There’s Just One True Roadblock to Your Financial Success, Says Budgeting Expert

Rosemarie Groner says your money problems aren't about money.

Saving money and paying off debt were two of the biggest financial resolutions for people heading into 2019. But do you know how to actually achieve those money goals this year?

Financial expert and founder of the finance blog The Busy Budgeter, Rosemarie Groner says saving money and paying off debt have nothing to do with money — it’s actually about getting rid of the disorganization in your life.

“The question is not, ‘How to pay off my debt?’ or ‘How to save money?‘ It’s ‘How do I set up my life to support saving money and to support paying off debt?'” Groner told GOBankingRates. “Once we solve those, we build the foundation for saving money and the paying off debt becomes so easy. You’re not swimming through pudding.”

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Although Groner counsels people on how to develop the right life skills to be organized and successful, she too had to learn how to be financially responsible.

When she got married, Groner says she and her husband were more than $30,000 and had to drastically change their lifestyle to save their relationship and have a family. That meant curbing their yearly spending to help reduce their debt.

Ultimately, the couple was able to reduce their spending by a little more than $23,000 in a single year.

With this experience, Groner poured out her new found knowledge into the creation of her blog The Busy Budgeter, where people can find all kinds of financial tips. She also created a 90-Day Budget Plan as a practical guide to whip people into shape financially.

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It’s easy to fall for a quick solution to paying off debt, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution since everyone has different habits that need to be groomed according to Groner. Therefore, it’s important to analyze yourself and work on building the budgeting habits that will create a culture for saving money and building debt. 

Check out the full video to hear all of Groner’s advice about saving money and paying off debt.

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