How Do Your Finances Measure Up to the Typical American’s?

From student debt to retirement savings, see how you compare.
  • John

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    • Mrs. John

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        • Lil john

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  • James Kinson

    This is an article every American should read. This is an eye opener! I have shared this report on every social site I can think of. Thanks for putting it together!

  • I agree James. It was an eye opener for me too. As a Financial Coach it helps me to see how important my role is in improving lives in America.

    • Aeneas

      Just what we need…more financial advice. Just like we need more poetry and marketing majors. Oh…a few more actresses and musicians should help our economy. We need to add value to raw materials…..tradespeople, engineers, etc…

      • overthecoastline

        Nobody knows how to make anything anymore. We’re all paper-pushers and servants.

        • San Martin

          CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR,YET. depends what kind of WORK YOU DO.
          JUST THINK .it doesn’t take a genius.

          • easterner2

            You need to state why: is it because of free money or the perceived opportunity which doesn’t exist in their former country.

          • Jeffrey Petrie

            It’s because people overseas watch our TV shows and think that’s the way it really is to live here. I spent time teaching ESL overseas making pretty much the same money I make here but enjoying a much higher standard of living there. I always told my middle and upper-class students who dreamed of emigrating here that although they would certainly make more money, they would be very lucky if their standard of living or the educational prospects of their children would be much improved. I’m afraid I didn’t have much success in dissuading them, they simply had a hard time believing me.

          • Jaye44

            you don’t travel much if you think that the image of America from the 50s is current today. Many people in many parts of the world have a higher standard of living than Americans.

          • San Martin

            you got to be kidding or smoking the WRONG KIND of cigar. you’re entitled to be wrong
            no one in the world live sor enjoy life’s opportunities better than Americans DO.
            I know FIRST HAND, AMERICA IS GOD’S BACKYARD, and NO we are not
            second to none, that is horse manure, we’re second TO NO ONE, EVER.

          • don juan

            Sue, you need to climb out of that 1950’s bomb shelter you’ve been hiding in and take a good look around. While I certainly applaud your positive outlook, the USA doesn’t place #1 in any category that’s deemed positive. We’re barely in the top 20 for retirement security, we suck at education, we suck at economic growth. But hey we’re #1 and spending whatever it takes on sticking our noses in other countries business and pushing our governments values on people that don’t want to hear it.

          • jonodough

            I see the same thing. America is falling way behind. We are starting to look like a third world country compared to just about everywhere else. Sad.

        • drofmanythings

          Not true. Our federal government can make trillions of dollars out of thin air.

        • FBHO

          Not true. I am adept at making war. Your tax dollars have trained me well and I’m confident in stating that I’m good at what I do.

  • fiscally responsible

    We need to stop thinking in monthly budgets where buying another car just adds a few hundred dollars on the expense side. We should rather think in total cost and lifetime money needs, This way saving would go up real fast as we are running into dark times where nobody is able to retire anymore as they have never really saved up for it. Anyone who buys furniture or electronics on credit really has set himself up for private bankruptcy over time.

  • Tom from NC

    If you think this article tells the “whole story”, try adding the per capita federal debt (using $18 Trillion and 319 Million Citizens from the us debt clock) gives us a simple $56,426 per person – or $153,000 per actual TAXPAYER – so for a family of four add another $225,000 or so (which equals the articles’ “estimated debt” for Mary) to this and you realize that “Mary” had better get her act in gear on a personal and governmental level or there will not be such a great future ahead.

    • Rondec

      No one seriously expects that debt to be paid off. It’s permanent. What is also permanent is the interest payments on it that deplete our treasury and is the reason our infrastructure is suffering cash shortages – everything from education to highways.

      • Tom from NC

        Rondec, in many ways you are correct, but when merely the interest costs of carrying the debt get to be too high, the Citizens are going to be rebel against the government because the spiral will begin.

        As a very simple guess, frankly an overly simple guess but to come up with a fast answer, if the average interest rate on US debt hits about 6.5% to 6.75% then the interest carry alone will exceed all of the combined expenses for military and security. Now it will take years for the AVERAGE rate get up to 6.5 or 6.75% because of all of the current low rate debt the current administration is putting on the books. However, when one considers how low these future average rates are from a historical point of view, it is almost a certainty during our lifetimes.

        However, getting back to the original article, from an economic point of view when considering the debt load of the individual or the individual family, it does not matter that the “debt will never get repaid” nor that the debt is in the name of the federal government. The productive portion of the economy of the United States must service the debt regardless of whether it is by overloading the individuals with personal debt or by reallocating their taxation into government debt repayments – either way it is burden that will slow / stop growth and reduce the standard of living of the average Citizen, because it was a wasteful expense of money /resources that now must be repaid from other productive efforts.

        So on the one hand, I agree with you the government will continue to postpone the solving of the problem by “kicking the can down the road” but on the other hand, I disagree that over the effect that this will have on the average person. The infrastructure will continue to deteriorate, taxes will continue to go up and more of our resources will continue to be wasted by the current administration. In 2016, we will be given a chance to begin the effort to rebuild our great nation and the futures of our children and grandchildren. If we take the opportunity to move in a positive direction away from waste and socialism then we have chance to regain our beloved country, if not, I am afraid that our American dream will be lost.

        I pray we make the correct decision.

        • John Woods

          There are many things wrong here. If you are suggesting the government cut spending, what you are saying is cut jobs. During a recession when private companies don’t invest, the government can and should. Borrowing at low rates makes money productive and puts people to work, increasing demand and making private companies willing to expand and hire people. Then government can reduce borrowing. At this point, debt to gdp ratio is relatively low and falling because the government economy is growing. Your scenario is wrong.

          • db

            Well, under our current administration the debt has increased by $14 trillion or so and there are more people without jobs than six years ago. Also, there are 40+ million people on food stamps – probably a “good thing” based on your thinking. There is little on no economic growth. So according to you the economy should be booming by now. Perhaps the debt must be extended another $14 trillion or so to really get us moving again.

            Tom from NC is correct. At some point there will not be enough “government money” to pay the interest on the debt at which point the beginning of a thousand years of darkness will have occurred.

          • Jaye44

            You really have no idea what you are talking about do you? Do you know where that 14 trillion went? And the policies that created it? The feckless worthless useless war with Iraq alone poured over a trillion down a rathole while maiming Americans and producing nothing but hatred in the world.

          • Frank Johnson

            You’re missing a much greater issue. Much of the hiring is done by government. And many of these government jobs amount to little more than make-work; essentially a hybrid form of welfare. Then too, many of these bureaucratic and clerical jobs are to enforce petty little rules and regulations that make the rest of us less productive. The duties of too many government employees seem merely to be finding new and creative ways to spend the taxpayers money. It would actually benefit the economy to shrink government, permanently fire these government drones and pay them unemployment benefits until the economy grows enough to give them real, productive jobs.

          • Jaye44

            Government employment is at its lowest in decades. ONe result is that regulations are not enforced and functions are not efficiently carried out because of understaffing. Social Security has been very efficiently managed for years; now offices are being cut and old people left without an easy way to manage the system.

            I for one would pay even higher taxes to rebuild our soon to be third world infrastructure providing a better society and jobs.

            Austerity just continues to put misery on Americans and money into the pockets of the military industrial complex and the 1%.

          • jonodough

            We keep getting taxed more each year. Every single thing is taxed. And all that tax money seems to disappear because we never seem to have enough money to repair, rebuild anything. Look at our roads and bridges. Look at all the trash laying around everywhere. Our money is being skimmed and stolen to make up for previous thefts. You are a fool to be willing to pay more taxes. What we need to do is to get rid of these thieves, these useless govt employees and those who think they have the right to dictate how we live.

            Take for instance London, have you seen images of London. And any other European city, sure they have high taxes but st least you can see where the money is going. These cities are clean, no potholes, no litter, new buildings. Then you look at Boston, NYC, la and these places are embarrassing soon to be third world hellholes. Our cities are disgraceful, so is our transportation systems. We are falling so far behind and these thieves in govt. care nothing but for them,ves and their bottom line. No more taxed, WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE OF THE CORRUPTION BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, although personally, I think it’s too late to fix this mess.

          • Tom from NC

            My scenario is not wrong, you just have a pro-big government keynesian viewpoint.

            Almost all of keynes’ theories have been proven wrong, but the one that I love to remind all of the liberals who try to quote his writings, is the part about spending less than the government takes in during “good economic times” – liberals always hate that part.

            Additionally, cutting wasteful, non-productive jobs is always a good thing. Spending money on a “job’ that merely occupies someone’s time is a waste of hard-earned tax dollars. The vast majority of government jobs are wasteful and counter-productive. Cut the tax dollars and let the private Citizens keep and utilize their money as they see fit – they will do a much better job than idiot bureaucrats . The issues that are best left to the government versus private enterprise are counted on no more than two hands are all completely described in the Constitution.

            By the way, two more issues with your “ideas”, borrowing at low interest rates does NOT ever make money more productive, it merely makes it less counterproductive -there is a big difference that any economist completely understands. Secondly, no one who understands finance and the economy would say that $18 Trillion in Debt to a roughly $17 Trillion economy (and that figure is generous) is NOT a good ratio for anyone that wants to preserve and defend our great nation. I have to concede, that ratio may be deemed “reasonable” to a socialist, but not by objective investors.

            If you are still reading and want to discuss this on an intellectual basis, I would highly recommend that you pick some books, articles and writings by Sowell, Williams, Friedman, Hayek and von Mises – they can easily show you how wrong most of the economic and financial world regards keynes.

            I hope that you had a Merry Christmas.

          • Jaye44

            Supply side economics worked well in Kansas and under Reason for the US didn’t they? LOL. Keynes theories work very well and have proven themselves repeatedly. Alas conservatives want to put the money in their pockets the moment there is a surplus. Remember Clinton was paying down the debt with the surplus before Bush came along and stole it for his cronies. But all that wasteful war and wasteful tax cuts were going to get the economy moving again. LOL

          • Tom from NC

            Jaye, either you have not read and understand history and economic or you are brain-washed. “Clinton” did not repay debt, the GOP controlled Congress repaid he debt. Keynes is an absolute failure. Just check the Soviet Union and Europe. Really nice for the liberals who have doubled the debt in six to eight years are trying to falsely blame the conservatives.

