Citi Rewards+ Credit Card Review: Enticing Rewards and No Annual Fee

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Quick Take: The Citi Rewards+ Credit Card is a no-annual-fee rewards card, primarily for use at grocery stores and gas stations. The card offers different ways to redeem points and is a great way to turn everyday purchases into usable rewards.
  • Fees
  • Redeeming Rewards
  • Interest Rate
  • Sign-Up Bonus
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  • Two points for every dollar spent on gas and at supermarkets
  • Rounds up to the nearest 10 points for every purchase
  • Receive 10% points back on redeeming the first 100,000 points
  • 20,000 points bonus offer


  • Fee on foreign transactions
  • APR may be high

About Citi Rewards+ Credit Card

The Citi Rewards+ Credit Card is one of the many credit card offerings from Citi that focuses on rewards through purchases you make every day.

You can earn Citi ThankYou® points on gas stations and supermarkets across the country. The card offers 2 points for one dollar up to $6,000 of these purchases, after which you earn one point per dollar. It also covers other purchases with one point for each dollar spent. For a limited time, earn 5 points per dollar spent on air travel and hotels, up to $6,000 in the first 12 months of account opening. All purchases are rounded up to the nearest 10 rewards points.

There is also no annual fee, which is the highlight of this rewards card. However, there’s a balance transfer fee of 3% of the amount for each transfer during the first four months of account opening. After that, the fee increases to 5% on each balance transfer. The minimum fee is $5. 

There are many ways to redeem your rewards, which makes this Citi credit card a good choice for many people. For instance, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can redeem points for travel. If you already own other Citi credit cards with ThankYou® points, you can use this one to strategically earn more points. 

Best Features

For this Citi Rewards+ review, the following four features were scored on a scale of five. Here’s everything you need to know: 


As mentioned, the Citi Rewards+ card doesn’t have an annual fee. However, there are other fees you may have to pay, which mainly includes balance transfer fee and international transaction fee. 

There’s a fee for four months initially on balance transfers of 3% or $5, whichever is more. 

The international transaction fee is 3%, which applies to all foreign transactions, including purchases on foreign websites. That’s a little higher than what you’ll find on other competitive rewards cards. If you’re planning to use the card while traveling or buying things from websites outside the U.S., you may have to pay significant fees every time. 

Redeeming Rewards

Although there are a lot of avenues to redeem rewards on your earned points, there’s no straightforward system. The rewards vary by the number of points. Here’s what you can redeem ThankYou® points for:

  • Cashback: Cashback can be redeemed in $50 increments and is paid through check in the mail. One point is worth half a cent.
  • Statement credit: Points can be redeemed as a statement credit in increments from $10 to $250.
  • Gift card: You can get gift cards from various stores and restaurants from the ThankYou® points center.
  • Shopping: Use your points at a rate of 0.8 cents per point on select merchandisers (,, Live Nation, PayPal and
  • Travel bookings: For travel purposes, one point is worth one cent. These points can be redeemed through the ThankYou® Travel Center. Keep in mind fees may apply.
  • Mortgage or student loan payments: At one cent per point, you can redeem points for mortgage or student loan payments.
  • Traveler points for partner clubs and airlines: ThankYou® points also can be transferred to certain Citi travel partners, only if you also have a premium card such as Citi Premier or Prestige. The points can be transferred to Aeromexico Club Premier, Asia Miles, Emirates Skywards, Etihad Guest, Intermiles, JetBlue True Blue, Malaysia Airlines Enrich, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Qatar Airways Privilege Club, Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, among others.

The rewards are pretty decent, and anyone good with strategically using points and rewards can benefit. If you have a premium credit card by Citi, you can use the ThankYou® earned from Citi Rewards+ for even more rewards.  

Interest Rate

One of the best things the Citi Rewards+ Credit Card has is a 0% introductory APR for 15 months. For balance transfers, these 15 months begin from the first transfer. For purchases, the 15 months start when you open the account. For balance transfers, the first transaction must be done within four months. 

