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If you’re fretting about filing taxes for 2018 after the substantial tax changes thanks to 2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there are some more changes coming: The tax brackets are changing before next year. The changes are actually just a small adjustment to reflect inflation; although they shouldn’t have a huge impact on your tax costs, the changes do still slightly adjust the tax brackets.

2019 Income Tax Brackets

Here’s a look at what the 2019 income tax brackets will look like:

2019 Income Tax Brackets
2019 Income Tax RateSingleMarried Filing JointlyMarried Filing Separately
10%$0 to $9,700$0 to $19,400$0 to $13,850
12%$9,701 to $39,475$19,401 to $78,950$13,851 to $52,850
22%$39,476 to $84,200$78,951 to $168,400$52,851 to $84,200
24%$84,201 to $160,725$168,401 to $321,450$84,201 to $160,700
32%$160,726 to $204,100$321,451 to $408,200$160,701 to $204,100
35%$204,101 to $510,300$408,201 to $612,350$204,101 to $510,300
37%$510,301 and up$612,351 and up$510,301 and up

Changes to the Standard Deduction and Retirement Savings

In addition to making changes to the brackets, the IRS also made some changes to other limits and rates within the tax code. The most notable is an increase in the standard deduction, boosting it $200 for individuals to $12,200 and $400 for married couples to $24,400.

The amount you can contribute to your tax-advantaged retirement accounts is also higher. For 2019, the cap on 401k contributions is increasing from $18,500 to $19,000 (with an additional $6,000 for anyone over the age of 50) and the limit to contributions to your IRA — Roth and traditional — is up to $6,000 from $5,500. The additional $1,000 permitted for those over the age of 50 remains unchanged.

Finally, the individual mandate — which cost filers without health insurance $695 this year — is eliminated for 2019.

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