How Much Is A First Class Ticket To Hawaii? Is It Worth It?

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Hawaii is a favorite holiday destination for many people. Whether you’re going there on vacation or business, you need to prepare adequately — especially when it comes to the money you’ll spend.

If you’re looking to treat yourself while traveling, you may be wondering: How much is a first class ticket to Hawaii?

Prices for a First Class Ticket to Hawaii

You can expect to pay anywhere between $3300 and $4600 for round-trip seats on major airlines.

These are mostly non-stop routes between San Francisco and the major Hawaiian airports. These routes are highly competitive, so these airlines will sometimes match their prices, usually within 24 hours after you have booked your flight. 

What To Look For in a First Class Ticket

When booking your flight, ensure you get the full lie-flat experience. This is the luxury you are paying so much for. Choosing an airline that offers lie flats ensures you get the full first class experience, especially if you’re flying overnight.

Make sure to double check with the aircraft before booking the flight.


While first class tickets will have you paying through the nose, the experience is worth it. With some major airlines, you’ll get full lie-flat seats which are great for overnight flying. This feature is not present in all airlines, so double-check before booking your flight.

Hawaiian Travel FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about buying first class tickets to Hawaii.
  • How much does it cost to fly first class to Hawaii?
    • Prices vary based on the airlines, the time of year and even your booking date. Generally, you should expect to pay anywhere between $3300 and $4600 for round trip first class seats on the major airlines.
  • Which airlines offer first class to Hawaii?
    • Some of the best domestic airlines to fly first class to Hawaii include:
      • -American Airlines
      • -Delta Airlines
      • -Hawaiian Airlines
      • -United Airlines
  • Is first class on Hawaiian Airlines worth it?
    • Hawaiian Airlines now incorporates lie-flat seating, which makes the first class experience superior. If you're considering flying first class with Hawaiian Airlines, it's worth your money due to the lie flat and cabin experience.
  • How many miles is a first class ticket to Hawaii?
    • The number of miles for a first class ticket to Hawaii varies based on the airline. Delta, for instance, charges 80,000 miles for a roundtrip. If you're a frequent flier, this may be a good option. For most people, however, award trips may not be an option.
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