            Get an education and then face reality.

          • ron

            wow !! someone needs to do a fact check lol – reagan inherited a point 4 that’s – .4 trillion debt from carter- then due to “voodoo economics”( as bush 1 called Reaganomics) handed a 3.5 debt to bush 1 who in turn handed a 5.5 to clinton who then handed that same 5.5 to bush who grew it to 11.5 and gave it to obama – so reagan grew the debt by almost 900% (but in his defense cheney told him deficits don’t matter lol )bush 2 increased it by more than 50% – clinton didn’t increase it and bush 2 almost doubled it!!!! obama is still in office so we don’t really know what the debt will be yet but we do know bush 2 policies crippled the country and gave us the WORST economy since the great depression !! so no republicans are not FALSELY accused for debt rising they are MOSTLY to blame

          • Tom from NC

            Wow, you do need a lesson in econ. If you can’t figure out that all of the debt form Andrew Jackson through “W” Bush compounded with interest (the War between the States, WWI, the depression, WWII, Korea, Johnson’s stupid war of poverty, Vietnam, the Cold War, etc. etc. all compounded together) and then that “obummer” will have doubled ALL OF IT in only 8 years, you do need a lesson in econ and compound interest……back to the books for you.

          • Victor

            Truth is while G.W. did increase the National debt fighting two wars, side by side after 911. He kept America Safe for 7 years. He neglected our Economy while banks and others offered home loans to people that could not pay them ( a Bill Clinton rule) When Bush left office the National Debt was 9.7 trillion, not 11.5. Obama in 6 years has created more national debt in 6 years than previous presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush. 18 Trillion and projected to be 21 Trillion when he leaves office. In answer to Republicans are mostly to blame. Hillary Clinton and a plurality of Democrats voted to go to Iraq. It appears you do not know history. George W, went to Congress to declare war and get the funding with the blessing of Democrats and Republicans alike. Read the history. She is as much at fault for the waste of American Lives and Treasury as G,W, Put that in your pipe and smoke it! The reason the middle east is coming apart at the seams and the reason we will have to go back is Barrack Obama said he would pull our troops out and even set a date, G,W, said famously, “That this will be a long and costly war but we will remain committed until we have defeated our enemies and have established stable governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama full filled a Campaign promise and look at the middle east today. Blood and treasury again will fill the middle east so he can say his legacy was to pull the troops back home. Lebanon has fallen, Syria under Siege, Yemen fallen, Iraq worse today than when Sadamn was in charge. Now Obama wants to negotiate a nuclear deal with a terrorist state as part of his personal legacy leaving our the most vulnerable country in the world, our own ally, The Country of Israel. By the way, in case you do not remember, Reagan was post Vietnam and our congress was weeding back on national defense. His legacy is the replenishment of our now vast Naval Fleet. His “Star Wars” initiative includes the “Iron Dome” that protected Israel from Hamas rockets launched last summer. Did he increase our defense budget? Yes he did. Some decision were made after him. Why do we now possess a 5th generation fighter that in the near future, a flight of 4 F-22’s can take out 30-40 Migs in one mission. If you think I am crazy watch the video on you tube and sleep tight. The USAF is awake even as you sleep

          • John Richards

            Seriousely? If you think the results in the Soviet Union and Europe discredit Keynes, then you are pretty lost in your ideology and might want to take another look at Keynes. Keynes has been pretty much on the money, so to speak, but most people have little understanding of what he said, especially the people who support (& oppose) him for political reasons.

          • Victor

            I am a Millwright by trade and a realist in general. I do read a lot, follow politics and own everything that Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams has ever written. These are two Black PHD’s in economics and conservative writers who spell out in plain English, anyone can read and understand. I learned two things from them. Democrats want to regulate everything in our lives though we are supposed to be free. #1 Increased regulation causes increased prices and #2, Regulations have unintended consequences, (Increased prices ) or other harm full effects. I may be in the top 10% of wage earners. I am single and make over 90 K per year. I once made 108 K and was taxed in total (federal, FICA, Social Security and the rest, 26 K. I received $1400 back. The government took from me nearly $25,000 that year The 8% sales tax I pay in Panama City Beach, Florida is a tourist tax. I also pay county tax on my home and everything else except food is taxed at 8%. Do I feel the bite? Yes I do. I own my home vehicles, no credit cards, no debt. I am worth over 200 K but still feel I am no longer middle class. I still live payday to payday though I have 5 K in the bank. I do not tap my savings except for emergencies. I still feel that the economy, taxes and the joys of maintaining a home keep me pretty much broke. What is odd to me is that that people who make less than what I paid in taxes that year drew food stamps, received free cell phones, received subsidies on Obama Care and earned income tax credits and with 4 kids received more in taxes than what they paid in. They cash $6,000 checks and I get the bill? Our Country was one of the first founded on individual property rights. My money is my property. Why do politicians not hold poor peoples feet to the fire. Work or starve. It is the Democrats way of taking control of our nation with their progressive agenda by using my hard earned money to buy votes through wealth distribution. Conservatives can’t get a break because Democrats are using our money to buy votes and are stomping us to death. I make more than many airline pilots today but the government continues to break the back of middle class people. If I had not spent the last six years paying off debt. I would have been in Bankruptcy court. Now that I am debt free does not make life any easier.

          • Tom from NC

            Victor, it sounds like you are on a great path towards prosperity.

            Liberals don’t understand many things, but along your line of thought, the big one they don’t get is that there is only method of wealth / income redistribution that works in the long-run and that is for people to actually earn it.

            If a worker provides a good service / product at a fair price to a wealthy person (or corporation, institution, etc.), the wealthy person will happily and willingly give the worker money in exchange and this process can be repeated time after time. So, in the long run, the only way for the worker to increase their wealth is to work hard and acquire more valuable skills, knowledge or attributes. Then the worker can continue to charge money for their products and services and the person with money will gladly hand it to the worker in exchange.

            This works each and every time, but liberals question their own worth / value and don’t want to work hard, so they just try to steal our hard-earned money through taxes, government waste and corruption.

            Good luck continuing to build your own American Dream and congratulations on your achievements to date – they are wonderful.

            I wish every American could understand and live the dream, by building their own, just like you have.

          • 1LTLos

            There are no jobs to be had – There is no Industry, no Commerce, no Technology worth speaking of, and there at least should be some economics experts and some entrepreneurs in Washington but they all choose to be lawyers who like Obama and Clinton conduct themselves to go under Investigation and Judicial review and have to forfeit their licenses – I said that to say that you are uttering theory – FACTS are that private firms cut back during recessions but create jobs during profit years – but there are no jobs and private industry went away to be free of overtaxation and over regulation by the IRS and EPA. THe government economy cannot be growing when the only jobs are less than 40 hour per week Obama Burger flipping jobs and the Obams Stand in the street Pla-Card Advert Flipping jobs. THe governement economy is growing is a lie and your entire post is a lie. GDP Debt cannot be low either because it is not being paid off and growing not falling. Your delusion is called Voodoo Economics I doubt your dollar is stronger than mine.

          • Animosity4U

            You are an idiot Rethug! Our economic woes started with your Saint Reagan and his war on unions and the middle class.

          • jonodough

            How do you recognized a liberal? They always start with a personal insult.

          • Jaye44

            corporations haven’t paid taxes in years. They went away because they want to pay poverty wages. They went away because they have no values but greed and no loyalty to their country. A living wage for Americans is too much for them to bear. They’s rather pay children and prisoners in China.

            America has chosen its decline because it is governed by corporate greedheads who will not be satisfied until they have all the money and your children are serfs. Almost there.

          • 1LTLos

            Answer me which corporations did not (past tense) or do not (present tense) pay taxes? There are many corporations that set themselves up that way to avoid taxes – BUt do they offer more than desk and filing jobs? The answer is probably no. You give me five reasons how unions benefit labor in the last two centuries. Unions are leeches who suck money off of the top of every worker skilled or not for doing absolutely nothing – When a union rep is needed, they are in the pocket of the abusers. I have never had an instance in my professional life except for the very beginning years where my income did not support me and my family. Living wage? What the hell is that? Athletes who are paid millions also have nothing to live on once they retire – are drugs, sex lavish show off goods part of the Living Wage you describe?

            I have to admit there are greed heads – but these are fewer that what you believe – Corporations went away because of extremely high taxes and not one but three regulatory agencies OSHA FEMA and EPA. You want to lookj at greed heads look at the New World order meatheads – the One worlders — all your Liberal Democrat politicians are members of the Trilateral Alliance and the Commission of Foreign Relations — Study these people – Reagan had four goals while in office and he accomplished three — I doubt that you can genuinely pin your attitude, your politics and perhaps bad luck on Reagan. Liberal politics have not helped you me or this nation since pres Wilson. Oh and your current hero Obscumbo wants to flood this country with unwelcome, unwanted, unninvited diseased and infected illegals – several million of them – and you can expect that they will not have living wages either or they will strive to take your job too. Sorry that we are where we are — No one wants it this way among We The People but please, socialism and communism have historically failed – these are not the solution either. A Re-invigorated America is.

          • RalphTheCat

            AS long as you have entitlement programs that pay people not to better themselves, that is true.

          • John Richards

            This thread has so much misinformation, I have to warn readers to simply look up the data yourselves. Right wing, Left wing, I don’t care, they are pretty much mostly wrong.

          • Riooso

            No, when we cut government and regulations we create jobs because private companies will hire. The way it is now the government has made energy expensive, money expensive, hiring expensive because of all the regulations Obama Care brings with it, keeping the doors open because of government regulations that take another 25%, or more, of a the total business’ profits through paperwork alone. Government makes nothing and all the people that they hire are paid for by people that work for a living. To say that a pay raise or hiring more government employees raises the economy is ludicrous.

