H&R Block Tax Software Free and Paid Options Review

These H&R Block reviews can help you prepare for tax season.

Tax season is approaching quickly, triggering the annual stress of managing taxes correctly.

As a filer, you can take advantage of H&R Block’s downloadable tax filing software options. Before you take on the task of filing this year’s taxes yourself, here’s what you need to know about H&R Block’s tax software.

H&R Block Downloadable Software Options

H&R Block has four downloadable software selections. Each tier offers additional features suited for increasingly complex tax filings. All software comes with unlimited expert tax advice with H&R Block’s real-time chat.

H&R Block Basic Version

Price: $19.95

Uses: The Basic version is ideal for first-time filers, simple tax returns and homeowners. The catch: You don’t get a free state filing option, only federal is included. To include state filing, you’ll pay an additional $39.95 for software or $19.95 for an E-file.

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Features: With guidance through more than 350 credits and deductions along with the capability to effortlessly import W-2s, 1099s and last year’s return, the Basic software is a solid option for beginners. Other features include the capability to import from TurboTax and Quicken software and track itemized deductions with Schedule A. You can also check your audit risk, as well as use up to five free federal e-files, plus unlimited federal preparation and printing.

H&R Block Deluxe Version

Price: $44.95 for federal and state; $34.95 for federal only

Uses: The Deluxe edition is ideal for homeowners, investors and others with complex tax needs.

Features: It has all of the Basic software’s functions, plus help with reporting income from investments, stock options, home sales and retirement. In addition, it works to maximize mortgage interest and real estate tax deductions and has a personal state download included.

H&R Block Premium Version

Price: $64.95 for federal and state

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Uses: H&R Block’s Premium version is best for freelancers or contractors and for those who are self-employed or own rental property.

Features: The Premium edition has the workings of Deluxe software with additional tax calculators for a home sale, dividends, gifts and inheritances, as well as schedule C assistance to make the most of self-employment deductions.

H&R Block Premium & Business

Price: $79.95 for federal and state

Uses: Premium & Business is best for small-business owners looking for professional tax software.

Features: It contains all of Premium’s features along with assistance with preparing and filing returns for corporations, S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, estates, trusts and nonprofit endeavors. It also offers the ability to create payroll and employer forms, maximizing your benefits for vehicle deductions, depreciation and expenses. Additionally, it provides access to unlimited state business programs.

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H&R Block Online Options

H&R Block has options you can access online, right away, allowing self-filers to file taxes anywhere with the same features of the downloadable software.

H&R Block More Zero

Price: Free

H&R Block free file is great for simple tax solutions. Distinct from its competitors like TurboTax, H&R Block’s free federal and state option includes Schedule A for itemizing, 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040, allowing you to claim as many deductions as you desire.

H&R Block Deluxe

Price: $34.99, plus $36.99 for additional state fees

The Deluxe option holds all the features of the free version but is made to optimize your deductions, as well as store tax documents and returns for six years.

H&R Block Premium

Price: $54.99, plus $36.99 for additional state fees

The premium program is an ideal fit if you have investments or rental properties or are a freelancer or contract worker. It guides you through the nuances associated with unique assets.

H&R Block Self-Employed

Price: $74.99, plus $36.99 for additional state fees

H&R Block’s Self-Employed option is a new addition to its online tax-filing lineup. It’s designed for those looking to file as self-employed or is for useful small business maximizing their deductions with Schedule C taxes.

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H&R Block Free File

When your tax situation is simple, and you require only a 1040EZ or 1040A, filing online with H&R Block More Zero is a good option because it’s easy and free. For business owners, farm owners or those who own rental property, the deluxe or premium version of the online software is a better option.

With the downloadable or desktop versions of H&R Block software, every tax situation is covered, but no free options exist. Another difference is that you can access and print your tax forms — including an official copy of your return; whereas, with the online options, the software fills in everything for you online.

Estimate Your Tax Refund With H&R Block Tax Calculator

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of tax filing, you can estimate your refund with the H&R Block tax calculator. It’s simple to use — and completely free. You’ll be asked questions about yourself, your income and expenses. There’s also a tax cheat sheet below the calculator to help you better understand the different components of your return.

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H&R Block Tax Software Free and Paid Options Review
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