Immediately Collecting Online Trade Profits

Despite the fact that you can gain real profits from your investment accounts, the money from the trade must first post in your account before you have access to withdrawal. The length of time you need to wait before collecting your profits varies between brokerages. If you want to use your profits to invest into your next stock transaction, there will be less than a lag time then if you want to make a cash withdrawal. This lag time waiting for the profits to post is known as a holding period.

Withdrawal Basics

There are several methods that online trading accounts use to allow customers to withdrawal and collect the profits made from an online trade. Each method requires a different amount of time to transpire and each brokerage charges distinct fees for the service. A few options that will allow you to collect profits from an online trade are electronic funds transfers, requesting a paper check or wiring funds out to another account.

It is said good things come to those who wait. Since you cannot gain immediate access to the profit you have gained from an online trade, sit back and relax until the holding period passes.


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