Top 10 Recession-Proof Jobs

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With an uncertain economic landscape, inflation that is still running hot and fear of a recession, it’s no surprise that 31% of American workers express concern about their employers potentially planning budget cuts or layoffs, according to a Dec. 14 Workforce Confidence survey by LinkedIn. But against this backdrop, there are reasons to be optimistic, as some jobs are recession-proof, according to a study.

“Overall, this year’s shocks will re-open economic wounds that were only partially healed post-pandemic. In short, the worst is yet to come and, for many people, 2023 will feel like a recession,” the International Monetary Fund noted in a recent report.

Yet not all is gloom and doom for American workers. Although, as GOBankingRates has reported previously, some jobs are particularly vulnerable to cuts during a recession, there are also so-called “recession-proof” jobs that are likely to keep you employed regardless of what the economy does. A Payscale report describes them as those where “employers are spending more to fill these roles due to labor scarcity and increased competition.”

“The jobs on the list tell a story, with a mix of essential service jobs and office jobs, where the opportunity to continue working remote is also part of what is driving the market,” according to the report.

Payscale compiled a list of the most recession-proof jobs by wage growth. Here are the top 10, along with median employee-reported annual pay and expected job growth:

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1. Waiter/Waitress

  • Median pay: $19,900
  • Salary growth: 30%

2. Private Banker

  • Median pay: $93,000
  • Salary growth: 25%

3. Media Director

  • Median pay: $108,000
  • Salary growth: 23%

4. Police, Fire or Ambulance Dispatcher

  • Median pay: $44,500
  • Salary growth: 19%

5. Sales Consultant

  • Median pay: $56,800
  • Salary growth: 18%

6. Microbiologist

  • Median pay: $59,900
  • Salary growth: 16%

7. Marketing and Business Development Director

  • Median pay: $119,000
  • Salary growth: 16%

8. Dock Worker

  • Median pay: $41,100
  • Salary growth: 15%

9. Electrocardiogram Technician

  • Median pay: $40,400
  • Salary growth: 15%

10. Installation Technician

  • Median pay: $46,800
  • Salary growth: 15%

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