I’m a Luxury Travel Agent: 10 Destinations My Wealthy Clients Are Heading to in 2024

You have — a lot of — cash to burn and you’re ready to get out of town. The only problem is, you’re not sure where to go.

Right now, you’re open to domestic or international travel, hot or cold weather. You’re interested in finding out what the current hotspots are and making your decision from there.

GOBankingRates spoke with luxury travel agents to find out where their clients are headed on vacation next year. Here are 10 locations they’re currently fulfilling a lot of requests to visit.

Volcanoes National Park — Rwanda, Africa

  • Average Trip Cost: $20,000-plus per person — excluding international flights — for a one-week trip
  • Cost Factors: Permits to spend time with gorillas, luxury accommodations

“While we book numerous safari destinations, trips to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda seem to have spiked in interest over the last six months,” said Daniel Jackson, CEO at The Travel Whisperer, a luxury travel agency that focuses on ski and safari trips. “Rwanda really is the most luxury way to do a gorilla trip, with a day permit costing $1,500 per person in the Volcanoes National Park, which allows you one hour with a troop of gorillas.”

He said a one-week trip would include two days with the gorillas.

“This trip is popular with 40-to-60-year-olds with higher disposable income and some time on their hands,” he said. “Visiting the gorillas can often mean hours of trekking to find them, so it tends to attract active, outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for nature and adventure.”

Make Your Money Work for You

Beaver Creek, Colorado

  • Average Trip Cost: Varies, but accommodations can total more than $15,000 per night and a one-day ski lift pass costs $299
  • Cost Factors: Pricey accommodations, ski lift passes, local activities, high-end dining

“Multi-generational families are looking for the perfect getaway that has something for all during the winter, and Beaver Creek ticks lots of those boxes,” Jackson said. “The skiing is phenomenal, with virtually no lift lines and amazing staff on the mountain to help you out with whatever you need.”

“The village has amazing restaurants for foodies and plenty of activities for the kids, including an amazing ski school,” he said. “If you want premium space on the mountain, then the cost can add up.”

During the holidays, he said exclusive homes can easily cost more than $15,000 per night and a one-day ski lift ticket at the window will cost $299 per person. However, he noted that there’s a variety of lodges to stay in — at varying prices — and great ways to save on ski lift tickets.

“It is definitely one of our most popular ski resorts, attracting those families looking for something a little less busy than neighboring Vail,” he said.


  • Average Trip Cost: Approximately $10,000-$15,000 per person for a week
  • Cost Factors: “High-end resorts, private yacht charters and Michelin-starred dining,” said Wallis Fairvalley, co-owner and travel advisor at Red Letter Travel.

“With its translucent turquoise waters and jet-set clientele, Sardinia is an Italian gem that offers the ultimate in Mediterranean luxury,” she said. “Yachting along the Costa Smeralda is a must, providing access to secluded beaches and coves that are perfect for a private, romantic getaway.”

Make Your Money Work for You

Mallorca, Spain

  • Average Trip Cost: Around $9,000-$13,000 per person for a week
  • Cost Factors: “Boutique hotels, private art gallery visits and custom wine tours,” Fairvalley said.

In the past, Mallorca had a reputation as just a beach destination, but she said it’s an emerging hotspot for cultural tourism.

“Wealthy travelers are drawn to its quiet sophistication, be it the Moorish architecture or the burgeoning art scene,” she said. “It’s a more laid-back, but equally opulent alternative to other Mediterranean hotspots.”


  • Average Trip Cost: Approximately $12,000-$20,000 per person for 10 days
  • Cost Factors: “Private safaris, helicopter trips over the dunes and high-end lodges,” Fairvalley said.

If you want an adventurous escape, without compromising on luxury, she said Namibia might be your ideal vacation destination.

“The dramatic landscapes of the Namib Desert and Sossusvlei dunes offer a unique backdrop for safaris, while the Skeleton Coast offers an eerie but beautiful sense of isolation,” she said. “The focus here is on experiential luxury — think champagne breakfasts atop a dune after a hot air balloon ride.”

Kyoto, Japan

  • Average Trip Cost: Around $9,000-$14,000 per person for a week
  • Cost Factors: “Traditional ryokan stays, tea ceremonies and private geisha performances,” Fairvalley said.

“Kyoto is the cultural heart of Japan and a city that perfectly blends the ancient with the ultra-modern,” she said. “Wealthy travelers are drawn to its sublime gardens, ancient temples and the chance to experience traditional Japanese luxury.”


  • Average Trip Cost: Around $5,000-$10,000 per person
  • Cost Factors: “Luxury accommodations, private tours to explore ice caves and volcanoes, and fine dining featuring Icelandic cuisine,” according to Hans Mast, a travel agent and travel expert at Golden Rule Travel.

Mast said, “Iceland offers breathtaking natural beauty, from glaciers to waterfalls.” He said Iceland’s natural beauty makes it popular with high-end clients.

“Wealthy travelers are drawn to Iceland’s pristine landscapes, the chance to witness the Northern Lights and the exclusivity of experiencing untouched wilderness,” he said.


  • Average Trip Cost: Approximately $10,000-$20,000 per person.
  • Cost Factors: “Bhutan’s high costs are due to its government-mandated daily tariff, which includes luxury accommodations, guided tours and meals,” Mast said.

This can be a great option for those who want to immerse themselves in culture. “Visiting Bhutan is a unique opportunity to explore its rich culture and stunning Himalayan scenery,” Mast said.

“Bhutan’s focus on sustainable tourism, its stunning monasteries and the opportunity to experience an authentic Himalayan culture make it a top choice for wealthy travelers seeking exclusivity,” he said.

The Maldives

  • Average Trip Cost: Starting from $10,000 per person
  • Cost Factors: “Luxury overwater bungalows and private yacht charters contribute to the high costs,” Mast said. “Activities include snorkeling, diving and spa treatments.”

Travelers looking for an exclusive paradise will likely find that in this South Asia paradise on the Indian Ocean.

“The Maldives’ secluded, idyllic setting, pristine white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters offer an unmatched tropical paradise for those seeking relaxation and privacy,” he said.


  • Average Trip Cost: Around $7,000-$15,000 per person
  • Cost Factors: “Costs cover private wildlife safaris to see lemurs and unique flora and fauna, luxury lodges and private charters for island-hopping,” Mast said.

An island country off the southeastern coast of Africa, Madagascar offers the luxurious journey of a lifetime.

“Wealthy travelers are attracted to Madagascar’s extraordinary biodiversity, including rare wildlife and untouched landscapes, offering a sense of exploration and adventure,” he said.


“These up-and-coming destinations offer wealthy travelers unique experiences, exclusivity and the opportunity to explore untouched natural beauty and cultures,” Mast said. “While the costs are high, the allure of these destinations lies in their ability to provide unforgettable, tailor-made experiences that cater to the desires of luxury travelers.”

Now, all that’s left to do is figure out which destination tops your list, call your luxury travel agent and book your next trip.

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