More Men Are Using AI To Make Money: 8 Ways Women Can Get Started — and Get Ahead

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According to findings from a recent GOBankingRates survey, 10.6% of men are using AI to earn passive income vs. 5.5% of women. In addition to this, roughly 52% of men are interested in using AI for this purpose vs. only 40% of women.

Since coming upon the scene, generative artificial intelligence tools have impacted many different industries in a lot of ways. But while some people have already gotten on board and are using AI to generate passive income, others are hesitant or don’t know how to get started.

The good news is that there are many options for anyone looking to create a passive income stream using AI. If you’re looking to get started or get ahead, here are just a few ways to go about it.

Solve Small to Mid-sized Problems

Generative AI can be used to create various types of media, images, written content and more. Used properly, it can even be helpful in solving common problems across various industries.

“There are many ways to make money using generative AI. Having launched an AI startup, I can attest to this,” said Ashu Dubey, co-founder and CEO of Gleen.

“One way more women — and men for that matter — can make more money using generative AI is to learn how to utilize it to solve problems. Create new AI tools, but don’t waste time on the huge problems, as the big players in the industry will most likely be able to scale their solutions for those problems much faster,” said Dubey.

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“Focus on needs within a niche that you know a lot about, and then learn how to harness [large language models (LLMs)] and other tools to build your solution. Don’t rely on only one LLM, but keep your solution as agnostic as possible so as to be flexible. Solve the problems of your customers, and you will be able to make more money using AI.”

Implement It as a Freelancing Tool

Another major way men and women alike can use AI to make money is to rely on it as a support tool — particularly when it comes to freelancing.

“Women can make money with AI in all the same ways as men. I’ll give examples of women I know who are currently making money with AI,” said Scott Lieberman, founder of

“One woman I work with is a freelance video editor. She uses the AI voices on to narrate her video scripts. Another woman I work with is a freelance writer. She uses AI to generate articles ideas that she pitches to various publications. She also uses AI to generate different headlines based on the article she’s written. I know another woman who is a digital marketer. She uses AI to craft social media messages and advertisement headlines that are based on the articles and landing pages she wants to promote.”

Build or Scale a Business

For those thinking about starting or scaling their business, AI can also help.

“Women can leverage AI to start and scale their businesses. Identifying market needs, developing AI-driven solutions and targeting niche markets can lead to substantial profits. AI-powered products and services, from chatbots to personalized recommendations, can cater to evolving customer demands,” said Jon Morgan, the CEO of Venture Smarter.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

“AI can enhance the e-commerce experience. Women entrepreneurs can utilize AI algorithms to analyze consumer behavior, predict trends and optimize pricing strategies. This can lead to increased sales and customer retention,” added Morgan.

Create Personalized Marketing Materials

Generating marketing or promotional materials is another way to build income through AI.

“AI can be used to make personalized marketing campaigns, better divide viewers into groups, and get the most out of ad spending, said Ryan Niddel, CEO at

Regardless of industry, having a solid marketing campaign and related materials can help skyrocket any business.

Innovate Upon Health and Wellness Solutions

People often strive to become healthier or more fit, making the health and wellness industry highly lucrative for many people. Using AI, men and women alike can innovate upon what’s already there and help people achieve their wellness goals.

“Women entrepreneurs can venture into AI-powered healthcare solutions, such as remote patient monitoring, early disease detection or personalized treatment plans. These innovations have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry,” said Morgan.

Niddel added, “People want more and more personalized answers for their health and wellness. AI can look at data to make custom workout plans, nutrition tips or tools for mental health.”

Create Online Courses

Another popular way to generate income using AI is to create courses online. Some of these courses can even be about using AI for this very purpose.

“There are people who want to learn about AI. Women can teach courses, workshops and trainings on how AI can be used in different areas,” said Niddel.

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But AI can also be used to create other educational courses or help people enhance their skills in other areas. “Women can establish AI-focused educational platforms to bridge the gender gap in AI. Providing online courses, workshops and resources can empower more women to enter this field and use AI to generate income,” said Morgan.

Start Investing

Two popular areas in which women and men can also use AI to earn money is through finance and investing.

“Algorithmic trade and robo-advisors are becoming more popular. Women can either use these AI tools or become AI financial experts,” said Niddel. “In my opinion, real estate is a big area of opportunity. [People can use] AI to figure out how much a property is worth, predict how the market will change and give virtual walks.”

Morgan added, “AI can provide data-driven insights for investment decisions. Women with financial expertise can develop AI-based advisory services, offering clients personalized recommendations and portfolio optimization.”

Build a Brand or Website

The concept of creating a recognizable brand isn’t a new one, but the idea of using AI to help with this — and to help generate money — might be. One way to get started with building a brand is with a website, something more women can do to earn passive or active income, as well.

A website is a great way to show off whatever goods or services you offer. Many websites today exist on online platforms like Wix or Squarespace. Some of these platforms are starting to incorporate AI to make creating a website and brand easier than ever.

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Bottom Line

When it comes to AI and earning money, there might be some differences between how men and women use it. However, it’s important to look beyond the numbers.

“As the CEO of Venture Smarter, I believe that the utilization of AI for financial gain is not inherently skewed towards any gender. The world of AI and its applications for generating income is accessible to individuals of all genders,” said Morgan.

“The perceived discrepancy in participation could be attributed to various factors, such as historical biases, educational opportunities and societal expectations,” added Morgan. “While statistics may show a certain trend, it’s essential to focus on creating an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to engage with AI technologies for profit.”

GOBankingRates surveyed 1,091 Americans aged 18 and older from across the country between Aug. 14 and Aug. 16, 2023, asking twenty different questions: (1) Have you had trouble paying your utility (gas, electric, heat, internet, etc.) bills in the last 6-12 months?; (2) Which of the following bills/expenses has been the hardest to keep up with over the past year?; (3) Have you bought a car/truck in the last 6-12 months?; (4) Have you ever been on food stamps?; (5) Have you or would you use artificial intelligence (AI) to earn a passive income?; (6) Where do you shop for the best deals on groceries?; (7) What is your current annual income?; (8) How much were you able to contribute to your savings this year?; (9) How much have your savings/investments decreased over the past year?; (10) Next year’s (2024) Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) will be 3% instead of the 8.7% it saw in 2023. Will this affect you?; (11) What assets do you have in your retirement portfolio? (select all that apply); (12) How much money do you currently have saved for retirement?; (13) How much personal savings do you currently have?; (14) What’s the first step you would take if you were starting a small business?; (15) If given the choice between your current job and starting your own business, which would you choose?; (16) If you have any plans to start a small business, what is the timeline?; (17) How much do you currently spend on rent?; (18) How much do you currently pay monthly on your mortgage?; (19) How much has your housing (rent, mortgage, etc.) gone up over the past year?; and (20) How long do you believe it will take you to save, in order to buy a house?. GOBankingRates used PureSpectrum’s survey platform to conduct the poll.

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