            By the way the government debt of $18 Trillion is hardly small compared to GDP. The GDP last year was $21 Trillion that is 85% of one years GDP but, the bad part is that for ever dollar the government spends 40% of it is borrowed. Remember, all this discussion is about the Federal government and does not include the Sate governments….chilling!

          • Robert Vance

            That may seem like perfectly sensible theory; however, in practice, policies that shrink government in times of fiscal calamity actually right the economy much faster. A study of the responses to the other Depressions – in 1820, and again in 1920 – reveal just that. The invisible hand of the market can, and does, work its magic when left alone.

          • Riooso

            The government makes nothing and the money that they spend ultimately comes from companies and workers that do. To suggest that cutting the government spending cuts jobs is correct….government jobs! To say the government “makes” jobs is correct on the surface but, where do they get the money to make jobs? Tax more? Print money? That makes the money that you have saved by not taking vacations and watching every penny worth less. Has to be. You can not tell me that by printing money, the money left in circulation is worth more. Just ask Greece! They are finally at the end of the “other peoples’ money” road and it is not pretty.

            This recession and economic crisis that we had came from and was the result of the government bureaucrats and politicians that demanded that people be given home loans that they could not afford then bundling them with people that could. That form of social engineering failed, as it always does! ALWAYS!

        • Riooso

          Tom you are of course correct in everything you said. I would like to add one thing also. When the government prints money that it does not have it is a tax. For instance, if the country has 100 one dollar bills in circulation and it prints another 100 dollar bills the money that you have is now worth $50 dollars. The government has taken money from you and I personally define anything that the government takes from you as a tax.

          • Tom from NC

            Riooso, Amen. To be a little more specific it is a tax on “savers” and not as much a tax on spenders. One has to be a “net holder” of dollars before the printing in order to have been taxed. Unfortunately, half of our population are not in the “holders” category much less in the category of net “savers” – and they vote.

          • Riooso

            Again, your dollar is worth less so that all goods and services will have to rise in dollar amounts to buy the very same goods.

      • Frank

        Key point about taxes. Not a single corporation pays a dime in taxes. Why? Because in order to stay in business (i.e. make a profit), the cost of taxation is baked into the cost of their goods. Thus, the end use consumer pays ALL taxes. So go ahead, tax corporations at 75%. Just don’t bother to complain when that quarter pounder sets you back $20.

  • Larry

    You are all right.You are idiots.

  • Riooso

    There is also another very important thing to consider and that is the amount of taxes that the “average” American pays. Taxes make it very difficult to save money. Taxes amount to almost 50% of almost everyone’s income when one defines taxes as any and all monies that is taken from an individual and payed to the state or federal government.

    • drofmanythings

      When I was young, there were only a few taxes. Now EVERYTHING that moves or stands still is taxed, like finacial paper cuts killing all but the 1%ers.

    • RMThoughts

      The regime of total taxation is nothing but “soft” slavery to a political elite and its welfare class dependents.

      • Nathan Durhing

        This will only get worse. To the point where democracy is no longer an option.

        • Ruby Slippers

          You are absolutely right, Nathan.

        • ThomasJK

          Democracy is the larval, or developmental, stage of a fascist government tyranny.

      • Ruby Slippers

        Socialism is and has been the present the goal of the present regime. Not to mention becoming a Muslim nation on the premise of *tolerance*.

        • John Henson

          Ruby, could you share any proof you might have that 1) we are becoming a Muslim nation on any premise; or 2) Socialism is and has been the goal of the present regime. And by the way, we refer to our government in office as the Administration.

          • Edith

            How about the libs and court ruling on the homosexual cake? Meanwhile, muslim bakeries are exempted. What is happening to you is that you are slowly being made accustomed to it, so you do not see it. The window has been shifted far left under obama.

          • Jeckyll

            John, if you are so blind to see the obvious for both happening and that the US is too tolerant to those who would like to wipe us off the earth, much less that the Socialism aspect of everyone makes the same thing and let’s spread the wealth, then you’re just not smart enough to get in out of the weather.

          • Frank Johnson

            First, the Administration is getting as many people on assistance as possible. At the same time, the Administration is borrowing so much money, that eventually the dollar will collapse. Then all is left is to suspend the constitution and take control of industry. Simple enough formula–easy to observe. As for Muslim nation–the Administration wants to challenge Christianity by allowing Muslim immigration. But they have a long way to go on that front.

          • John Henson

            Frank, I can see that you don’t understand the big picture, so I’ll just leave it there. You have a nice day.

    • RMThoughts

      “if God did not mean for us to be sheared, he would not have made us sheep”.

    • MichMike

      And the stack up of taxes comprises more than 50% of the cost of everything.

    • jay

      Riooso is obviously a 1 percenter and he/she has no idea how the other 99% live. A person earning $40,000 does not pay 50% in all taxes combined. America became strong because of the middle-class and now the middle-class is being destroyed. The 1% are too dumb to understand that without a strong middle class, the nation and their wealth will eventually be destroyed.

      • Riooso

        Think again guy. I said I consider a tax anything that have to pay the government. Count your land taxes, gasoline tax, State tax, Sales sales tax, Federal income tax, Social security tax your employer pays for you, the amount of Social security tax you pay, phone tax, tax on electricty, FICA, tax on cell phone usage, DMV taxes and license (which in California amounts to $300 or more for a 5 year old Chevy every year)…..Really? Want me to go on? Become educated and get your head out of the ground?

        • JDL51

          If you’re paying 50% of your income in taxes, I’d fire your accountant. NO ONE pays 50% of their income in taxes, no matter what taxes you include, unless you’re making very little income and you own property that’s just sitting there. I might add that the richer you are, the less you’re paying percentage wise in taxes. The tax bite is definitely skewed to help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, yet the right seems to think it’s exactly the opposite and constantly whine and complain that the rich should get even more tax breaks.

          • Riooso

            The “rich” already pay 50% of the taxes! Wow those evil work 20 hours a day, study for decades, work till they drop arseholes! Sorry but the Progressive though that “someone who makes more than me must have stole it from me ” while I am sitting on the couch attitude is childish!

          • JDL51

            It appears you have reading comprehension issues. Paying 50% of your income in taxes is not the same as paying 50% OF taxes. There’s a reason that the rich contribute more to the revenue column, because they control almost all of the wealth that generates income. There isn’t a rich person on the planet that pays 50% of their income in taxes. In most cases it’s much less than half that. In fact, the richer you are, the less you pay percentage wise in taxes. It’s the middle class that gets the biggest bite out of their wallets from the tax man, yet everyone wants to give the rich even more tax breaks. By the way, I’m not some poor slob sitting on the couch. I’m in the top 8% and have worked hard all my life, much harder than most.

          • Nathan Durhing

            You’re confusing income as opposed to wages and salary. The 1% don’t make their money from “income.”

          • Riooso

            They make it with “savings”…imagine that!

          • jd2020

            Capital doesn’t necessarily come from “savings”.

          • Ted Fred

            thank you – that is most often true – other than first generation bill gates types (who make it in capital which is only fair in capitalism)
            But yes all the real money is made by those who OWN the capital goods (to the other poster its not via savings or IRAs or such — it is owning the Real Estate as far as the eye can see – it is owning natural resources like forests and coal and oil – etc – this is the top 1% of the 1%
            We – the rest should put every penny we can put away for more than say 5 years in the equity markets which return on average 9%. Think or remember – what is the average GDP growth rate or the average inflation rate — 3% (average of savings say in 3 year CDs). But with GDP and inflation and savings at 3% the equity markets are at 9% (and at least with history – if you did not sell in panic or need you made – 9% so the risk is really selling at the wrong time)
            Why does that happen? As one who has an MBA and Eco degree I never learned it in school. Then I hear all about income and wealth inequality and I know that all the wealth goes to the owners of capital (it is CAPITALism) – the rest of us even doctors actors lawyers SELL our services for pay to live on. So for 99% of us (or say 30% who can find the money for long term investing) we MUST put our money in capital as it sucks up more and more of the GDP (not just income). That is why the SandP grows at 9% while wages and inflation and savings and GDP grow at 3% ——- money created (earned) gravitates to capital and ROI on capital is 9%. Do it and join the rest of us capitalists – but understand the reality of who is paying the bill and controlling the politicians all over the place

          • David

            Just jumping in here. Some of us got to a position of making and acquiring quite a lot of money by doing very simple things. And see last line – YES TAXES FOR High Income earners is a little above or little below 50% just from state and federal and medicare without even counting the social security tax.
            1) we studied and excelled in school rather than spending most of our time on instant gratification.
            2) we survived on very, very little in our college years and continued to apply ourselves, foregoing many of the pleasures of instant gratification.
            3) we applied ourselves well in our jobs, and always spent less than we made, saving and investing the remainder
            4) we continued this theme for more than 40 years of employment.
            5) we didn’t cash out our equity in homes to spend on the present
            6) As we changed jobs we kept or rolled over our 401K and IRAs rather than spending it on immediate gratification
            7) We took advantage of programs like 529 plans to put some of that earnings over spending habit to fund our kids college educations
            8) We only charged credit cards only as much as we could pay off every month
            9) we kept a good credit rating so that when the bonanza of 3% mortgage rates hit a few hears ago, we could refinance at historically low rates (and we didn’t try using the house as a piggy bank to buy boats, vacations, cars, clothes… as instant gratification)
            10) we spent time and energy on renewing our skills so that we didn’t get outmoded over the decades.
            11) we bought only very high deductible insurance policies that saved us from catastrophic losses and didn’t hand premiums over to insurance company bureacracies to just pay a portion back to us on the relatively normal and fairly predictable events (mini-hazards) of life.
            12) we kept and maintained our cars through their often useful life of 10 years or more, thereby not ‘wasting’ money over and over and over again on the first 1 to 4 years of depreciation.
            13) we operated with integrity and thus had a reputation that allowed us to be offered new opportunities when existing firms downsized or other stuff happened.

