Starbucks Breakfast Lovers Found This Sandwich at Costco for $2.30 Less

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As food prices rise across the country and restaurant menu price inflation hits its highest mark in 40 years, according to, many people are seeking more affordable alternatives to their chain restaurant favorites.

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Costco now makes it easy to substitute Starbucks’ famous bacon, gouda and egg sandwich with one you can heat and eat at home. Plus, you’ll save $2.30 on each sandwich compared to the Starbucks version — and that’s not even counting the coffee beverage you’re bound to buy while you’re there to go with your breakfast.

The Grace Gourmet Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwiches have been spotted in Costco freezer cases across the country, reports. You can get eight for $13.49, or roughly $1.70 per sandwich.

The Grace Gourmet version may also be slightly healthier, with 290 calories compared to 360 for the Starbucks version. It also has 26 carbs compared to 35, and 13 grams of fat versus 18.

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With 5 grams of trans fat in the Grace Gourmet version and 7 grams in the Starbucks version, neither sandwich should be considered “health food.” But, if you’re craving the Starbucks sandwich, the Costco version can save you some money.

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