Financial Expert Robert Kiyosaki: The Rich Dad Poor Dad Perspective

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Robert Kiyosaki, a well known and controversial figure in the finance space, describes the core of his message as, “I continue to ask the question: Why isn’t financial education taught in every school? Is it omission, due to ignorance, or commission of a crime? Invest your time in education before you invest your money.”

Known for perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert Kiyosaki built his personal finance philosophy around two antithetical characters: “Rich Dad” and “Poor Dad.” In fact, he wrote an entire book about these two men–Rich Dad Poor Dad— which has become the #1 best-selling personal finance book of all time.

So who are these guys, and what do they mean to Kiyosaki’s loyal followers?

A Tale of Two Dads: One Rich, One Poor

The basic principles behind Rich Dad Poor Dad are based on the story that Robert Kiyosaki had two fathers:

His biological dad had an excellent education and great job, yet constantly struggled for wealth. His “poor dad” followed all the rules, yet died penniless.

His best friend’s dad, on the other hand, dropped out of school but always asked himself how he could make more money. The “rich dad” was a savvy businessman and investor, however, and become very prosperous.

The philosophy that emerges from this story is that simply getting a good education, working hard and saving money is not the key to becoming rich. If you want to make money, you must be fearless and an entrepreneur.

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What Makes Robert Kiyosaki a True Expert?

Robert Kiyosaki has become a big name in personal finance and investing through real life experience, but it isn’t all pretty. After several failed investments and even bankruptcy, Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Technologies finally got it right. The company eventually evolved into the Rich Dad empire and the rest is history.

When it comes to Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad philosophy, there’s much debate to say the least. Is Rich Dad even real? Is his investment advice sound? Basically, you either love the guy or think he’s off his rocker.

One thing is hard to argue, however, and it’s that he is speaking from experience–and plenty of people agree with what he is saying. Kiyosaki has written numerous best-sellers, been featured in TIME Magazine and was a columnist for Yahoo! Finance. Whether or not you agree with his advice, Robert Kiyosaki is an undeniable authority when it comes to finance.

  • avinash

    “Robert Kiyosaki”
    The Man Has Taught the “Financial Literacy” to the World. If You agree or not but the Subject remain close to Rich People only , Also that knowledge is inherited to the generations for the Higher Class of the society or King’s , Ruler’s of the society, nation, region, Kingdom. Robert has taken subject to people that Rich People Never going to teach you.
    How to Earn & Invest was the subject not made for Poor & Hardworking , Middleclass, Now the players are changed but system remain the same people who creates investment opportunities and create more & more money . Financial knowledge is only remains in the dictionary if you can’t understand the system.
    How it works the networker are all over the world. It might be drug mafia, politician, smuggling of the goods, human trafficking, paintings, and sculptures etc. the list goes on…
    The Rich Invented the Theory Like “Secrets” Revealed by Robert & anybody can have those skill & knowledge can apply same principle. It is very simple and can be 100% proven.
    Who have curiosity about the system?
    Then the Robert gives you ultimate insights not only advise.

  • Robert Kiyosaki more grease 2 ur elbow,i believe God ‘ll n’t leave unblessed.

  • Monica Thurlow

    Robert Kiyosaki is an exceptional communicator. It’s almost impossible not to be inspired and motivated from reading his books. He gives credit where credits due to those that have motivated and given him insight along the way. He deserves to be number 1..

    • imaginasyon

      I second that.