            That’s how many of us got to be in the upper income ranges. I just don’t understand the expectation that this money acquired through decades of not succumbing to instant gratification, or succumbing to the illness of not being willing to save and invest in our own future should be taxed and redistributed away to be distributed to those who chose the enjoyment of pleasure before study, of pleasure before doing a great all in job, of using debt to satisfy current needs and wants. And yes. in the top brackets, the Federal tax is 36 to 39%, the CA state tax is 9 to 11%, and the medicare tax is 2.35%. So not counting the nearly 9% tax in most CA communities and property, auto, special taxing districts, etc the tax rate on upper income earners is in the range of 47.35% to 52.25%!

          • Ted Fred

            Hats off – does not sound that different from me – where I went to state school with NSDL loans and also a job at the library. Then I got a wonderful merit scholarship for my MBA (full tuition plus R and B). Saved and saved and with the wife our income is in the top 3% and we likely have about 2-3 million net worth including the house and PV of four pensions.
            I do not view that as the level that needs higher taxes.
            Note that BO – yes with push from others – started his tax increase at 400K a family unit. My wife and I do not hit that as it is a level that equates only with the top 1%. Notice that I confirm and enjoy the 5 million estate tax shelter credit and 10 million for a couple with Trusts.
            I do not view myself as wealthy. We are well off and have a high income and a solid retirement cash flow.
            If I need to pay more taxes (on top of growing Real Estate and local taxes) to educate the next generation – so be it. If this country does not raise the capital needed to invest in infrastructure to include major broadband upgrades, the “old” roads bridges docks/airports etc., AND SCHOOLS then we will lose our share of the global wealth.
            Failing to make these CAPITAL investments and focusing on discretionary budget deficits will lead us to lose our ability to win in a world that is more and more market oriented and capitalistic. See Europe for that mindset
            GWB cut taxes and there was not much to show for it – we know that. On top of that he fought two wars and expanded Medicare on a CC from China.
            We are finally growing now (job growth last 5 months at best pace in 30 years. But we are hollowing out the middle due to – lack of investment (that some call spending).
            We need more taxes and more corporate and GOV spending and that more tax should come from the top 5% in income and wealth and that includes me (but with the major portion coming from the supremely rich and those with hedge fund manager and ball player annual incomes in the millions/year.
            The investments must be made or the next generation will not be able to repeat what you did as we will fall to a second rate nation. * (the debt we face on Social and Medicare must be addressed – but the continued cutting of a tiny portion of the annual budget is fool hearty. I would gladly pay Social Security Tax on all my income and not cut out – so the future elderly have some means to care for themselves AND YES NOT BE A DRAG ON THE ECONOMY. Some of us believe in GOV and yes Corporate investment that others call spending and too much GOV
            My two cents – but I am a Keynesian and not a supply sider

          • WillieG

            Nice job David. You hit it right on. We saved, invested long term, did not buy boats, long vacations or real expensive cars and cloths. Kept the same house for 40 years that helped put the kids through school without them taking huge loans so when they started their households they were NOT saddled with huge debt. Made good money but saved 9 to 12% with 401k and also tithed 10% after taxes. My effective rate of take home pay was less than 20% with all that going on and the medical deductions from work insurance. We are all taxed way too much for the country to grow with success. Too much government that are very in-efficient workers since they are all unionized now with little fear losing their jobs and little incentive to work hard. They also retire at rates that are unheard of in private industry.

          • Riooso

            Right on brother! Just like the grasshopper and the squirrel when the rubber meets the road the grasshoppers always have their hand out and DEMAND food. I spent my first ten years out of college working at least twelve hour days six days a week, sleeping the seventh. I attended more college and studied till 2am most nights and got up at 5am. I gave up seeing my family and did not have a vacation for ten years other than the seven holidays everyone gets. I never bought more than I could afford and was frugal with my money……BOY that was easy!

          • tedshepherd

            I agree with you on the important points you make there. A quibble though on California income taxes. California taxes capital gains as ordinary income, too. Maybe you got the 9 to 11% figures by considering that California income taxes may be deductible on a federal tax return, so the damage to individuals is less than first appears.
            Individual tax rates in California
            The maximum rate for individuals is 12.3%
            The AMT rate for individuals is 7%
            The Mental Health Services Tax Rate is 1% for taxable income in excess of $1,000,000.

          • Ted Fred

            c mitt Romney !!

          • Ted Fred

            c Warren Buffett who said his secretary pays a higher PERCENTAGE than he does when you add in social (as social kicks out at about 120K and hits those below at a tad over6%)

          • Giorgio

            I’m sorry JDL51, but in Italy, and other European countries, a lot of average income people or just above it, pay 50% of their income in taxes. What for is another sad story.

          • Ted Fred

            The problems with Europe NOW are – they do not work enough weeks (private and government) to compete with Asia and the United States AND they have adopted a raise taxes and cut spending answer to end the 2008 malaise and it is not working as there is not enough of an engine. Re the high taxes – they also get very good schools – to often include free or near free college and they get health care with NO deductibles and they all have their “pensions”. Give me a secure retirement and health care and good free education – and I think I can live on half my income on housing food and recreation. e.g. we used private school for 1-8 as the local public schools were garbage. But they built amazing high schools saving us say 20K a year per kid over 4 years times 3 kids. That is a lot of years of taxes. Then state schools for undergraduate and I think even with all our taxes we have come out money when we count the airports and roads and …. and fbi … and coast guard and …………… but we pay for health care and we are doing our own to have 3 x our double top end social security. One way or another – taxes or private spending – it cost a lot for a nation to compete. Europe had high taxes and was doing great. (I know as I invested in Europe in their currency). But now they must work more hours each week and a lot more weeks a year – it is that simple – for the pay they receive. And they would be wise to read Keynes

          • Riooso

            The rich pay more than you think but let’s move on to the guy living in San Jose that makes $100K. A 1400 square foot home costs $900K and it is estimated the someone in his, or her, tax bracket pays 60% of everything they make to either the city, county, state,or federal government. In the form of fees, taxes, licenses, and the list is long but, also pays for the new tax or regulation that the government imposes on businesses. Everything costs more from getting a flat fixed to repairing your automobile.

            Getting to the point that the wealthy control everything. They stick their necks out and invest in things that sometimes don’t work out but we have a President that gives money from me and you to Solyndra? I don’t believe any company should be subsidized other than to get them going.

          • Ted Fred

            yes 50% but as a percentage of income more like 22% as we learned from Mitt
            The top 5% pay 50% of ALL income tax (so think if you pay more than you get back in services if you are a tad over 75% from the bottom)
            But the Top 5% do not pay 50% of the income —- they pay 22% on average as they hide and offshore and deduct in ways we do not even know
            Note – if WB put all of his money in municipal (non AMT) bonds he would pay zero income tax at federal level and if he did it with domicile state bonds – zero tax

          • Moose Lamb

            He never said the rich were, the story is about someone making $40-$50k and how tough it is. If you make that or above, you do not qualify for any welfare programs, yet you are soaked by all the taxes without much left for living expenses let alone to save (build wealth). The governments have all figured out just how much they can take to keep a man down, keep everyone living on the edge in fear of collapsing so they continue to support all the welfare programs that are soaking them.

            Where I live they have millage increases on avg. twice a year, yet incomes have been stagnant for the past decade. They alway say it will only cost the owner blah blah blah, that keeps adding up and never goes down. But people keep voting for these because now we’re at a point where less than half the population works for their income so they don’t care. You get to the point when you’re on the govt dole you look at a tax hike for everyone else as a potential raise for you.

          • Ted Fred

            If a family earns 50K they pay in less than they receive to social and medicare. They are eligible for a solid subsidy in the ACA which subsidizes income up to 105K a family.
            I agree there is a squeeze but frankly it is on the families at 100-140K trying to live upper middle class and slip sliding away. This may or may not be related to taxes as I think our nation has stopped investing – both at Government level and corporate level on education and infrastructure – both needed for 21st century developed nation capitalism. If people at 40-50K paid so much tax they did not have smartphones and cars and cable and … and … then I will start worrying. But a lower income is a lower income. Note: at say a 12 dollar an hour minimum wage x 2000 hours x 2 workers that comes to 48K – at a normative minimum wage. And should these people have access to assistance to be able to work two full jobs – I say yes … and if they have a mortgage they likely pay zero in income tax if they have young kids – zero . The squeeze is at 100-130 or so – enough to think you can afford what you need and too much then to get the help from GOV programs. So like the person way above – save and live comfortable and not crazy and it will work out fine (I share his keeping a car a minimum of 10 years (try to keep total cost of a car to 3K a year including depreciation but not insurance)

          • Cuffs

            Or just avoid paying taxes like big Al Sharpton, little Timmy Geithner or
            Medal throwing, yacht buying Kerry. Has Harry Reid paid taxes in the last ten years?
            I believe the “Clinton Foundation” is taxes free.

          • dgenci

            You’re wrong. I’m in CA and I do. My Fed is about 37% and my State is about 11%. AMT is loads of fun.

        • hasltisl

          Bridge tolls, indirect taxes folded into the price of products that must be passed on, estate and other death taxes that confiscate earnings long after the taxes on those earnings have been paid…

          • Riooso

            Oh, it never ends! There are literally thousands of examples.

          • Ted Fred

            hasl — what percent of the population have an estate > 5 MIllion dollars which is the amount where ESTATE TAXES START !!!! and for a family the two parents will NOT pay estate (transfer to next generation) taxes ……… so what 1/2 of one percent of people? so lets not bother mentioning estate taxes — and what are death taxes? Seriously What are death taxes? Again – how many reading this seriously think you and I pay Estate Tax – I might get to 3 million value with savings house jewelry life insurance (no income tax but in the estate and there will be zero estate tax – zero !!
            Do you think more than say one in three hundred households pay on estates transferred to the next generation? And fine – lets move that up to 10 million a person so basically no one pays it as we have too many zeros in front of the 1 in the % (and then for the second generation estate tax harder as in 90% of the cases they did NOT pay any income tax on it and got it all in sheltered trust funds along with the family 100K flatware and stemware and art (Again I expect to have 3 million if our money grows as fast as we withdraw it (3.5%) and our RE goes up and life insurance — and zero – no estate tax0
            Note for those who wonder – yes the limit on the amount not taxed moved up from 600K to 5 million in the last six years ………….. which changed the entire nature of estate tax !!