After this 0% APR period, the APR will range from , depending on credit score. Some may consider this high. Especially if you don’t have an excellent credit score, you’ll most likely pay something toward the upper limit. 

However, the initial 0% APR can come in handy for balance transfers from other credit cards. 

Sign-Up Bonus 

The sign-up bonus offer on Citi Rewards+ is pretty good, but it has a catch. First off, you have to spend $1,500 within the first three months to get These are redeemable as gift cards worth $200. 

You could not get this bonus if you received a sign-up bonus in the past 24 months from any of the several Citi credit cards, including Citi Rewards+, Citi ThankYou® Preferred, Citi ThankYou® Premier/Citi Premier® or Citi Prestige®. Similarly, you won’t qualify if you have canceled any of them in the past 24 months. 

Who Is It Best For? 

The Citi Rewards+ card can be great for anyone because the points come from frequent purchases such as putting gas in your car or buying vegetables at the market. The absence of an annual fee is also beneficial. 

That all said, it’s better for someone a little experienced with credit cards and rewards. While the rewards are great, they have a learning curve if you want to make the best of it. That’s because the points work differently for each reward. 

It’s ideal for those who already have a Citi Prestige® or Citi Premium® credit card — with point accumulation and pooling, you can get even better rewards than you would with any of these cards alone. 

Good to Know

Like most Citi credit cards, you’ll need a good credit score, likely at least 670, to qualify easily. Even then, your eventual APR after the first 15 months will be based on creditworthiness. If you don’t have a good credit score at the moment, you may want to get a credit card that may help you with that without a very high interest rate

Citi Rewards+ Credit Card vs. the Competition

While several rewards cards offer similar features as Citi Rewards+ Credit Card, none offer the point round-up feature. That’s one of the biggest pros of this card and gives it an edge over others. 

Amex Everyday Credit Card

The most direct competitor of Citi Rewards+ is Amex Everyday Credit Card, which has similar features, including points on purchases in supermarkets. It does offer bonus points (20%) every month, though, if the holder makes at least 20 transactions in a month.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Another competitor is Chase Freedom Unlimited, which offers 1.5% cashback on many purchases, similar to Citi Rewards+. The points are the same for all purchases. This is different from Citi Rewards+, which gives more points on gas and supermarket purchases. However, Chase Freedom Unlimited’s APR range is slightly higher, at .

How Citi Compares

In terms of simplicity, at least as far as reward redemption goes, the Amex Blue Cash Everyday® card is better than the reward system of Citi Rewards+ Credit Card. The former is based on simple cashback rates, ranging from 1% to 3%. 

Final Take 

The Citi Rewards+ card can be profitable in the right hands, as there are many opportunities to earn and redeem rewards. The ThankYou® rewards also can be combined with ThankYou® points earned from other Citi credit cards, so this card is good for those who already use Citi credit cards. 

Even though the rewards are enticing, understanding them and benefiting may take some time and strategy. There’s no annual fee, which is a huge plus. And the 0% APR on balance transfer allows you to transfer the debt from another card without paying a high interest rate.  

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Citi Rewards+. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Citi Rewards+.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Citi Rewards+ Credit Card.
  • How does the Citi Rewards+ card work? 
    • The Citi Rewards+ card automatically rounds up to the nearest 10 points on every purchase. You earn double points at supermarkets and gas stations (up to $6,000 per year).
  • What credit score is needed for a Citi Rewards+ card?
    • The minimum score typically accepted to qualify for the card is 670.
  • Do Citi ThankYou points expire?
    • Points typically will expire three years from the end of the year in which they are accrued.
  • Can I use my ThankYou points to pay my bill?
    • Yes. ThankYou members can redeem points for a payment toward their student loan or mortgage or for online bill pay.  
  • How do I redeem my ThankYou points?
    • Go to to view our rewards and add what you want to your Cart. You also can redeem for travel rewards online.

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