Grant Cardone

Author of 'The 10X Rule'

"More units are easier to buy, finance and manage than a few units. Scale is what makes you into a real investor not a manager."


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Grant Cardone is the author of “The 10X Rule” and CEO of Cardone Capital. He’s written two other books and is the creator of 21 bestselling business programs.

After his book “The 10X Rule,” Cardone launched the 10X Growth Conference in 2017. He’s considered a highly respected master salesman who teaches others through his books, seminars and more.

He urges his clients and followers to rise above outdated, unworkable middle-class myths and limitations in order to achieve their own freedom.

Why He’s a Top Money Expert:

Grant Cardone owns and operates seven privately held companies along with a portfolio of multifamily properties valued at over $4 billion.


What do most people not know about real estate investing that you wish they knew?  

More units are easier to buy, finance and manage than a few units. Scale is what makes you into a real investor not a manager.

What are the best types of real estate investments to make in 2023 and why? 

Multifamily in the southeast where there’s positive job migration and tenant-friendly politics and also there will be a place in owner, financed sub 3% interest rate single-family homes.

What investments should they avoid? 

It’s still too early to move into office, but the opportunity will present itself. It’s just too soon. I will also avoid any real estate where a regional bank is the tenant.

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