Guide To Becoming an Amazon Affiliate: Earn Up to $10,000

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In the saturation of today’s social media onslaught, content remains king. If you are a content creator, posting blog posts or videos to your YouTube channel, and you have a decent following, you could actually earn money with affiliate marketing. When you are getting started with affiliate marketing you want to make sure you look into well-established programs. Keep reading to learn how to become an Amazon affiliate.

What Is the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Amazon has an affiliate marketing program known as Amazon Associates. This program allows website owners, bloggers and other eligible content creators to earn commission rates or referral fees. You will earn when a customer clicks an Amazon link you’ve posted and clicks through to then purchase products from the Amazon website or mobile app. 

Amazon affiliate links typically include: 

  • Product links
  • Links to product reviews 
  • Links to varying product categories

How To Become an Amazon Affiliate in 4 Steps

Becoming an Amazon affiliate through the Amazon Associates program may be easier than you think. In a few short steps, you’ll be set up to start earning some easy cash. Here’s how to become an Amazon affiliate in four steps.

  • Step 1: Use your existing Amazon account to sign up. 
  • Step 2: Customize and create your profile.
  • Step 3: Pick your preferred payment method.
  • Step 4: Create and send your affiliate links.

Step 1: Use Your Existing Amazon Account To Sign Up 

Once you are signed into your Amazon account, head to the Amazon Associates page. You will need to indicate your location and language preference and then click the “Sign Up” button. 

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If you do not have an Amazon account, you will need to start one to join the Amazon Associates program. After you have set up your new account, you can then head to the Amazon Associates homepage to sign up. 

Step 2: Customize and Create Your Profile 

Building your personal profile includes providing information about the mobile app or website you own. Here is a brief guide to streamlining your Amazon Associates profile:

  • Set your Associate ID. This ID will appear in your affiliate link so try to use your name or website’s name.
  • Give a brief description of your website.
  • Choose Amazon products you plan to promote. These should fit into the theme of your website or app.
  • Go to the “Traffic and Monetization” section. 
  • Let Amazon know how you plan to drive traffic and generate money from your site and its content.
  • Select which options work best for your site from the provided list.
  • Review the agreement under the “Contract Terms” section.
  • Click “Finish.”

Step 3: Pick Your Preferred Payment Method 

After you have finished your profile, you will see a page verifying your application has been submitted successfully. On this page, you’ll also find information on your Associate ID, store ID and other pertinent details walking you through the affiliate program. Once you familiarize yourself with the program, you have the option to enter your payment details and tax information.

Step 4: Create and Send Your Affiliate Links

The last step is to start creating your affiliate links. When you’re ready, go to the Amazon Associates page to begin searching for products. Here is a quick run-through on how to create and send a link:

  • Go to “Quick Links” and select “Search for Product.”
  • Search for your desired product.
  • Select the product from the list and then click “Get Link.”
  • You’ll have a few link options to choose from at this point such as links that include an image, a widget or just text.
  • Once you pick your link option, you’ll get an HTML code or link for that product that you can post on your site.
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How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Make?

It is estimated that Amazon affiliates can make anywhere from $2,000 to $10,542 per month. Keep in mind that your pay will be based on how many people actually follow through and purchase a product. If you have a larger following, there will be more earning opportunities for you.

Final Take To GO 

It’s important to note that in order to get Amazon to review your application, you must first make a least one sale on your site. Your application will be withdrawn if you have not made three or more sales within the first 180 days of you setting up your Amazon Associate account. Be aware that Amazon requires you to identify yourself with a disclaimer as an Amazon Associate and failure to do so could result in expulsion from the affiliate program.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Amazon affiliate program.
  • How much do Amazon affiliates make?
    • How much you make as an Amazon affiliate depends on how much traction you get from product referral links you post on your site. If you successfully get people to purchase items by clicking through your affiliate link you will get a commission on the sale. It is estimated affiliates can make anywhere from $2,000 to $10,542 per month.
  • What qualifies you to be an Amazon affiliate?
    • You must complete three sales within the first 180 of establishing your Amazon Associates account to qualify as an Amazon affiliate.
  • Is it free to be an Amazon affiliate?
    • Yes, it is free to be an Amazon affiliate. Be aware though that you have to make at least one sale to ensure Amazon reviews your application.
  • Is it hard to become an Amazon affiliate?
    • Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a simple process and can be done in a few quick steps.
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Information is accurate as of May 26, 2023. 

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