The 7 Best Side Hustles To Pursue in 2022

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Side hustles are the next big thing. A confluence of factors has driven people to pursue side hustles, especially online jobs and gigs. The increase in remote work, the great resignation and people wanting to diversify their income streams are among the factors contributing to the explosion in those working side hustles.

A Zapier report from early 2021 found that 1 in 3 Americans had a side hustle at the time with plenty of room to grow. In other words, the number of people with a side hustle is fast approaching 100 million when considering the adult population. Clearly, side hustles are already popular and are likely to become even more prevalent. But what is a good side hustle for 2022?

I asked the experts to provide their input, and many of the usual suspects cropped up: blogging, freelance writing, coding, etc. However, given that this is for 2022, I wanted to focus on some of the lesser-known or emerging side hustles for the coming year. This list comprises some of the best ideas they provided.

Tech Recycler

You might have heard of marketplace sites for used electronics such as Swappa and Gazelle. While the average person only uses them to sell their own devices for a bit of cash, this can also be pursued as a side hustle. “There are many companies like our own that will buy your old phones, iPads, and other electronic devices,” said Stewart McGrenary, director at Freedom Mobiles. “You can make a lucrative side hustle out of acquiring unwanted phones from people and selling them this way.”

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Community/Social Media Manager

These days, just about any company of a decent size probably has an online community. That means it will likely have social media or other online channels that need managing, and companies tend to outsource those responsibilities.

“Similar to the moderator role on popular message boards, a community manager is essentially a customer service representative of an online brand,” said R.J. Weiss, CFP and founder at The Ways to Wealth. “Your role would be to respond to comments and questions from users on social media and across various forums and websites within the relevant industry (forums, blogs, videos).” Weiss went on to mention that there are also some unsavory parts of this gig, such as censoring obscene or offensive comments.

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Real Estate Investor

Real estate investing may not be the trendiest side hustle on this list, but people always need somewhere to live. Hence, real estate is one of the most enduring industries around. James Watson, real estate investor with Omaha Homes for Cash, explained why this side hustle is one you should consider. “The new year is likely going to provide a great opportunity in the real estate market,” Watson said. “Demand for rental properties is incredibly high and looks to remain strong for the foreseeable future.”

Watson also mentioned the low interest rates making real estate investing attractive. That makes this a great opportunity for new investors just getting started.

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Freelance Accountant

Accounting is the kind of work every business owner needs done, but they rarely enjoy doing it on their own. That makes it a perfect side hustle for someone with the right skill set, especially since this job can be easily outsourced. “Since the great resignation, most businesses have looked into freelancing websites for professionals,” said Lattice Hudson, founder of Lattice & Co. “If you have a degree in accounting but don’t want to use it full-time, this is a great way to supplement your income without the stress of a full-time 9-5 office job.”

Online Focus Group Participant

Focus groups are a bit like online surveys in that you provide your opinion about products and services; the difference is they usually require in-person attendance. However, that is changing as more and more things move to video communication. “Because of the Pandemic, mostly all traditional in-person focus groups have been moved online,” said Danny DiGiovanni, founder of

“As long as people have a computer (or even a smartphone) at home they can get paid for their opinions without leaving their house,” DiGiovanni said. “Most focus groups pay $75-$125 per hour of your time.”

Book Coach

Writing a book can be very lucrative in some cases, but it’s also a huge undertaking. That’s why there is a whole subset of coaches dedicated to those writing books. Jennie Nash, founder and CEO of Author Accelerator, explained why this is a great side hustle. “Book coaching is a terrific side hustle because coaches not only set their own hours but also their own rates and make upwards of $45K-$100K/year!”

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Nash said book coaches have their own business and can choose their own clients. “It’s the perfect opportunity to be able to stay at home or travel, a part-time option that can also be a full-time option and more.”

Create Niche Pages on TikTok

Last on the list is creating niche pages on TikTok — a side hustle very much enabled by the current state of things. However, for the right person, this can be a great side hustle, said Kyle Dulay, co-founder of Collabstr. Dulay said the idea is to create content on platforms like TikTok and then monetize your audience.

“The key is to start on high growth platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts. From here, you want to consistently post content that appeals to a specific niche. The content doesn’t have to show your face if you’re not comfortable with it, but what you need to do is provide value to your audience.”

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