          • Ted Fred

            oops for two people – married – they will not pay until 10 million !! (not nothing although for 99.xxxxx% it is nothing)

          • pancheetah

            The rich want smaller government when it comes to services that the public’s is paying for and resources that should be building healthy neighborhoods. The part they don’t want smaller are all the subsidies, grants, and doles that have grown to monstrous proportions in the last 3 decades — sucking tax dollars out of my pocket to support lifestyles of the rich.

          • Cuffs

            You forgot state taxes on estates. That is a much lower base.

          • tedshepherd

            Most states have no estate or inheritance. Those 19 states that have these taxes are Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, Massachusetts (of course), Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Vermont. Washington DC, too. My native state — California — and my state of residence — Nevada — have none of these death taxes. If you live in one of those 20 jurisdictions, and have substantial assets you want to pass to non-spouse heirs, it might be worth your while to move. Vote with your feet.

          • cordeg

            hey, hey, hey — don’t get so wound up over the lazy use of a term. a lot of people are thinking about “inheritance taxes” when they say “estate taxes and other death taxes”. (really, think about it — what other tax is related to someone’s “death” other than estate taxes except “inheritance taxes”?) while you are correct that federal “estate taxes” only hit big estates and are paid out of the estate itself (though even they can force children of sole-proprietor parents to liquidate a family business rather than maintain it), state-based “inheritance taxes” are paid by the children and other heirs and generally due no matter how small the inheritance is — so even if you inherit $50 from your poor mother, you would have to pay the state she lived in some of it in taxes! no, NOT just if you’re a “1%er”, but even if you make so little money you would not have any federal tax liability at all! are you suggesting THAT is fair? no? good! i certainly thought you had to be a better person than your last post made you sound. (back in PA, i knew a poor slob who put his own money in his mother’s bank account monthly to help her out, then when she died, the state of PA decided he “inherited” the balance from her, so he ended up having to pay “inheritance taxes” on his OWN MONEY! seriously, “inheritance taxes” are the most unfair “death” tax of all, but it’s not the feds who are perpetrating it, but your state.

          • billleathen

            Counties in Wisconsin collect an estate tax regardless of the value of the estate.

          • tedshepherd

            The cost of the estate tax in the economy is not just what IRS collects (and the government then wastes). It also the diversion of productive assets to unproductive things like life insurance to pay that tax. It is also the harm to the motivation of some of our most economically productive citizens. Let ’em rip. It doesn’t matter how rich they become. Their children or grandchildren will dissipate the fortune anyway.

          • tedshepherd

            My estate, like many others, consists very largely of unrealized capital gains in addition to tax-deferred retirement accounts. That is, these assets are earnings on which I have not paid income tax. The death tax is an abomination that distorts the economy, putting money in the hands of government wastrels. It is unpopular, too, judging by the referendum in California the repealed that state’s death tax. A referendum is a direct vote of the people. Please don’t weaken the case against the death tax by using an easily refuted assertion that all of our assets have already survived the payment of personal income tax.

        • beeman17

          What does the TEA stand for in TeaParty?

          • Riooso

            Taxed Enough Already.

        • Ted Fred

          Re income tax lets understand AVERAGES MASK REALITY
          “……So, while the statistical average may be something like 25K per taxpayer, that’s because those top 5% pay many, many times that amount each, and the lower 50% pay far less than that
          …in fact most of the lower 50% of those earning income – pay no income tax and actually get money back…through earned income credits and other …. (negative TAX !)

          The next 20% up the pay ladder (now 70% of population that works) pay something like 5% in income tax on average (not the top marginal rate they hit). 5% not 50%
          Now they buy social and Medicare for 7% but I view that as a bargain purchase albeit required.
          So add 3% state income tax
          So assume 70% of income is sales taxed (living costs – rent or home are not)
          Assume 8% sales tax that adds 5%
          So now we are at 13%
          Add phone and gas and ? tax and maybe we hit 15%
          (Our family is in the top 3% of income – on income after some 401K contributions and itemized deductions we pay 60K in fed plus state plus independent social security on 220K. that is approaching 30% and does not count sales tax or real estate tax etc. But that is the top 3% where the top 5% pay 65% of the tax in this nation. Most people who think they pay for others (you know those lazy Medicaid and food stamp types ) do not pay for their own costs. One must get to say the top 15% of household income to be paying more than you get back in goods and services (after all we drive on roads and bridges and have the coast guard and police and fire and national defense and free K-12 school !!! (which is about 10-30K when private) and then state subsidized community college at say 75% subsidy and state universities at say 40% subsidized
          Paying huge taxes like 50% is nonsense for the average person where its closer to 15%
          But why let facts get in the way of your preconceived notion of bloated government taking all your money (do you go to national parks – swim in the oceans or municipal pools – the list goes on and on )

        • Moose Lamb

          Obamacare tax.

        • Cuffs

          Don’t forget Obamacare penalties not taxes or is it taxes not penalties?

        • tedshepherd

          I agree with your view of taxes. Here are the results in total: For the overall government sector from 1930 to 2012, receipts increased from 11.1% to 26.4% of gross domestic product, (GDP) while expenditures rose from 12.1% to 35.6% of GDP. . . . The federal government expanded dramatically in the 20th century and has continued growing in the 21st. Between 1900 and 2012, federal government receipts increased from 3.0% of the economyโ€™s output to 16.5% while federal expenditures rose from 2.7% of economic output to 24.0%. State and local governments have also expanded relative to the rest of the economy, although not nearly as much as the federal government. Between 1930 and 2012, state and local government receipts grew from 8.0 percent to 13.0 percent of economic output, while their expenditures rose from 9.1 percent to 14.8 percent of output.

          The cost of excessive government regulation is hard to pin down. It may rival direct taxation.

        • vt500ascott

          A family of four doesn’t even begin to pay federal income taxes until its income exceeds $60,000.

      • Riooso

        By the way I am a Conservative that believes in jobs, smaller government that sucks the life out of the middle class, and going by the Constitution! Although I am not a 1% by far the !% ‘s in this country pay over 80% of the taxes! So get real!

        • Ted Fred

          not true

          An enormous percentage of taxes are payed by a minority of Americans:

          The Top 1% of taxpayers pay 29% of all taxes.

          The Top 5% of taxpayers pay 50% of all taxes.
          But = like Mitt they pay about 20% (effective rate) in their income in income tax and zero in social as $7,000 (max tax approx.) on $20 million in income is zero)
          A secretary in buffet office might be at 15% effective rate easily if single and then add the social they pay on their entire 80K … and they are at 21% ~!!

          • Riooso

            Everything you say is true however, when you include all money that is paid to the Feds and State in the form of licences, fees, land taxes, taxes on taxes like gasoline taxes, taxes for phones, electricity……. the secretary is paying far more than the 21% you state. Mitt might not pay out of his pocket but all the holdings that he is involved with are still paying money to the government that would otherwise be put into his holdings or his pocket. I call that a tax.

          • Moose Lamb

            You might as well be talking to a wall, these people barely get the concept of federal income tax, and that’s because most of them get a fat check every April so they look at the IRS as a sugar daddy. All their other taxes are baked into goods so they look at it as the store, bank, gas station or whatever taking that money, not the govt. With these people it’s: govt. good, business bad. Therefore they will never blame the govt. for something when they can more easily blame a business (the collector).

      • dschwarpa

        Here is a breakdown of taxation for the $40,000 earner with a wife and two kids:
        Federal Taxes: $5000 (12.5%)
        State Taxes: $1200 to $8000 depending on state
        FICA: $2480 (6.2%)
        Medicare $580 (1.45%)
        Local Income Tax $400 to $600
        Property Taxes: $1500 to $3000 depending on location and value of home
        Sales Taxes: $1200 (6% of $20,000 in taxable spending)
        Gasoline Taxes: $440 (44 cents per gallon 1000 gallons per year)
        Bridge and Highway Tolls: $0 to $10 per working day – say $500 per year
        Hotel Taxes: $100 (10 stays per year @ $10 per night)
        Utility Surchages: $360 ($10 per month for electric, gas and telephone/cable/TV)
        Vehicle Registration: $100 ($50 per vehicle plus drivers license every 4 years)
        Other travel related taxes (gate charges, train, taxi) $50
        Just cutting it straight down the middle you end up with around $17,000 in taxes which amounts to 43% of your gross income for an average family. What does that leave for saving, feeding a family of 4, a mortgage and a couple of cars? Bottom line is that in most of the blue states, you can’t afford to live there if you are middle class, so you move to a red state where it is cheaper to live.

      • john

        Where do you think corporations get the money to pay the 39% corporate tax ????

        • Riooso

          You mean companies that pay taxes don’t go to the money tree that they have and just prune off what they need to pay the government?

      • JD

        we are diffidently middle income, the one percenters spend to deduct, the same as small and med. size businesses. thus putting money into the economy. It is the unearned Income and social programs that so many are on sucking us dry. To many people getting a check but do not work and pay anything besides sales tax. I am not talking about Social Sec. or Medicare. If a lot of people worked as hard at a job as they do to get on disability or other social ser. we would be better off. I see people every day where I work that brag on how the system works. They can play online computer games and surf the internet competently but their bad back, knee, elbow etc. keeps them from working. Yeah right.!!

    • abbeyc

      THAT’s the whole idea behind ‘redistribution of wealth’!

      • Frank

        How much do you personally redistribute? Redistribution by government is just another word for stealing.

        • Ted Fred

          but we redistribute to companies by avoiding real estate tax and to mega farming and mega oil — they get more from the government than the poor – we send them money. Redistribution might or might not be stealing – but right now the direction of the redistribution is to send it to the 1% — so some of us simply want to send it back to the 99% where it came from — via redistribution

    • Ted Fred

      nonsense for those earning the median !

