How Rich Is Justin Timberlake on His 36th Birthday?

Learn about Justin Timberlake's early career, top hits and movies.

Child actor turned global superstar Justin Timberlake turns 36 years old on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Plans for his birthday haven’t been revealed, but he is sure to spend it with his wife, Jessica Biel, and young son, Silas.

No matter the celebration, Timberlake will be able to foot the bill — and can score some birthday freebiesLearn how his net worth reached $230 million before his 36th birthday, according to

Justin Timberlake Early Career

Eleven-year-old Timberlake started his career with a performance on “Star Search.” Not long after, he joined the cast of “The Mickey Mouse Club” in 1993, where he sang and danced alongside big names like Britney Spears and “La La Land” star Ryan Gosling.

After “The Mickey Mouse Club” was cancelled, JT and former caster member JC Chasez joined the boy band ‘NSYNC, along with Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone.

‘NSYNC went on to become one of the most successful boy bands of all time, selling more than 30 million copies of their first three albums, “‘NSYNC,” “No Strings Attached” and “Celebrity.” The group collaborated with some of the most famous artists in the world, like Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Aerosmith. They performed at the 2000 World Series, the 2001 Super Bowl and the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

In 2000, the group brought in $267 million in U.S. album sales and revenues from their “No Strings Attached” tour, which made them the year’s biggest music stars, according to the VH1/Money Rock Star Index. The members of ‘NSYNC went their separate ways in 2002.

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Justin Timberlake Albums

JT released his first solo album, “Justified,” in 2002, shortly after ‘NSYNC disbanded. It sold seven million copies, earning Timberlake $10 million, according to TheRichest. Since then, there have been three additional solo Justin Timberlake albums. His 2007 sophomore effort “FutureSex/LoveSounds” sold 10 million copies and earned $15 million; part one of 2013’s “The 20/20 Experience” sold 2.4 million copies and brought $3 million; and part two of “The 20/20 Experience” sold 630,000 copies and garnered $850,000.

The singer has made a lot of songs throughout his solo career, but some of the most popular Justin Timberlake top hits include “What Goes Around…Comes Around,” “My Love” and “SexyBack” — all of which held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. JT has also shown his sense of humor by performing multiple times on “Saturday Night Live,” making parody hits like “Dick in a Box” and “Motherlover.”

Since breaking out on his own, JT has embarked on a number of tours. In 2003, he teamed up with Christina Aguilera for the “Justified and Stripped Tour,” which earned $45 million in ticket sales. His 2007 “FutureSex/LoveShow” tour was even more successful, bringing in a total of $127.8 million.

The superstar has also toured multiple times with Jay Z. In 2009, he earned approximately $20 million from a tour partnership with the rap star. Total ticket sales reached $69.8 million for the duo’s 2013 “Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour.” His 2013-2014 solo tour “The 20/20 Experience” earned a total of $231.7 million in ticket sales and was attended by 1.9 million fans at 128 shows.

Justin Timberlake music has received dozens of industry honors, such as from the MTV Video Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards and more. His work on “Saturday Night Live” has also earned him four Emmys. Grammys are also a mainstay of the Justin Timberlake awards collection — he has nine of them.

Justin Timberlake Movies

The multitalented star has successfully made the transition from singer to actor, causing many to wonder if there’s anything he can’t do. In total, Justin Timberlake movies have grossed more than $1 billion in box offices worldwide. Six of his films have earned more than $100 million, including:

  • “The Social Network” ($224.9 million)
  • “Bad Teacher” ($216.2 million)
  • “Yogi Bear” ($201.6 million)
  • “In Time” ($173.9 million)
  • “Friends with Benefits” ($149.5 million)
  • “Trolls” ($152 million).

In 2016, he voiced the character Branch in the DreamWorks film. He also served as the “Trolls” executive music producer. Timberlake won a 2017 People’s Choice Awards for the song he penned and preformed for the animated film, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

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Justin Timberlake Business Ventures

On top of ruling the music world, JT has a long history as an entrepreneur.

In Oct. 2016, Timberlake invested in the flavored water company, Bai, and announced his role as their first chief flavor officer, according to Business Insider. The singer will also be the face of Bai’s $100 million marketing campaign in 2017.

Timberlake also has a hand in tech and fashion. He also has his hand in liquor.

In 2005, he founded the clothing company WilliamRast with his best friend Trace Ayala. He was one of the investors that joined together to purchase the social network Myspace for $35 million in 2011 and he has his own Sauza 901 tequila brand.

JT is affiliated with eco-friendly landscape company Mirimichi Green and fūl, a brand that creates bags, backpacks and travel accessories. Additionally, he’s part owner of the New York City restaurant Southern Hospitality.

Justin Timberlake Personal Life

Justin Timberlake married actress Jessica Biel, who has a net worth of $18 million, in a lavish Italian ceremony on Oct. 19, 2012. Prior to tying the knot, the couple had been dating on and off since 2007. Their first child, Silas Randall Timberlake, was born on April 11, 2015. 

There’s no telling what other accomplishments JT will add to his long list of successes in 2017. Stay tuned to see what’s next for the beloved entertainer.

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