Mississippi EBT SNAP Benefits: February Schedule

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SNAP benefits are issued in Mississippi by the state’s Department of Human Services and are provided to low-income households to buy food and basic necessities each month.

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Mississippians who qualify for SNAP benefits will receive them once per month on what is called an electronic benefits transfer, or EBT, card. EBT cards are pre-loaded debit cards upon which monthly SNAP benefits are transferred. The card holder can then use the card to make purchases from qualifying grocery stores and vendors. 

The Mississippi EBT card can be used at any store that displays the Quest logo. Those who receive SNAP benefits in Mississippi can also use their benefits to purchase items from farmers markets, truck vendors and community agencies approved by the Food and Nutrition Service.

SNAP benefits are not distributed beginning the first of the month in Mississippi as they are in other states. The state begins its schedule on the 4th of the month and continues distributing each day thereafter through the 21st.

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The day your benefits hit your Mississippi EBT card depends on the last two two-digit numbers of your case number, which is issued to you once you are approved for your state SNAP benefits. The day your EBT card will be loaded with money will follow the following schedule:

Case No. Ending In Date Benefits Received
00-04 Feb. 4
05-10 Feb. 5
11-16 Feb. 6
17-22 Feb. 7
23-28 Feb. 8
29-34 Feb. 9
35-40 Feb. 10
41-46 Feb. 11
47-52 Feb. 12
53-58 Feb. 13
59-64 Feb. 14
65-69 Feb. 15
70-74 Feb. 16
75-79 Feb. 17
80-84 Feb. 18
85-89 Feb. 19
90-94 Feb. 20
95-99 Feb. 21
Source: Mississippi EBT

If you would like to see if you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits for the state of MIssissippi, you can click here to use the state’s screening tool.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has granted waivers to certain states to issue emergency supplemental SNAP benefits  when a state has issued an emergency or disaster declaration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states will receive the extra benefits through February 2022, but as of this time, Mississippi has not been granted the waiver for next month.

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