10 High-Paying Jobs for College Dropouts

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  • Best part of going straight to a career instead of college is that you can start off entry level and work toward mid-level employment (and salary) by the time college grads are entering the workplace. Plus, no college debt.

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    High paying careers relative to what? Get real! A living wage salary in the suburbs of metropolitan areas such as Seattle, San Francisco, LA, NY, Chicago, and Atlanta averages about $65,000 annually. And that barely covers day to day living expenses. To make ends meet on that kind of salary includes living with roommates, commuting by bus or rail, shopping in bulk at places like Costco, and using every tax deduction available each tax year. With the demise of unions and since most employers will not offer low-cost medical, dental, and life insurance plans, many people will foot the bill for their own medical expenses in the form of either in tax-deferred medical spending accounts, supplemental insurance policies, and single payer services. Let’s not forget paying local, city, and state taxes all of which pay to maintain our roads, mass transit, and schools. After all that reality biting from your paycheck, how’s that $65,000 salary working for you, now?

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