2,100
      • Median household income: $178,816

      The master-planned North Oaks community is rare in that it is governed by both the City of North Oaks and the North Oaks Home Owners’ Association. The city takes care of services such as police, fire and planning; the association oversees recreational programs, facilities and road maintenance. All of North Oaks’ roads are privately owned.

      Wealthiest City in Mississippi: Madison

      • Number of households: 8,972
      • Median household income: $114,521

      Madison is a spot for both young families and retirees. While almost 28% of the residents are under age 18, Madison also is a certified retirement community. As such, it offers educational, cultural and recreational programs for its older residents.

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      Wealthiest City in Missouri: Frontenac

      • Number of households: 1,305
      • Median household income: $217,768

      A suburb of St. Louis, Frontenac became a city in November 1950. It attracted horse lovers, many of whom built stables, and the community maintains its equestrian history through its street names. Today, people are drawn to the area to shop at Plaza Frontenac, which consists largely of high-end stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

      Wealthiest City in Montana: Helena Valley Northeast

      • Number of households: 1,227
      • Median household income: $96,146

      North of Helena, Montana’s capital city, Helena Valley Northeast is surrounded by open space, including national forests.

      Wealthiest City in Nebraska: Gretna

      • Number of households: 1,954
      • Median household income: $83,103

      Popular with visitors to Gretna is the Stations of the Cross, a walking tour located at The Cloisters on the Platte. The Stations of the Cross depicts, in 14 sculptures, the time of Christ’s life from his trial through his burial.

      Wealthiest City in Nevada: Spring Creek

      • Number of households: 4,559
      • Median household income: $99,854

      Spring Creek is far removed, both literally and figuratively, from Las Vegas. Unlike the glitzy city about 420 miles south, Spring Creek is a rural community, where family activities such as canoeing are the main attraction.

      Wealthiest City in New Hampshire: Hanover

      Number of households: 1,859

      Median household income: $109,514

      Nestled along New Hampshire’s western border, Hanover is the home of Dartmouth University. It’s one of just 10 towns in the United States where the Appalachian Trail runs down Main Street.

      Wealthiest City in New Jersey: Short Hills

      Number of households: 4,153

      Median household income: $250,000+

      Short Hills, part of the Town of Millburn, is accessible for commuters. It’s 10 miles from Newark, New Jersey, and about 25 miles from Manhattan. Philadelphia is about 90 miles away.

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      Wealthiest City in New Mexico: White Rock

      • Number of households: 2,247
      • Median household income: $135,964

      White Rock is located in Los Alamos County, which in June 2021 was named the No. 1 Healthiest Community in the United States by U.S. News & World Report in partnership with the Aetna Foundation. The study looked at 84 health and related metrics in 10 categories and analyzed about 3,000 locations.

      Wealthiest City in New York: Lloyd Harbor and Scarsdale

      • Number of households in Lloyd Harbor: 1,196
      • Number of households in Scarsdale: 5,577
      • Median household income: $250,000-plus

      Located 45 miles apart, Scarsdale is a tony community northeast of Manhattan near the Connecticut border, while Lloyd Harbor is on Long Island. In June 2021, the median home listing price in Scarsdale was $1.2 million, according to In Lloyd Harbor, it was $1.7 million.

      Wealthiest City in North Carolina: Marvin

      • Number of households: 1,867
      • Median household income: $206,469

      If a home on a big lot is what you want, the Charlotte suburb could be your destiny. Under Marvin zoning regulations, no more than 86 homes can be built per 100 acres. The village was incorporated in 1994.

      Wealthiest City in North Dakota: Beulah

      • Number of households: 1,358
      • Median household income: $99,125

      Beulah is a rural community with rolling hills and farming. But it’s also rich in coal and bills itself as the Energy Capital of North Dakota.

      Wealthiest City in Ohio: Village of Indian Hill

      • Number of households: 2,032
      • Median household income: $207,174

      Indian Hill is a quiet residential community in Hamilton County, Ohio, northeast of Cincinnati. It’s known for her large residential lots of three acres or more.

      Wealthiest City in Oklahoma: Nichols Hills

      • Number of households: 1,604
      • Median household income: $186,912

      From the outset, Nichols Hills was designed to be an exclusive community. As developer Gilbert A. Nichols planned Nichols Hills, he wanted it to contain mansions on big lots. He got the idea from a colleague in real estate who suggested the area should be modeled after Beverly Hills, California.