    • Dave

      I don’t have the facts at hand, but I would have to guess I am close in saying that people below the median inclome level pay little to no income taxes at all. With the tax rate as it is, the deductions, the credits, etc. I bet they get money back. I know I never get money back and I already pay a rediculous amount of income taxes each each year. All I am saying is we need to see the data which this article missed completely.

    • john

      If it would only end with federal and state taxes, there are literary hundreds of hidden taxes, every time you make a purchase you pay a tax, and I’m not talking about sales tax. PS. We also pay the corporate tax!!

    • Michael Taylor

      Although taxes are an important consideration…taxes are lower than ever before. Blaming the American financial problems on taxes is flat out craziness.

      People have to take responsibility for their own actions and realize their problem is spending and consumption not taxes!!!

  • eanmdphd

    I appreciate that many have little disposable income. I also note that the credit card debt is often multiple years more than the disposable income…. And people keep on spending. They cannot possibly get out of debt

  • Rick Schweikert

    Reports claim that most new jobs are going to immigrants. Just wait until we get millions of more immigrants flooding our country. It will only get worse.

  • EightBall343

    Live below your means and save 15% (IRA, 401K or Roth), and save at least 6 months gross income. Why do people spend themselves into debt hell?

  • drofmanythings

    This data highlights the reason why so many single parents, not just women, stuggle while marrieds are rarely impoverished by comparison. In fact, like it or not, Marriage and two incomes is the best way to have adequate family finances in the 21st century. Ironically, fewer people are getting married and fewer people are working. Despite Mr Obama’s grand pronouncements earlier today, the number of full time workers in the USA is less than in 1988. Wages and incomes have gone up less than 1% for full time workers in 2014 while inflation for food and housing is trending up. Thankfully, fuel prices are down, to the angst of progressives who want high fossil fuel prices in order to save the planet.

  • mikefromwichita

    There is no such thing as an ‘average’ American in the sense of this pointless as usual yahoo article. Want a better life? Never ever ever borrow for anything NOT a life & death necessity or an income producing investment. Save 10% of your pay each week no matter what you must cut to do so.

  • john

    In the mean time $ 58 000 000 000.00 (billion) in interest per year is stolen from peoples savings account, created by the Fed, by a near zero interest rate, while credit card co.’s charge anywhere from 15 to 20 % interest. Nice if you can get it. HIGH TIME TO AUDIT THESE FOLKS. PS. These are 9 private banks, given the power to print money, they are as federal as FedEx.

  • grumpdad

    Our lying politicians called a 1% addition to our 5 % sales tax “only a 1% increase”. In my math of yesterday it is a 20% increase. We got a 1.5% SS raise and my property taxes went up 30%.. Seems like the unemployed somalias that get $2000 per month for every member of the household have the solution. Blackhawk downed, then claim refugee status as they feel persecuted.

    • Jaye44

      Oh yeah it is them darkies getting all that welfare who are the problem. Don’t look behind the curtain at the billionaires who control your life including making you think the problem is them darkies getting all the welfare. What a maroon.

  • Paul B

    This analysis is not thought out very well. They take a white woman in her 30s, living in New York, who has a n income well below the US median. Then they use statistics like average credit card debt and average mortgate date for all people as a comparison, not just the numbers white women in their 30s living in New York who work as sales cleerks. Comparing apples to oranges. Not valid at all.

  • Boguseconomist

    The corporate model demands maximum shareholder return as its primary objective. This means paying the lowest possible salaries to achieve maximum productivity. Also, a corporation can achieve the highest return by paying as little in taxes as it can. This often involves “buying” influence through large campaign contributions to legislators. Any observer can note the decline in corporate taxation, the increase in tax loopholes and offshore tax dodges along with the passing on of health care to the taxpayers, as in the case of Wal-Mart. This may be relevant to the new status of the United States as the industrialized country with the highest wealth gap.


      Yes, but as a worker you have the right to compete with other companies for a higher salary. Labor is not monopolized. I’ve increased my salary by about 60% just in the last 4 years by moving to other companies. However, I was only making $40k out of college.

      Now, I have an interview for a job that will give me a 30% raise and bring me very close to that 6 digit salary.

      If you are valuable and know you’re valuable, then ofcourse you can increase your salary. You don’t have to stay with the same company.

  • Maggie De Vore

    We have become a land of beggars.


    only 59% have atleast $500? How do people survive?

    And here I am worried about my $20 grand auto loan debt and only having about $9000 saved, despite being single and earning $70k. I’ve been feeling really bad about spending too much and think I should have way more saved. But, I guess I shouldn’t feel bad since the average American apparently is in much direr straights.

    It’s a new year, and my goal is to save atleast $1000 a month. That should set me up well for my 30’s.

  • duelles

    As a self employed contractor my total tax bill in CT on the first dollar I made each year was over 54% excluding property taxes. Screw the sons of bitches who tax loose cigarettes and everything else we can touch or conceive of. Shares of CELG at $0.59 in the 90’s saved my ass from serfdom.

    • duelles

      . . . . And that does not include the tax on very corporate equity i owned or the taxes prior to buying anything. What a friggin’ scam.

  • Don Dressel

    My household income is about 97,000 dollars per year. We pay very low income tax because of rental property we own. If everyone would learn how our tax structure and write offs work they would invest their money into investments instead of throwing their money away on trivial trinkets! Why is it corporations make millions and yet pay literally no taxes? It is all about write offs!

  • DubbyD

    Why would any working person want to have a savings account. They used to pay between 5 to 7% interest. Now it’s not even 1% interest for basically giving your money to the thieving banks to lend back to us for up to 30% interest.

  • rmiers1

    We need to watch the Government’s outgo. There is a dentist office on every corner. Medicaid honey pot. A small town in arkansas has most residents on the dole. A few claimed mental issues and received extra income. Now the word has spread and 60%+ are mental abnormal. Giving people tax money who have paid no tax is lunacy.

    Restrictions on new taxes should be absolute until waste and fraud is fixed. Those who cheat should see the inside of a jail.

  • EgoNemo

    Roos is dead wrong, and apparently forgot that under George W. Bush federal income tax rates were CUT:

    This is from the CONSERVATIVE Heritage Foundation:

    “The Bush tax cuts reduced the then 39.6 percent rate to 35 percent, the 36 percent rate to 33 percent, the 31 percent rate to 28 percent, and the 28 percent rate to 25 percent. It created a new 10 percent bracket, and there was no change to the 15 percent rate. The fiscal cliff deal retained all those rates except the top rate, which it allowed to rise back to 39.6 percent.”

    The Heritage Foundation continues:

    “Prior to the Bush tax cuts, the tax rate on capital gains was 20 percent. Dividends were taxed at the same rate as wage and salary income; therefore, most were taxed at 39.6 percent. The Bush tax cuts reduced both of these rates to 15 percent to greatly reduce the tax bias against investment. The fiscal cliff deal allowed the rate on capital gains to rise back to 20 percent and set the rate on dividends at that rate as well. However, Obamacare began levying a 3.8 percent surtax on both this year, so their full rate is now 23.8 percent.” Leaving the NET REDUCTION in rate to CUT OF 15.8 PERCENTAGE POINTS.

    The Heritage Foundation continues:

    Other Bush tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts included several other policy changes:

    They doubled the child tax credit from $500 to $1,000;

    They reduced the marriage penalty by doubling the standard deduction for married filers compared to single filers and doubling the income threshold for the 15 percent bracket for married filers compared to single filers;

    They increased the earned income tax credit (EITC);

    They raised the annual contribution limit for Coverdell education savings accounts to $2,000 per year and relaxed other limitations;

    They extended the exclusion for employer-provided educational assistance;

    They eliminated the 60-month rule and the disallowance for voluntary payments for the student loan deduction;

    They eliminated tax on certain scholarships;

    They reduced taxes on bonds for school construction;

    They increased the dependent care tax credit;

    They increased the adoption credit;

    They provided credit for employer-provided child care; and

    They changed tax treatment of Alaska Native Settlement Trusts.

    The fiscal cliff deal made each of these policies permanent.”

    The tax burden on all Americans is LESS now than it was, even after the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal that adding back some increases, which were STILL BELOW where rates had been before the Bush Tax Cuts.

    Sure, debate whether rates should be cut more and whether that might help or hurt. But to argue that tax rates, in general, have increased, is to ignore that they have, at least over the last decade, gone down more than they have gone up. American got, and is still enjoying a tax break. It doesn’t help the public debate to be deficient in these facts.

  • ed6305

    In reality, it really depends on who your friends are, when it comes to Paying Taxes. The Reverend Al Sharpton is proof. He owes the I.R.S. millions, upon millions in Taxes in Personal in come taxes, and the same is true about the Corporations and Charitable organizations he control and owns. Thanks to President Obama and his skills in using and applying the “Race Card”, he has been exempt from paying Taxes, Late Fees and I.R.S. penalties. I’m quite certain, he was well mentored by Charles B. Rangel, who perfected a system for not paying Taxes for the past 40 years on his income from his rental estates in the Caribbean. And, here again, he did not have to pay any penalties and late fees, much less what he owed over the 40 years. At present, Representative Rangel has President Obama demanding the House overturn the ‘censure’ off his record, because not paying his Taxes was an oversight and unintentional. So, it all boils down to “who You Know” and if you know how well you can “Apply the Race Card!”
    Thank God for the Average American Tax Payer, as without the “Innocent, Honest & Unconnected”, these Corrupt Politicians would have to pay taxes to the I.R.S., like the rest of us do every year, year after year.

  • ron

    all this talk about who pays more in taxes misses the point – who pays more of a % of their income in taxes because it sure isn’t those making over $250,000 !!! its those making less and as far the wealthy who are controlling the vast majority goes why is it do you think that we don’t have a FLAT tax where EVERYBODY pays the same %of their income regardless of how that income is derived ? could it be that the wealthy would actually be paying the same as everyone else ? when there are people making more in a year than most people will make in a lifetime but are paying less in taxes it’s WAY past time to revamp the tax code – and a FLAT tax seems like a FAIR solution to the problem

  • Stephen K. White

    This Mary needs to seek professional help. Her situation is much more dire than is typical.

