10 Little Luxuries That Are Worth Breaking Your Frugal Habits For

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Saving money is essential, because you always want to have some funds set aside just in case — and so that you have money to invest in your retirement. Embracing frugality could help you save more money so that you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you.

However, there are times when frugality could end up costing you. Some purchases are worth the cost, because they’ll improve the quality of your life. This is why it’s critical to do your best to figure out when you should be frugal and when you should break your frugal habits.

What are ten little luxuries that are worth breaking your frugal habits for?

A Mattress That Helps You Sleep Better

If you’re like most people, you spend about a third of your life in bed. With sleep impacting the quality of your life directly, it’s essential that you spend the funds on a high-quality mattress. Spending enough money on a mattress will likely improve your sleep quality and allow you to feel more energized when you wake up.

Comfortable Running Shoes

If you’re active or work out often, you will want to invest in a high-quality pair of running shoes. This is one area where frugality could hurt you in more ways than one — you don’t want to get injured because you didn’t have the proper footwear.

Make Your Money Work for You

A Proper Cell Phone Plan

If you use your cell phone for business reasons or are always on your phone, you’ll want to spend the money on a decent phone plan so you don’t have to worry about service interruptions. It can be tempting to try to save money by choosing a lower-tiered plan or going with a cheaper provider, but you don’t want to be stuck with a phone with service issues.

Coffee From Your Favorite Shop

Many financial experts speak about saving money by cutting coffee from your spending. Even though it’s accurate that you can save by opting out of a more expensive morning coffee, many rely on a warm caffeinated beverage to get the day started.

You don’t have to spend extra money on caffeine daily, but you could occasionally treat yourself to a beverage from your favorite shop to have an indulgence to look forward to.

Embracing Hobbies That Bring You Joy

While paying to play on a soccer team or spending the money on a new yoga studio could seem excessive when you’re focused on saving money, the joy from your hobbies could improve your quality of life. As an adult, it’s easy to get busy and to neglect your hobbies, but maintaining a hobby will give you something to look forward to. This luxury could be as simple as joining a board game meetup or finding friends to go hiking with.

Make Your Money Work for You

The Right Tools for Your Kitchen

If you spend plenty of time in your kitchen, it’s worth investing in the best tools that will help you look forward to cooking. The little luxuries for your kitchen can include any of the following:

  • A sharp knife so you don’t struggle to cut meat and vegetables
  • A can opener that’s easy to use
  • Scented hand soap for keeping your hands clean
  • High-quality food products, like quality extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil, to improve the quality of your dishes
  • An air fryer that will make preparing meals simpler.

Occasionally Dining Out at Your Favorite Restaurant

While dining out has become more expensive over the years, we can’t deny the joy derived from treating ourselves. One little luxury worth breaking your frugal habits for is treating yourself to a meal at a local restaurant. You can set aside some space in your budget for a monthly date night so that you always have something to look forward to.


If you’re a voracious reader who enjoys getting lost in a new book, this little luxury can bring you substantial amounts of joy compared to the cost — especially if you tend to reread your favorites. You can treat yourself to a new book every month or join a book club where you meet up with other readers.

Functional Items That Get Rid of Inconveniences

There are functional purchases you could make that would eliminate minor inconveniences in your life. These are the items that will simplify your life and would only require you to spend a little bit of money upfront.

What are little luxuries that would fall into this category?

  • A bus or bike pass to help you get around town faster
  • Purchasing a fast speed charger so that your electronics are boosted quickly
  • Buying an iron so that your clothing doesn’t have wrinkles
  • A shoe horn that makes it easier to get dressed as you’re heading out
  • Proper blinds for your bedroom so that you can sleep better.

Vacation and Trips

Even though spending money on a trip could feel like something reserved for the rich, the truth is that we can all afford a vacation on any budget. This luxury is worth spending money on, because the experience and stories will give you something to talk about for years. There are different kinds of trips that you can go on to fit your budget.

Here are different ways that you can add trips to your frugal lifestyle:

  • Look into staycation options so that you can explore your hometown.
  • Travel off-peak season to land better deals.
  • Find cheap accommodations by seeing if you can visit friends and family.

Travel isn’t only for the rich — regular people can plan unique experiences with some creativity.

Closing Thoughts

While embracing frugality will help you save money and prepare for the future, you don’t want to compromise your current lifestyle too much. This is why it’s essential that you find little luxuries that you feel align with your values and are worth spending the money.

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