7 Best Costco Food Deals in January

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Heading on a Costco run this January? You might be curious about whether the warehouse club has any incredible food deals to add to your cart for the month. 

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You’re in luck! From breakfast sandwiches to guacamole, there’s something delicious for every meal at an affordable price. This January, make sure to stock up on these food deals at Costco.

Impossible Burgers

For those trying to overhaul their diets and cut out red meat, Impossible Burgers could make the process easier, said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at DealNews.com

While these plant-based patties are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, when compared to standard ground beef, Ramhold said Costco has a great deal on them for January.

“You can get 10 patties for just $14.99 online or even cheaper in-person, depending on your warehouse,” Ramhold said. “This works out to roughly $1.50 per patty, which is a pretty awesome deal on this product.”

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Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt

Yogurt can make for a relatively healthy snack but you have to be careful, Ramhold said. Unless you’re buying plain yogurt, it’s likely to have a fair amount of added sugar.

A box of the Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt, Ramhold said, offers up an easy snack on the go without the guilt. “A 16-count box is around $12 this month and comes with four different flavors: cherry, blueberry, strawberry and a vanilla/cinnamon blend.”

Jimmy Dean Delights

“Get a box of 12 of these turkey sausage, egg white, cheese and English muffin sandwiches for around $12 this month,” Ramhold said. 

These sandwiches make a relatively healthy and quick breakfast. This can help make cold mornings and getting back into the swing of things after the holidays much easier.

Good Foods Organic Chunky Guacamole

This is an especially great deal to snag this January at Costco. Ramhold said these are $4 off in January, which means shoppers can get a package of three 10-ounce containers for around $9 or so depending on their warehouse location.

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“Whether you want it as a quick snack or to use it as a spread on sandwiches, this is an excellent deal for something which has no added sugars or preservatives, so you can feel much better about eating it,” Ramhold said.

Organic Annie’s Mac & Cheese Variety

It’s the mac and cheese you remember from childhood but for adults! Ramhold said the package has 12 boxes in three flavors. They are $5 off this month, so you can get the whole thing for around $14, which means each box of mac and cheese is around $1.16 or so.

“If you’re looking for easy sides, or even meals, with a dose of nostalgia but better nutrition, you can’t go wrong with these,” Ramhold said.

Honey Nut Cheerios

This is a breakfast cereal staple sure to please everyone in your household. This January, Ramhold said two 27.05-ounce boxes should be around $7 or so. 

“If you really love this cereal, it’s a good time to stock up. Whether you need an easy meal or want to use them for baking projects, this is an excellent deal,” Ramhold said.

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Frosted Mini Wheats

While we’re on the subject of stocking up on cereal, why not grab a few more boxes for added variety or to switch it up in your household? 

This month, Ramhold said two 35-ounce boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats are around $6. “It’s an excellent offer and a good excuse to stick to easy breakfasts in January with everyone heading back to school and work after the chaotic holiday season.”

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