      Wealthiest City in Oregon: Cedar Mill

      • Number of households: 6,019
      • Median household income: $145,057

      Cedar Mill is a suburb of Portland and a short distance to Beaverton, where the world headquarters of Nike are located.

      Wealthiest City in Pennsylvania: Fox Chapel

      • Number of households: 1,797
      • Median household income: $205,987

      The wooded suburb of Pittsburgh features grand homes built by some of the nation’s wealthiest families, including the Heinzes and the Carnegies, and is 100% residential, except for schools, churches and private clubs.

      Wealthiest City in Rhode Island: Cumberland Hill

      • Number of households: 3,141
      • Median household income: $89,456

      Since Cumberland Hill is just 13 miles from Providence, residents have access to the big city while maintaining their small-town lifestyle.

      Wealthiest City in South Carolina: Tega Cay

      • Number of households: 3,531
      • Median household income: $130,918

      Located along Lake Wylie, Tega Cay offers water activities such as boating and swimming, as well as golf and hiking.

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      Wealthiest City in South Dakota: Dakota Dunes

      • Number of households: 1,318
      • Median household income: $118,966

      Residents of Dakota Dunes can live, work and play there. That’s because it’s a 2,000-acre master-planned community, started in 1988, that includes 434 acres set aside for offices, retail shops and light industrial activities, and nearly 1,000 acres for open space, public use and golf courses.

      Wealthiest City in Tennessee: Forest Hills

      • Number of households: 1,796
      • Median household income: $203,056

      Forest Hills, a suburb of Nashville, has no commercial development and is nearly 100% residential. High-density housing isn’t allowed.

      Wealthiest Cities in Texas: Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point Village, West University Place

      • Number of households in Hunters Creek Village: 1,540
      • Number of households in Piney Point Village: 1,214
      • Number of households in West University Place: 5,419
      • Median household income: $250,000-plus

      All three communities are located within 11 miles of each other west of Houston, which is the fourth-largest city in the United States.

      Wealthiest City in Utah: Silver Summit

      • Number of households: 1,343
      • Median household income: $147,404

      Silver Summit, in Summit County, is northeast of Park City and its ski slopes, hiking and biking trails.

      Wealthiest City in Vermont: Essex Junction

      • Number of households: 4,295
      • Median household income: $80,019

      The Champlain Valley Fair is held each summer in Essex Junction. With more than 120,000 attendees each year, it is the state’s biggest event.

      Wealthiest City in Virginia: Great Falls

      • Number of households: 4,928
      • Median household income: $238,125

      Great Falls is a Washington, D.C., bedroom community, but it’s also a destination. The National Park Service manages Great Falls Park, through which the Potomac River flows. The 800-acre park features waterfalls and rapids and is just 15 minutes from the capital city.

      Wealthiest City in Washington: Clyde Hill

      • Number of households: 1,131
      • Median household income: $238,958

      Clyde Hill is east of Seattle and offers views of some of the Pacific Northwest’s most spectacular sites, including Mount Rainier, the Olympic and Cascade mountains, Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline.

      Wealthiest City in West Virginia: Cheat Lake

      • Number of households: 3,362
      • Median household income: $89,310

      George Washington surveyed the area in the 1700s, envisioning using the Cheat River as a transportation system. Eventually, Lake Lynn was built in the area for hydroelectric power generation and renamed Cheat Lake in 1976, Homes have cropped up in the area, with residents taking advantage of both water views and activities.

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      Wealthiest City in Wisconsin: Merton

      • Number of households: 1,169
      • Median household income: $154,464

      Residents of Merton, in Waukesha County, enjoy fishing in five lakes, as well as parks, snowmobiling and hiking.

      Wealthiest City in Wyoming: Ranchettes

      • Number of households: 2,345
      • Median household income: $99,403

      Ranchettes, in Laramie County, has pricey real estate. The average list price in June 2021 was $627,500, according to

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        Morgan Quinn contributed to the reporting for this article.

        Last updated: July 20, 2021

        Methodology: For this piece, GOBankingRates used the 2019 American Community Survey’s 5-year data to find the richest city in every state. First, GOBankingRates isolated all cities with more than 1,000 households, and from there, GOBankingRates found each state’s richest city in terms of (1) median household income. All data was collected and is up to date as of June 29, 2021.


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