8 Best New Grocery Items at Dollar Tree To Help Combat Inflation

August 25, 2019 Pleasanton / CA / USA - Dollar Tree store entrance; Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
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Inflation has caused weekly grocery bills to shoot up. Popular items like orange juice, eggs, chicken breasts, fresh ground beef, bacon and bread have all seen price increases in the past year.

Though prices can vary wildly at grocery stores, dollar stores like Dollar Tree keep their prices reliably low — and that’s good news for your grocery list. Here are the newly introduced grocery items you should get at Dollar Tree to avoid paying inflation prices.

Whole Wheat Bread

Price: $1.25 for 16 ounces

As bread goes up in price at the grocery store, you can depend on it being $1.25 for a 16-ounce loaf at Dollar Tree. Even the Kroger brand for 16 ounces of whole wheat bread costs $1.99.

Sunny D Orange-Flavored Citrus Punch

Price: $1.25 for 56 ounces

Orange juice was one of the main items consumers saw go up in price over the past year. Get your fix at Dollar Tree for only $1.25 for nearly half a gallon. A gallon of Sunny D costs $3.50 at Ralphs, so even if you buy two at Dollar Tree, you’re getting a deal.

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Chunk Pineapple

Price: $1.25 for 20 ounces

At Ralphs, a can of Kroger brand pineapple chunks will cost $1.79. Get a can of Libby’s Chunk Pineapple at Dollar Tree for $0.54 less.

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Plastic Utensils

Price: $1.25 for 42

If you’re planning to have a get-together, you’re already spending a lot of money on food and drinks. Save some cash on the disposable cutlery. Ralphs sells a pack of 48 for almost twice the price. Get this package with seasonal maroon plasticware for a steal.


Price: $0.69 for 26 ounces

Salt has endless uses in the kitchen. Stay stocked with this bargain from Dollar Tree. The same amount at Ralphs will cost $1.25.

Cherry Pie Filling

Price: $1.25 for 15 ounces

A can of Mother’s Maid Cherry Pie Filling only costs you $1.25, and though you get 21 ounces in a can from Ralphs, it’ll cost you three times the price, so it’s not really worth the extra filling.

Campbell’s Kitchen Classics Beef Barley Soup

Price: $1.25 for 14.5 ounces

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If you’re looking to stay in and have some soup, definitely stock up at Dollar Tree. Ralphs sells 11 ounces of Campbell’s Condensed Beef with Vegetables & Barley Soup for $1.89.

Pickle Spears

Price: $1.25 for 17 ounces

Reviewers love this Dollar Tree deal. One says, “I bought this to add to my lunch and they taste good! I would recommend this for the price. You can’t beat it.” It’s true, because at Ralphs, 24 ounces of pickle spears goes for $3.29 at the cheapest.

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