6 Best Websites To Find Sales on Your Favorite Foods

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You might be itching to buy your favorite foods every time you go to the grocery store. However, with rising inflation costs, you might find yourself unable to afford all your preferred items every trip. Here’s the good news: There are a plethora of websites that are built for shoppers like you to keep track of when items go on sale so you can stock up on the items you love and save some money in the process. 

Here’s a look at six sites to consider using before your next shopping trip to get some major savings — plus, some additional insight from shopping experts regarding the best days of the week to shop.

1. MyGroceryDeals

If you’re searching for your favorite food and trying to find where to get the best deals, check out MyGroceryDeals.com. On this site, shoppers can look up the food item they want to buy and their ZIP code to see the nearby deals for that item. MyGroceryDeals will list the brands and prices of the item you are looking for, what stores they are being carried at and how long the deal will be lasting. 

2. Flipp

For those who love reading store ads but don’t have the time to visit all the stores in your area to see what’s on sale for the week, Flipp has got you covered. This website includes over 2,000 stores and allows you to browse the weekly digital flyers from all the stores in your area. Flipp also features an app for users looking to read on the go. The site also allows you to filter by groceries or other items, add loyalty cards directly to the app and keep a digital shopping list to stay organized.

Make Your Money Work for You

3. Coupons.com App

Coupons.com, previously known as SavingStar, is an app that allows shoppers to get some money back after a shopping trip. There’s no minimum balance to earn cash back, so you can earn cash on even the smallest purchases, which can build into major savings. All you need to do is scan your receipt after purchasing from a store that uses itemized receipts, and your cash back will go straight to PayPal, where you can retrieve it at any time.

4. Instacart

If you want to take advantage of the great deals stores are offering but have a busy schedule, you can use Instacart and have your groceries delivered to your door. While shopping on Instacart, you can order from a variety of grocery stores and enjoy the deals offered by the store without physically being there.

5. Misfits Market 

Misfits Market is a great option for shoppers looking to buy sustainably and locally, while still enjoying some amazing savings. This market works with local grocers to source directly for a lower price point and allows customers to save up to 40% on their groceries. The market has no subscription costs and allows you to build your own order and have all your favorite items delivered directly to your door. You can become a member for free, and members save an average of $25.17 per week, according to the website. 

6. Amazon Prime Pantry 

A 66.4 million households in the U.S had an Amazon Prime subscription in 2019, according to Statista. If you’re one of these millions, it is important to know about the additional grocery benefits you can enjoy alongside the subscription. Prime Pantry members can enjoy free shipping on all orders over $25, and by subscribing to items you regularly purchase, you can shave a few dollars off your grocery bill. 

Make Your Money Work for You

What Are the Best Days of the Week To Shop for Major Savings?

In addition to using these websites and apps, you can save additional money by shopping on the best days of the week for grocery sales. 

“In general, grocery stores run their sales cycles from Wednesday to Wednesday, so shoppers can usually find the best deals mid-week,” said Brittney Kine, owner of The Savvy Kitchen, a blog striving to help other families eat better, save money and waste less. “However, some stores may offer special deals on weekends or specific days of the week. For example, many stores offer senior citizen discounts on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Checking your local store’s ad or website before you go shopping can help you find the best deals.”

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