Leading Man Ryan Gosling’s Net Worth Rises to $60 Million

Check out which Ryan Gosling movies have made him the most.

Heartthrob Ryan Gosling turns 37 years old on Nov. 12, and he’ll be celebrating all the way to the bank. A 2017 awards season darling, the past year has a big one for the “La La Land” actor — his star power and bank account balance have risen even higher.

He’ll likely spend his birthday with girlfriend Eva Mendes and their two young daughters, but you can mark the occasion by watching Ryan Gosling movies and catching up on the latest Ryan Gosling meme. Read on to learn more about Ryan Gosling’s Golden Globe Awards, Oscars, net worth, career and family.

Ryan Gosling Net Worth: $60 Million

Ryan Gosling’s net worth has doubled from $30 million in 2015 to $60 million today, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Much of his newly elevated fortune is likely due to the $29 million he earned from June 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017, according to Forbes.

Gosling’s paycheck has come a long way since his 2006 film “Half Nelson,” for which he earned just $1,000 per week, according to The Telegraph. One year later, his salary surged to $1 million for the movie “Fractured,” according to The Vancouver Sun.

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Now able to command multimillions for his films, he earned $7 million for the 2016 film “The Nice Guys,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. His “La La Land” paycheck wasn’t made public, but Forbes touted it as his highest yet.

Acting isn’t the only thing that has built Ryan Gosling’s net worth. He made his directorial debut with 2014’s “Lost River,” though it received mostly unfavorable reviews. He has also co-owned the Beverly Hills, Calif., Moroccan restaurant Tagine since 2004. The amount he invested in the eatery and his subsequent profits are unknown.

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Ryan Gosling’s Girlfriend and Kids

Well-known actress Eva Mendes has been Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend since September 2011. Mendes has been in the business since 1996 and co-starred with Will Smith in “Hitch,” a 2005 film that made $368.1 million at the worldwide box office. Mendes is the mother of both Ryan Gosling’s kids — Esmeralda Amada Gosling, born Sept. 12, 2014, and Amada Lee Gosling, born April 29, 2016.

The notoriously private couple has been the source of constant engagement and wedding rumors, especially since Mendes started wearing a massive emerald ring in June 2015. Gosling and Mendes have yet to comment on the significance of the ring, but they are not married.

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Eva Mendes’ net worth is $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, so if she were to become Ryan Gosling’s wife, their combined net worth would be $75 million. Gosling described life at home with Mendes and their two daughters as “heaven” in a 2016 interview with “Good Morning America.”

Exactly where Gosling and family live is a bit of a mystery. Mendes has owned a $3.2 million home in Los Angeles since 2008, according to real estate site Redfin, but the couple lives in a modest two-bedroom home in what was once his bachelor pad, according to a February 2017 People magazine issue.

Ryan Gosling’s Rise to Fame

Ryan Gosling got his start in show business in 1993 at the age of 12 as part of “The Mickey Mouse Club.” After the network canceled the show in 1995, he appeared on a number of television shows, including “Are You Afraid of the Dark?,” “Goosebumps” and “Breaker High.” He made his transition to the big screen when he scored the part of a Jewish neo-Nazi in 2001’s “The Believer.”

Gosling’s first few projects were indie films, including “The Slaughter Rule” and “Murder by Numbers.” In 2004, he starred in “The Notebook” as Noah Calhoun, which catapulted him to mainstream heartthrob status — where he’s remained ever since.

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Top Grossing Ryan Gosling Movies and Awards

Ryan Gosling played the role of aspiring jazz musician Sebastian in the 2016 film “La La Land.” His critically acclaimed performance won him high-profile honors, including a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination.

Certainly not the first movie to put him on the award show circuit, he garnered an Oscar nomination for his work on “Half Nelson” in 2007. He also received Golden Globe nominations for “Lars and the Real Girl,” “Blue Valentine,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” and “The Ides of March.”

In total, Ryan Gosling movies have generated more than $1.6 billion at box offices globally, according to Box Office Mojo. His five top-grossing hits at theaters worldwide include:

  • “La La Land” — $445.7 million
  • Blade Runner 2049” — $194.1 million
  • “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” — $142.9 million
  • “The Big Short” — $133.4 million
  • “The Notebook” — $115.6 million

Fans can look forward to a Ryan Gosling new movie in October 2018, according to Variety. He’ll team up with “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle to play Neil Armstrong in the biopic “First Man.”

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The Ryan Gosling Meme Phenomenon

Ryan Gosling memes have become almost as popular as his movies. Three of the most famous memes starring the actor include:

1. “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Meme”

In 2013, Vine star Ryan McHenry created a series of videos called “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal.” The series was based on the extremely serious characters Gosling plays in many of his movies. In each Vine, McHenry holds a spoonful of cereal up to Gosling’s on-screen face.

McHenry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and died in 2015. In response to his passing, Gosling posted a Vine video in his honor. In the video, Gosling finally eats his cereal.

2. “Hey Girl” Meme

Gosling has been associated with the enormously popular Hey Girl meme for years, which shows him sharing everything from pickup lines to feminist causes. The public can’t get enough of this Ryan Gosling meme, but in 2013 he told The Hollywood Reporter that, “I don’t think it’s really about me. I think it really is sort of like, I’m a pigeon and the internet is Fabio and it just happened.”

3. “Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats” Meme

Gosling mentioned a rumor that Disney is breeding an army of special commando cats in a 2011 interview with Conan O’Brien — and the Tumblr blog called Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats was born. The blog features a series of memes containing photographs of Disneyland mashed with photos of Gosling and cats.

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