Remote Job Postings Skyrocket 457% on LinkedIn: Media and Communications Industry Lead the Way

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While the country seems to be getting back to a more normal way of life with an easing of restrictions and the re-opening of the economy, one trend seems here to stay: remote work. And some industries, such as media and communications are leading the pack.

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According to a new LinkedIn research, as of May 20 the percentage of paid job postings on LinkedIn that offered “remote work” has skyrocketed 457% from the year earlier.

The research shows that industries where remote work is more prevalent include media and communications, where remote work now accounts for 26.8% of all paid job listings, compared to 2.8% a year earlier. This is followed by software and information technology jobs with 21.8% vs. 6% a year earlier; wellness and fitness jobs with 18.6% vs. 2.3% a year earlier; corporate services jobs with 13.7% vs. 3.1% a year earlier; education jobs, with 12.6% vs. 2.6% a year earlier; finance jobs, with 10.9% vs. 2% a year earlier; hardware and networking jobs, with 8.4% vs. 0.8% a year earlier; and healthcare jobs, with 5% vs. 1.1% a year earlier.

On the other hand, some industries are more reluctant to remote work. According to the LinkedIn data remote opportunities represent less than 5% of all job posts in fields such as consumer goods, manufacturing, design, transportation and logistics. As for travel and recreation, remote listings fall below 2% of the mix.

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“People want to work where they feel most comfortable,” executive coach Vanessa Shaw told LinkedIn, noting that candidates’ attitudes toward work will continue to be shaped by the ability to work remotely.

There is a bonus for hiring managers as well — more people will apply for a remote job now than before the pandemic began. While it can be a bit overwhelming, so many applicants allows for a certain level of pickiness in finding the perfect candidate.

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