  • TomD

    Why are all these comments about taxes? The reason so many people are so far in debt and so behind in their retirement savings is their careless spending habits. Sports stadiums are full every weekend, iPhones and Xboxes are everywhere, Disneyland can raise prices because people continue to visit, SUV and truck sales (think $30,000+) are strong, people buy all these things on credit or spend cash that could be used to pay down debt or boost savings. People need to quit playing the “victim” card and take responsibility for their own finances.

  • sharpss

    There is a book out there titled “the 10 % solution”. I think it should be required reading for young people just starting out.

  • exGOPer

    Not worth the time to argue with tea bagger GOP FOX wing nuts…FACT: BUSH WAR in IRAQ will cost taxpayers over 2 trillion or more and spawned this ISIS mess…FACT: TOP Corporations pay ZERO in income taxes…FACT: BUSH and the GOP created the worst Economic collapse in modern history since the great depression…FACT: TEAM OBAMA got OSAMA! and has been working to get us out of the mess that the Republicans got us into….

  • Roger Jones

    Income taxes are lower, but FICA was 4% on the first $4800 in 1960 when median family income was $5600. Now, FICA is 5.3% on the first $118,500 with median family income at $53900.

    Real income taxes rates are 11.3% less for average income families. The way taxable income was computed was more favorable for the taxpayer when rates were higher. It is hard to compare because taxable income and income can be very different. The people paying the highest tax rates in the country are those above the median and below the FICA limit of $118,500. Sales taxes and property taxes are also higher now after adjusting for inflation.

    People with below median incomes these days are tax consumers thanks to the earned income credit and all the other welfare programs. The percent of GDP that is government spending is much higher today, about double, what it was in 1960.

    • overbyte

      Here’s a thought. Why should there be any ceiling on the amount of earned income that is taxed for social security and Medicare (together, FICA)? Shouldn’t someone earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or more pay the same % of income toward the social safety net as low and middle income folks? Certainly they can afford to provide their own safety net, but they earned the income in our economy so they should support those who can’t be so lucky or fortunate or smart. Doubling that $118,500 cap would go a long way toward softening the blow to the bulk of US workers of their jobs going overseas to benefit the high earners and corporate profits. Eliminating the cap would let benefits be increased for the displaced workers.

      • CraigT

        The spenders always and easily outspend the earners. True in families and absolutely true in government. NO amount of additional confiscation of funds from taxpayers will ever balance this Ponzi scheme. BTW, the harder I work and the more I save the less I have to worry about being “lucky or fortunate or smart”.

        The only true,fair thing is a forced 401K for each worker. When you retire, it becomes a lifetime annuity and you get what you deserve.

        Trusting government and politicians who can and will change anything about this in the future is crazy. Unless of course, you think you get the better deal through socialism.

      • Liz

        I think it is because there is a cap on the amount of social security you can collect when you retire. That is why there is a limit on the amount collected.

      • J. Trabosh

        You got to be joking soak the people that have earned their way. you are a socialist I take it. Steal legally from those that are working and give to the poor sole sitting at home. while the other people are working.

      • BoomerJAZZ78

        Totally sophomoric argument! “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs” (the inference of your question), was first promulgated by Karl Marx. He would be proud of you

      • duelles

        Shouldn’t any and all monies earned from wages, interest and dividends belong to the “people” ? You want to soften the blow by increasing the bootheels. Money stays overseas so it won’t be taxed. DOH! Reinvested overseas for a greater profit. DOH! to be competitive means you beat the competition, not stomp on everyone with rules that favor un competitive and non competitive systems of regs and taxation. Even Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding had that right in the 1920s after WWI

    • lou

      Not to even mention that FICA Taxes are being used in the general fund for spending programs and Social Security is being drained dry by phony SS disability claims by many who can’t find jobs in this Obama socialist economy. Property taxes have doubled in 5 years also to pay for the other democrat supporter base which is public employee union pensions at the state and local level.

    • BoomerJAZZ78

      Then it went to something like 5.8% of the first $5300. From then on it hit the stratosphere. Interestingly to me, Donald Trump, who is not my favorite person but who is talking sense, is the first person to embrace real capitalism since Andrew Carnegie. If we were to roll back every law passed since 1932 our economy would explode. Everyone who wants work could find it.

      Rather than argue with me, because I can defend any position I take, consider thinking through the possibilities. You’ll like what you find.

  • jacksadullboy

    even though it is distorted and much tougher to “make it” than what the baby boomers had to contend with, I still believe in the American Dream. Opportunities are out there, they just seem to be fewer and farther between. I can understand how some people would prefer to do nothing as opposed to a menial job. What to do… what to do…

  • Silver Siren

    Don’t forget all of the deductions that have been taken from us.

  • Ted Fred

    Lost my place – where some one had said the top 1% already pay 80%
    Oh so wrong – the top 10% pay 68% (and my guess is the top 1% pay more than half of that 68% and the top 5% pay 80% of that 68% )
    People earning 50-90K a year as a family are net recepients and not supporting others but themselves – that is reality. There is a squeeze at say 90-150 but not below 90K. EVERYONE thinks all their taxes go to food stamps and Medicaid when 80% of the nation either pays for what it gets (not subsidy to others) or gets subsidized.
    Those who keep thinking they are paying for the world around them are most often not paying their own way. The progressive nature of taxation with effective tax rates often at 30% on just Federal income to the millions is what keeps the lights on

  • Cuffs

    Most believe a house is the biggest investment they make. It’s not, it’s taxes.
    The Death tax is the worst. We are taxed when we earn it, taxed when we save it and taxed when we die. One source of money taxed three times. And Barry wants more so his buddies in Washington can acquire more power and more wealth. Nice system we have.
    No wonder the Republicans sing along.

  • Cuffs

    Have you read your phone bill?

  • FlexoRick

    I pay over $650 in taxes every single week. $2,816 a month.
    That does not count the 6% sales tax I pay on everything I buy.
    SO based on Mary here I have about $7,000 a year to live on while I pay for people NOT to work.
    MMMM what to do? what to do…

  • mamere17

    Misleading. Learned nothing. Did not import proper information, or convey information in order for comparison of reader’s net worth vs. average person’s.

    True unemployment rate is considered to be ~35% due to those people unemployed for so long that they have ceased looking for work and are no longer counted in unemployment statistics.

    In short, an article by a financially oriented organization should be far better than this one. This article is of the caliber of what one would expect in a local newspaper or monthly womens’ magazine.

    I do agree with Nathan and RM.

  • john

    You must be talking about the 47% folks. I’m retired and we pay through the nose.

  • larollinstone

    The working class, no longer the “middle class” are not only having to pay for their own insurance, they get hit the hardest in taxes and many have children or have themselves student loans. I question the future of Democracy, not to mention the lack of education and complete selfishness of those running this country now.

  • Bettijo

    If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

    ~Ronald Reagan

  • TomofPorts

    Take 100K away from a rich guy and give it to a poor guy, and in one year the rich guy will make that 100K back, and the poor guy will be broke again.

  • Mark

    One thing not to forget, more people are renting than ever before which will throw them into the Tax wolves due to no deductions, can’t itemize. There rent included the taxes and loan interest but cannot claim it.
    Have you also looked at your rental car bills, airplane tickets, hotel bills. Everywhere you turn you are being taxed, I think 50% may be on the low end.

  • John Richards

    Agree. We’re in the top 10% in income and net worth, but my wife and I pay nothing like 50% of income in taxes, more like 29% w/ prop tax + the 7% SS my employer pays = 36% at most. Of course, Mr Romney paid about 15% or so, and he may have eliminated more US jobs than he created (yeah, I’m joking, but half serious). Personal income tax rates don’t impact employment, I see no reason for the truly wealthy to pay so much less. Not to pick on Mr Romney as an individual, it’s just a matter of relative tax rates. I realize most of his income is in the form of capital gains, but the preferential treatment of cap gains is largely bogus too. Very little of that money goes to create new jobs, most of it is just trading ownership shares, which creates nothing. Even an IPO is a mixed bag. Raise personal income taxes on the wealthy, and lower them on corporate earnings, and I think the result will be more friendly to the middle class.

    • realitybetraysus

      What middle class? do you realize when Romney was busy gutting Delco Remmy and shutting the company down he relocated corp headquarters to an island off the French coast so the IRS could not even track what money he would own the US government in taxes while he raped and pillaged the GM companies that later would end up in China while he laid off thousands of American workers.It is estimated that he pillaged 25 to 125 million dollares while the unsuspecting American public was more focused on politics rather than how he made his money. If it were not for the investigative skills of his openents that were running to uncover the “dirt”” about his theivery and financialcrimes the American public would never have found out! The more mooney they have the bigger the crooks and criimnal behavior that they engage in! Follow the money!

      • John Richards

        You may want to dial back on the caffeine. Yeah, he did what other companies do every day, and none of it was illegal, & I would be shocked if his take was as little as $125M over his career. I would agree with you that some of those behaviors are deplorable, and should be illegal, but you can’t put someone in jail when they don’t break any laws. The real point is that laws need to change so we don’t give people incentives to do such things. Romney is far less a crook than just another person doing what’s in their own self-interest. We get a lot of that in the U.S., from the rich and the poor. On the other hand, there are a lot of selfless people who really do their best to help their fellow Americans. Unfortunately, our political candidates don’t often seem to fall in the latter camp.

  • Frank

    Municipal taxes are the biggest pain factor for individual savings. They’re paid after federal and state taxes; so on net income, you pay all municipal taxes. Most municipalities are run by social program activists (tax & spenders), and school administrators with endless requests for pension and benefit increases – far higher than private sector individuals. We’re being raped by municipalities. When you retire, plan on this impact growing by a magnitude, since your fixed income will never be able to grow and the compound rate increases of property taxes – exceeding all inflation and cost of living indexes combined. It’s time for house cleaning within our local governments and capping what they tax and spend.

  • Raul Jimenez

    Wait till Obama and democrats Progressive Cancer get done with the country.

