How To Delete Your Cash App History

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Users of online banking and financial services may find themselves in situations where they need to keep personal purchases and payments private, even when using a peer-to-peer payment app like Cash App. However, if you’re a Cash App user, you cannot delete just your transaction history; you can only delete all of your information by closing your account altogether.

Keep reading to learn more about who can see your payment history in Cash App and why deleting only your history isn’t possible.

Can You Delete Your Cash App History?

If you want to delete your Cash App transaction history but keep your account open, it’s important to know that you won’t be able to do so. This is because Cash App is required by federal law to keep records of user transactions.

However, unlike competitor app Venmo, Cash App has never had a social feed where information on payment activity can be found. Instead, all transactions are kept private and only visible to the sender and the receiver. In other words, users don’t need to select any special settings to make their transactions private. They are always private by default.

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This means that deleting your history in Cash App isn’t necessary in order to keep your ongoing activity private from others who use the platform.

How To Delete Your Personal Information From Cash App

For users who still wish to delete their history, there is one available option. Cash App complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act, and it offers all of its customers the option to access and delete their personal information.

It should be noted that you’ll need to delete your Cash App account completely if you want to delete your Cash App history. To do so, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. From the Cash App home screen, select the profile icon.
  2. Tap the “Support” option.
  3. Tap “Something Else.”
  4. Go to “Account Settings.”
  5. Tap “Delete Your Personal Information.”
  6. Select the “Customer Support” option.

How To Download Your Cash App History

There are various reasons a user might need their transaction history, and Cash App allows users to download statements like a normal bank. To access your history, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cash App account on a web browser.
  2. Select the “Settings” option.
  3. Select “Download Your Info.”
  4. Select “Activity.”
  5. Select “Statements.”
  6. Select “Export” to download a copy of your complete payment history to your computer. 

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Cash App’s Security and Privacy Features

In addition to keeping transactions private, Cash App offers a variety of other security and privacy options to help users keep their information from being accessed.

One-Time-Use Login Code

Every time users sign in to Cash App, they are required to enter a unique one-time-use login code. Cash App sends this code to the associated email or phone number at the time of sign-in.

Security Lock

By enabling the Security Lock setting, users will be prompted to enter their passcode for every payment they make. This adds an extra layer of authentication and helps to ensure that all payments are made by and approved by the user.

Text or Email Notifications 

You can turn on text or email notifications that will alert you every time a payment is made, so if a payment that wasn’t made by you ever goes through, you’ll receive a message right away.

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Cash Card Security

It’s also possible to take measures to secure your Cash Card by hiding your virtual info within the app so people can’t see it over your shoulder. Additionally, if your card is lost or you suspect that it has been stolen, you can temporarily disable your Cash Card while you search for it. If it’s found, you can enable it again, or if it is lost, you can report the loss.

Email and Mobile Security Recommendations 

Cash App also recommends that its users secure their email and mobile devices. You can secure your email account by enabling two-factor authentication and ensuring your password is strong and secure. To secure your mobile device, make sure to use a passcode, fingerprint ID or face ID so that only you can gain access to your device.

Final Take

Cash App is treated like a financial institution in the U.S., which means it has to adhere to federal regulations and keep records of transactions. Although this means you cannot delete your transaction history and still keep your account open, this information is private by default and can be permanently deleted if you choose to close your account.

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