How Outsourcing Is Helping Me Live My Best Life

Paying others to do things might actually make you money.

“You actually pay someone to clean your house?”

I get that response when people find out that I outsource this simple task — one I can do myself — to someone else. Housecleaning isn’t the only thing I outsource, either. Over the years, I’ve slowly begun outsourcing almost all the tedious, mundane tasks in my life.

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Here are some of the things, I pay other people to do:

  • Yard work
  • Oil changes
  • Meal planning
  • Podcast editing
  • Social media scheduling
  • Taxes

Can I accomplish most of these tasks on my own? Sure. But that takes time. And, contrary to popular belief, time is not money — in fact, it’s much more valuable.

Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource

You can always trade some of your time for money, but time, once spent, is gone forever. It’s not a renewable resource. You can have a more fulfilling life by using your time effectively, and you might even be able to make more money in the process.

I like having the time and flexibility to use my days (mostly) how I want. Because I outsource many of the time-consuming and tedious tasks in my life, my time can be spent building my relationship with my son, having lunch with friends and even having “me time” at the spa.

On top of that, I also have the chance to focus my efforts on the big-picture tasks that are more profitable.

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Buying Time to Become More Profitable

Paying someone else to clean my house costs me $200 a month. However, I get 8 hours of my time back. I use half that time to work on my business and the other half of that time to make fun memories with my son.

The return on the investment of time in my business is much more than the $200 a month I pay to have my house cleaned. So, I no longer need to clean my house — which I hate — but I also have more money in my bank account. Cleaning the house is an unprofitable activity. I’m not making money while I do it. But if I pay someone else $50 to clean it, I can make $500 with that time. That’s a profit of $450.

I used the same principle when I started outsourcing my podcast editing. Someone else edits and produces my podcast, and I use a portion of the three hours I used to spend editing to work on activities that bring in more revenue, including marketing, pitching clients and writing articles. I make enough money in one hour to pay for four hours’ worth of podcast editing.

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Living My Best Life

Freeing up my time from mundane and unprofitable tasks has provided me with more than just money. It’s also allowed me to get my time back to live my life.

Because I no longer do things that take up a bunch of time, and because I focus my efforts on big items that bring in more profits in less time, I’ve got all those other hours to enjoy the people and causes that are important to me. Plus, I’ve also got more time to engage in self-care.

I started by freeing up two hours of my time each week. I used one hour to grow my business and make more money, and one hour to hang out with my son. As I started seeing the better results in my finances and my life, I expanded my efforts to outsource, using my newly freed-up time in the same ratio of making more money and enhancing my lifestyle.

Today, I have enough time (and money) to volunteer in my community, spend time with my son (as much as a 15-year-old will allow), travel multiple times per year, exercise and get a good amount of sleep.

When done right, outsourcing is an investment in your life.

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