10 Jobs That Make $80 an Hour (or More)

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In the United States, the median salary is currently $54,134 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Doing the math, that averages out to about $28/hour.

While that’s still well above the minimum wage of $15/hour that many are pushing for, the $54,000-plus median may not be enough for a family to get by. This is especially concerning given current rates of inflation in 2022, which still stands at 7.7% higher than 2021, per the latest Consumer Price Index data. Feasibility of that salary is also dependent on the metro area in which a person lives.

As GOBankingRates previously reported, the average income needed to live comfortably in major cities can top $169,000 if you’re a homeowner in New York City, and more than $98,000 if you’re a renter in San Francisco. That means you’d need to make around $51/hour on the low end (and $88/hour on the high end) just to get by in these markets.

While it might seem like jobs paying $80/hour or more would be relegated to high-paying professions like doctors and lawyers, there are other jobs paying this amount without doctoral degrees, as seen with current job openings on Indeed. Even better, many are for remote work, which means cutting down on commuting costs, too.

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1. Corporate Video Writer

  • Average pay: $70-100/hour
  • Location: Remote

Writers who can take “dry financial information” and turn it into a compelling video script are wanted for this remote, part-time role. “We want someone who can take a series of facts and information and work with the creative director and producers to help find the core story to tell […] and take a narrative approach to business to business marketing,” the job post said.

2. Registered Nurse, Emergency Room

Caring, compassionate and thorough personnel is needed for this gig that is the “first line of defense when responding to patient injuries, trauma, or allergic reactions.” Another requirement for the job, according to the post, is staying calm under pressure.

3. Twitter, TikTok, and Meta Ads Expert

  • Average pay: $80/hour
  • Location: Remote

Social media is a booming business, but you don’t have to be an influencer in order to make a good living using platforms like Twitter, TikTok and Facebook/Instagram (part of the Meta umbrella). L.A.-based startup Hopps Inc is looking for a freelance expert to provide marketing insights and data/ROIs on ads placed on social sites.

4. Museum Curator

The U.S. Smithsonian Institution is looking for someone to lead the curation of exhibits that explore American history and politics, looking through the museum’s collections for inspiration. As the job post reads, the person will “conduct [their] own research in the history of American political or military history and their role in the social and cultural history of the United States and the world that supports the museum’s initiatives.”

Make Your Money Work Better for You

5. Senior Copywriter

A copywriter scribes words for use in marketing materials such as print ads, digital banners, billboards and commercial scripts. This position is for a copywriter in the luxury beauty field that will be “partnering with art directors and pitching concepts,” according to the job post.

6. Search Engine Optimization Consultant

  • Average pay: $75-95/hour
  • Location: Remote

SEO strategy is an important field in marketing, allowing brands to better rank on popular sites like Google and therefore drawing people to their websites. This remote/freelance role will need to do keyword research and come up with a plan to optimize the company’s content, as well as perform regular audits.

7. Store Development Manager

Starbucks has many leadership positions in the company beyond just cafe baristas — and they have pretty impressive pay, too. This store development manager needed in Southern California will come up with plans for where to expand in the market, the best locations to pursue and manage a team of people supporting the effort. According to the job post, candidates with real estate experience are highly desired.

8. Cooking Teacher

Love to cook? Turn it into a lucrative job with this fun position as a chef teacher that leads students in after-school programs where they will learn how to make healthy meals. Some kind of teaching experience is preferred, but no specific degree is required per the job description. 

Make Your Money Work Better for You

9. Tax Manager

It’s that time of year when extra CPAs are needed to handle tax preparation for the upcoming 2022 filing season. This one is for a Top 10 public accounting firm in the southwest, specially having experience in the corporate world.

10. Used Car Director

The used car market has been booming the past couple of years, especially as a microchip shortage has impacted the delivery of new autos. This position manages a used car program at a dealership, maintaining inventory, keeping current vehicles cleaned and well-maintained and purchasing the right vehicles from previous owners to put on the lot.

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