Get Inspired by These DIY Bloggers to Save Big on Your Next Home Project

You could add value to your home without spending a fortune.

In a world where everything you need is so easily available via Amazon and other on-demand services, it might not always occur to you that many home projects and purchases can be re-created at home. Not only do you save money when you opt to DIY, but sometimes you also get to learn a new skill and teach it to other people — which is what many home DIY bloggers do today.

Check out the best home DIY blogs and websites to discover home upgrades that won’t blow your budget.

Building Our Rez

Building Our Rez is a family blog run by husband-and-wife duo Liz and Austin Alvarez, who provide expertise on food recipes, nutrition, parenting and DIY projects. Their website is an easy-to-navigate destination for anyone looking to curb their spending and feel empowered to DIY. You can learn how to refinish your furniture, build and install a sliding barn door and more. Each post provides a cost breakdown and a thorough list of the materials you’ll need. From their recent posts, you can learn how to install floor tile in your home for under $300.

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Catio Spaces

Cat lovers rejoice — Catio Spaces is a blog “purr-fectly” tailored to helping you build the perfect space for your cat. Created by designer and cat lifestyle expert Cynthia Chomos, Catio Spaces provides DIY inspiration for home and outdoor spaces that your cat can enjoy. For instance, instead of hiring someone to install a cat enclosure, you can order Catio Spaces’ window box for $39.95 and have it shipped to you. Each enclosure comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you through this DIY project.

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Hammer & a Headband

Hammer & a Headband is a home improvement blog created by Tara, a self-proclaimed DIYer. Although Tara started her blog to document her successes and mistakes in renovating her 1960s home, it became a space to encourage and teach others who share the DIY spirit. Tara’s blog posts cover a variety of DIY topics, including how to build a mid-century shelving unit and five tips to keep your houseplants alive.


Similar to Task Rabbit, Lula is an app that allows you to request different home services for hire. You can request anything from cleaning and lawn care to junk removal and handyman services, such as installing or replacing a ceiling fan or holiday lights. Depending on the type of service you want, prices can range from $39.99 to $99.99. Lula also features blog posts to help you DIY some of the most common home improvement tasks. For instance, one blog post includes a video about how to remove odors from your carpet using household items such as baking soda and a hint of an essential oil.

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Murray Lampert

Murray Lampert is a Southern California family business that was founded in 1975 and primarily serves the residents of San Diego. Murray Lampert offers home remodeling and renovation services — such as interior design, room additions and more — and provides a project manager to oversee each project from start to finish. Its blog breaks down different topics for homeowners, from green construction and in-law suites to bathroom remodeling and interior design.

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