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Elizabeth MacDonald is the host of Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit With Elizabeth MacDonald.” She was previously a senior editor at Forbes Magazine, where she created “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” annual list. She has also worked at The Wall Street Journal.

MacDonald first joined FBN as a stocks editor in 2007. She has long covered the IRS and her reporting even led her to be called in twice to testify before Congress about IRS reforms and taxpayer rights.

She has received 14 awards, including the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business Journalism.

Why She’s a Top Money Expert:

Elizabeth MacDonald has a lengthy career in financial journalism. She covered corporate accounting scandals, the IRS, taxes and Washington, D.C. for The Wall Street Journal. Later she went to Forbes where she covered the IRS, corporate accounting scandals, and Washington, D.C. Now she hosts “The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald.”

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