Why This Exotic Destination Just Got Cheaper

Get an insider tip for explorers on a budget.

With rising gas prices and rising interest rates, your paycheck might not be stretching as far as it used to. Basic necessities could be pushing your budget to the limit, and as for a summer vacation — well, that’s completely out of the question.

For intrepid travelers willing to venture off the beaten path, however, a surprisingly affordable adventure awaits you thanks to weaker currencies.

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A nonstop nine-hour flight from Miami lies between you and the “Paris of South America.” Buenos Aires, Argentina, is gaining popularity among adventure seekers and gourmands who are forgoing their trip to France, the most visited country in the world, to take advantage of the more attractive deals found in the South American country.

The Bloomberg Vacation Index, which looks at developing countries that have become cheaper to visit within the past year and ranks them based on the U.S. dollar’s appreciation against each country’s currency adjusted for inflation, recently scored Argentina as the highest among emerging-markets currencies. Turkey and Brazil came in second and third, respectively.

For budget-minded explorers, all you need to know is the weaker the foreign currency, the more your U.S. dollar buys you. Argentina’s exchange rate has become less expensive over the past year, and unlike other destinations, living large in Argentina is within reach.

For some perspective, a Saturday night stay in early June at the St. Regis New York, one of the city’s famed luxury hotel properties, will cost you $973 after taxes. Fly to the Southern Hemisphere, and five nights in early June in a junior suite (with breakfast included) at Hotel NH Buenos Aires, a five-star hotel, is $678 in U.S. dollars after taxes — almost $300 less for four more nights.

With astronomical savings on lodging, there’s less guilt associated with blowing your vacation fund on uniquely Argentine activities like empanada-making classes or taking in a tango performance.

As always, consult the U.S. Department of State and heed all travel advisories before taking off on an international adventure.

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