  • Paul Ledesma

    Income Tax Yes… but let’s look at other taxes. Property and Sales come to mind… but what about the taxes which impact travel, Hotels, Planes, Cabs, etc… these impede business. What about sumptuary taxes on Tobacco, Liquor and Marijuana of 35% or more… is that money really going to cessation programs or is it just more revenue? Road taxes are increasing… but I don’t see many bridges getting fixed – the policy seems to be let the bridge fall and THEN we will fix it. Water pipes are bursting, The Electric Grid is failing, Gas Mains are exploding… and nothing is getting fixed. There is a lot of money being mismanaged – We pay too much in taxes not to have all of these things working properly.

  • Eric52

    Their not including sales, tax city and county taxes and the extra taxes you pay for government services like license, sewer and garbage and so on. all total I’d say I pay close to 50-55% of my income in taxes.

  • Jim Thomas

    Taxes should defiantly be considered in this financial equitation. Not only do most Americans pay out approximately 50% of their income in local state and federal taxes, but Uncle Sam has taken out a credit card in every American’s name and run up a bill of $58,604 per person (including children)… which is considerably more than each person owes of tax debt in Greece ($38,444). For a look at our future – watch closely what happens in Greece.

  • nanny

    It is impossible to save today. I remember the savings banks in 1930’s during the depression were giving 2% interest Today less than 1%,when the banks are making a fortune by investing in gov’t bonds overnite looking for the highest interest, which is our taxes paying their interest. I cannot buy a gov’t bond for my great grandchildren as presents, due to the fact the banks cannot issue them. My grandchildren were so happy when the bonds I purchased for them as they were growing up were given to them for college. When I retired & moved south, I was shocked at the rate of pay in 1994that was paid in the south $4.25hr.. I requested $10.00 per hour & the temp agencies thought I was crazy, but some companies paid what I asked for
    as a temp worker. 20 years later businesses do not even want to pay $15.00 per hr.
    How sad. Living in southern states is not cheaper than living in the northern states.
    Let’s start giving a living wage & those students that are college material should not pay interest on their college loans & college tuitions should be affordable. This is from an 86 year old female

  • roger knight

    Roger AbnRanger

  • tedshepherd

    The title of the article is “How Do Your Finances Measure Up to the Average American?” The more interesting question would address this question: “How Do Your Finances Measure Up to the Average American Your Age?” Wealth naturally accumulates with age in many cases, though trending downward in old age. Since averages can be misleading, the data should include some measure of dispersion or variation or spread, say wealth by decile. Have you seen such data?

  • Ruby Slippers

    Hello fellow concerned citizens….
    What I am hearing most are viable complaints concerning the gluttony of imposed taxation due to government overspending. Let’s face it, the middle class has and, will always pay the majority of taxes because there are more of us. However, I see absolutely NO reason for those who have busted their bums to be in the top 2% of earners to be taxed MORE on their income! When was the last time a poor, unemployed, welfare abusing person employed you? Not only that, but when top earners reach the age to collect the Social Security they’ve paid into “the system” for 50+ years, the Democrat-run government requires them to pay Income Tax AGAIN on the money they’ve already paid in! The Constitution clearly states that there will be NO DOUBLE TAXATION but ‘lo and behold, it’s been happening for decades. Where is the fairness in that?
    Neither should the top earners’ children have to pay Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes (the caps are adjustable depending on income) as another form of governmentally controlled revenue just because poor, unemployed, welfare abusing, non-saving people do not HAVE anything to leave their children except a legacy of being a poor, unemployed, welfare abusing, non-saving generation? As long as we support, allow and feel sorry for those who are capable and have every opportunity to be “lucky, fortunate AND smart” but choose to sell dope illegally for the fast buck shouldn’t be MY problem! I do NOT owe those people anything! Neither do you! I am sickened by the amount of money that flows right through the fingers of an over-employed BIG government. And WE have to pay it back, regardless of our incomes.
    **My son was incarcerated in 2010 (before he died in 2013) and had one of his “boys” fill out a 1040-EZ for him even though he didn’t work in 2009. He sent the form to me to mail to the IRS….when I received it in the mail, I looked it over and he didn’t even sign it! I thought to myself, “this is ridiculous but I’m going to mail it in and see what happens”. Well, guess what? About 4 weeks later, I checked my mail and ‘lo and behold, there was a $1300.00 US Treasury Refund check made out to him. The form wasn’t SIGNED nor were any W-2’s attached proving income! My husband and I and my entire family were in a state of shock. He, of course, was thrilled. And this is happening all over the prisons and jails, thousands of criminals are collecting Income Tax Refunds in the thousands of dollars without working!** Thought you all might be interested to know that. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Look, there will always be poor people, middle class people and rich people. But the rich are not simply “lucky, fortunate or smart”. They are indeed smart yet most have worked their way to the top, my family included. My parents came from ZERO, opened their own business while Carter was President and inflation was at it’s highest with interest rates at 21%. My father educated himself in the finance business and is a self-made millionaire, estimated worth right at 5.5 mil. He is 79 years old and still goes into the office EVERY DAY to keep abreast on politics, rules and regulations on taxation and for the last 10 years has focused on saving his children from having to pay the government for his success. It is unfair and against everything this country is founded upon, CAPITALISM and COMPETITION.

  • Ruby Slippers

    Hello fellow concerned citizens….
    What I am hearing most are viable complaints concerning the gluttony of imposed taxation due to government overspending. Let’s face it, the middle class has and, will always pay the majority of taxes because there are more of us. However, I see absolutely NO reason for those who have busted their bums to be in the top 2% of earners to be taxed MORE on their income! When was the last time a poor, unemployed, welfare abusing person employed you? Not only that, but when top earners reach the age to collect the Social Security they’ve paid into “the system” for 50+ years, the Democrat-run government requires them to pay Income Tax AGAIN on the money they’ve already paid in! The Constitution clearly states that there will be NO DOUBLE TAXATION but ‘lo and behold, it’s been happening for decades. Where is the fairness in that?
    Neither should the top earners’ children have to pay Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes (the caps are adjustable depending on income) as another form of governmentally controlled revenue just because poor, unemployed, welfare abusing, non-saving people do not HAVE anything to leave their children except a legacy of being a poor, unemployed, welfare abusing, non-saving generation? As long as we support, allow and feel sorry for those who are capable and have every opportunity to be “lucky, fortunate AND smart” but choose to sell dope illegally for the fast buck shouldn’t be MY problem! I do NOT owe those people anything! Neither do you! I am sickened by the amount of money that flows right through the fingers of an over-employed BIG government. And WE have to pay it back, regardless of our incomes.
    **My son was incarcerated in 2010 (before he died in 2013) and had one of his “boys” fill out a 1040-EZ for him even though he didn’t work in 2009. He sent the form to me to mail to the IRS….when I received it in the mail, I looked it over and he didn’t even sign it! I thought to myself, “this is ridiculous but I’m going to mail it in and see what happens”. Well, guess what? About 4 weeks later, I checked my mail and ‘lo and behold, there was a $1300.00 US Treasury Refund check made out to him. The form wasn’t SIGNED nor were any W-2’s attached proving income! My husband and I and my entire family were in a state of shock. He, of course, was thrilled. And this is happening all over the prisons and jails, thousands of criminals are collecting Income Tax Refunds in the thousands of dollars without working!** Thought you all might be interested to know that. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Look, there will always be poor people, middle class people and rich people. But the rich are not simply “lucky, fortunate or smart”. They are indeed smart yet most have worked their way to the top, my family included. My parents came from ZERO, opened their own business while Carter was President and inflation was at it’s highest with interest rates at 21%. My father educated himself in the finance business and is a self-made millionaire, estimated worth right at 5.5 mil. He is 79 years old and still goes into the office EVERY DAY to keep abreast on politics, rules and regulations on taxation and for the last 10 years has focused on saving his children from having to pay the government for his success. It is unfair and against everything this country is founded upon, CAPITALISM and COMPETITION.

  • Ruby Slippers

    Why aren’t our posts in chronological order? Disqus must be on government time.

  • Ruby Slippers

    Dude… cannot use an century+ and a 55 yr. old stat to prove anything that has happened within the last 30 years. I’m confused about the comparison? Not that it isn’t true but…..perhaps antiquated? Afterall, 1960 was pre-Kennedy and 1898 was….well….the 19th Century. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • vt500ascott

    The average American is a white chick in New York City making $40,000? How freaking stupid is that?

  • ThomasJK

    For the typical purchase for which you pay, using so-called after-tax income, of course, healthcare and medical treatment included, more than 60% of the prices that are paid is the cost of governments that has been dumped either directly or indirectly into the operating costs of the enterprises who make up the supply chains who are producing, distributing and selling the goods and services that are being purchased.
    “Our” governments at all levels of government have become self-legalized criminal enterprises. There’s going to be a revolution and it will not be fun for anyone.


    That article was so vague it revealed absolutely nothing. Plus some of the so called facts were obtained from the government, prepared by the Obama administration’s “cooked books”. If you were writing a college theses you would not be able to back up what the article claims as fact. All this article has done is take up space.

  • mshardy

    We did not have all the things that we have now that are taxed. All the heritage foundation is writing about is mostly the reduction of certain taxes

  • al57

    The USA has to cut all welfare and food stamps and free medical care to everyone. Only those who have worked and contributed to society should get anything like Social Security and Medicare. Eliminate all free Social programs like section 8 free housing and free prescriptions and hospital care. If one does not contribute or never has contributed to America then let them just fade away. Make America strong and eliminate the freeloaders now?

  • John Meenaghan

    The article headline and content don’t match. The article said nothing.

  • Frank Johnson

    Feel like I am near broke, but I am doing okay according to this article. Everyone needs to have automatic deduction from bank account into an investment. Eventually, you get a little breathing room. You have to adjust your lifestyle to account for some savings, and it must be automated or you will never do it. But then if the Dems keep the presidency, then forget all I said. Live for today!

  • gregory richards

    makes for some really expensive 11.4 year old cars… especially for these average roads… kind of behind the times I guess