7 Cars That May Actually Appreciate in Value Over Time

2020 Toyota Supra

Automobiles are typically considered depreciating assets. As soon as you drive a new car off the dealership lot, its value begins to decline.

However, certain vehicles defy this trend due to their rarity, historical significance, performance, or unique design. For car enthusiasts and collectors, here’s a list of seven cars that might appreciate in value over time:

Toyota Supra (Fourth Generation, A80)

The fourth-generation Toyota Supra has achieved iconic status among car enthusiasts. Known for its robust 2JZ engine and featured prominently in movies like “The Fast and the Furious,” demand for clean, unmodified examples continues to rise.

Acura NSX (First Generation)

A game-changer when first introduced, the first-generation Acura NSX combined supercar performance with Honda’s renowned reliability. With its mid-engine design and celebrity endorsements (like the famous Ayrton Senna), the NSX is becoming increasingly sought after.

Porsche 911 (Air-Cooled Models)

The Porsche 911, especially the air-cooled models produced before 1998, have always been beloved by car enthusiasts. These models, with their distinctive design and pure driving experience, have seen significant appreciation in recent years, especially rarer variants like the Carrera RS.

Mazda RX-7 FD

The third generation of Mazda’s rotary-powered RX-7, known as the FD, is celebrated for its unique engine and sleek design. As the last of the RX models to use a rotary engine without hybrid assistance, the RX-7 FD has a growing cult following.

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Ford Bronco (First Generation)

With the resurgence of the Bronco nameplate, interest in the original first-generation Broncos has surged. Their classic, boxy design and off-roading capabilities make them favorites among collectors and restorers.

BMW M3 (E30)

The E30 M3 is the first iteration of BMW’s legendary M3 lineage. Recognized for its race-inspired design and performance, clean examples are increasingly hard to come by, causing prices to steadily climb.

Land Rover Defender (Original Series)

The original Land Rover Defender series, known for its ruggedness and timeless design, has experienced a surge in demand, especially since newer models have taken on a more modern approach. Vintage Defenders, restored to their former glory or modernized with new amenities, fetch high prices in the market.

While these cars may show potential for appreciation, it’s essential to remember that the classic and collector car markets can be unpredictable. Factors like provenance, condition, originality, and market trends play a significant role in a vehicle’s value. If you’re considering purchasing a car as an investment, always do thorough research and consider consulting with automotive experts or specialists in the field.

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