How Much It Costs to Visit ‘Game of Thrones’ Tourist Attractions

You can make your dream ‘Game of Thrones’ vacation a reality.

“Game of Thrones” fans will be able to blur the line between real life and fantasy when the Game of Thrones Studio Tour launches in spring 2020, The New York Times reported.

HBO’s mega-popular series is drawing to a conclusion in its eighth and final season, which premiered on Sunday, April 14 , but “Game of Thrones” diehards will be able to keep the fantasy alive by visiting sets for filming locations like Winterfell and Castle Black in Northern Ireland. As HBO plans to transform some of the locations into tourist attractions, fans will be treated to an interactive studio tour in Banbridge in Northern Ireland where they can see costumes, props, set decorations and weapons that were used in the show.

No word on the price of admission for these HBO attractions yet, but travelers will have to budget for round-trip airfare to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Flights to the capital for next winter will set visitors leaving from New York City back around $400.

Add in lodging, transportation once there, food, souvenir money and other incidentals, and you’re looking at a trip that could cost a few thousand dollars.

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Cost of ‘Game of Thrones’ Destination Sites and Tours Available Now

Since its debut, “Game of Thrones” has attracted a cult-like following, and fans have already been making pilgrimages to known filming locations in Spain, Croatia, Malta and Iceland.

The show’s popularity has spurred unaffiliated “Game of Thrones” vacation packages for fans who crave a more immersive experience. A private 10-day tour of Morocco and Spain, for example, takes fans through filming locations from seasons 3 and 5 and from “the long summer of Westeros to the ostentatious power of the Slaver’s Bay.” The tour price starts from $4,699 per person based on two people traveling.

Gray Line Iceland, an Icelandic company, provides fans “expert narration with behind-the-scenes stories” on an eight-hour tour through Iceland for $108.

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The economic boost and tourism bump come at a cost to some of the ancient cities that were caught off guard by the influx of visitors. One Dubrovnik, Croatia, local told USA Today that “it’s like living in the middle of Disneyland.”

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