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Morgan Quinn is an experienced personal finance writer and her work has appeared on, Huffington Post and Slate. She is also the former Managing Editor of

Articles by Morgan Quinn

30 Legitimate Ways to Make Some Quick Cash This Year

Earn extra money for the holidays with these 30 lucrative side hustles.

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How to Make Money Off Those Unwanted Holiday Gifts

Turn unwanted holiday gifts into cash with these tips.

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Affordable Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Destinations

Celebrate New Year's at one of these hot, budget-friendly destinations.

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Winter Is Coming: 30 Ways to Save Money Around the Holidays

Use any — or all — of these tips to squeeze out holiday savings.

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What Stores Have the Best Deals for Your Holiday Dinner

Shop smart this year to preserve your holiday dinner and your bank account.

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Survival Tips for Living in an Expensive City

Find out how to save money daily even if the cost of living in your city is sky-high.

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Tricks to Curb Your Online Shopping Addiction

Find out how to cut the cord on online shopping once and for all.

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Organic Foods That Aren’t Worth Organic Prices

Find out when it doesn't pay to buy organic.

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Trump Won’t Release His Taxes — But These Presidents Did

Find out how much U.S. presidents have — and have not — paid in taxes.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Skimp On Your Rent Costs

If you're looking to rent an apartment, consider these factors to ensure you're getting a good deal.

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