10 Companies That Will Pay You To Do User Testing on Websites

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User testing involves evaluating the functionality and user-friendliness of a website, app or other digital product. Testers often record a video of themselves using the product as they attempt to complete tasks or navigate the site or app. The goal of user testing is to uncover confusing design elements and suggest ways to improve the user experience.

Some user testing sites require experience as a usability tester, but many want feedback from actual users rather than professionals, enabling most people to find user testing jobs. Here are some of the best sites for making extra cash doing user testing.

User Testing Jobs: 10 Best Sites

Each of the following sites has different testing, hardware and software requirements that testers must meet.

1. UserLytics

Standout feature: This platform pays testers to perform user testing on websites, advertisements, videos and other types of material from small start-up companies and well-known large corporations.

What to watch for: Most testing requires the use of a webcam, so testers should be comfortable on camera.

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2. uTest

Standout feature: Those with and without software testing experience can find projects with uTest.

What to watch for: Some testing requires the tester to get hardware or a device shipped to them and then returned.

3. TryMyUI

Standout feature: No specialized training is needed since the platform wants actual users testing their content and not merely those with software testing experience.

What to watch for: Those who don’t check their email frequently for test notifications may miss out on testing opportunities.

4. UserFeel

Standout feature: This platform is best for those who have a natural ability to articulate their actions while doing a task.

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What to watch for: The platform lists several reasons a tester might not receive payment for a project that testers should be aware of.

5. Checkealos

Standout feature: Testing extends beyond computers and mobile devices to smart TVs, gaming consoles and other devices.

What to watch for: Some tests have prequalification questions that might disqualify certain testers who have previously been matched to a project.

6. IntelliZoom

Standout feature: IntelliZoom is for everyday users, so opportunities may be available to just about everyone who meets technical requirements.

What to watch for: Most studies are filled on a first-come-first-served basis, so users need to check emails regularly for opportunities.

7. UserTesting

Standout feature: Contributors can get paid doing live interviews with UserTesting clients or by completing self-guided testing.

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What to watch for: Failing to complete accepted tests can result in poor ratings and fewer test opportunities.

8. TestingTime

Standout feature: This platform offers in-person testing, video interviews and online survey testing opportunities.

What to watch for: In-person testing pays the most, so it can be beneficial to accept these opportunities when they come up.

9. UserBrain

Standout feature: UserBrain uses all video recordings, so those good at explaining while doing will find earning on the platform easy.

What to watch for: UserBrain has specific reasons why a test may be declined for payment, like pretesting the site or failing to take enough time on the test, so testers should be careful to avoid these things.

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10. Ferpection

Standout feature: This platform has many opportunities that merely require a screen capture and not a video for those who prefer not to appear in tests themselves.

What to watch for: Not all tests are immediately accepted, and some testers may need to edit and update reports to receive payment.


User testing jobs are available for professional and novice testers. Most require the tester to record themselves using and evaluating the app or product. Those uncomfortable being on video or who have difficulty clearly explaining what they are doing and offering suggestions for improvements might not like doing user testing.

Those who do excel at evaluating and documenting their experience using a website or app can easily make some extra cash with this side hustle.


Here are some quick answers to popular questions about making money with user testing.
  • How much money do you make on UserTesting?
    • Most testers only receive one or two opportunities per week, and payment varies with each test. UserTesting can be a good source of extra cash but not a significant income source.
  • How do I become a user tester?
    • Those interested in earning doing user testing can sign up on one or more of the many online testing platforms. Every user testing site will have different requirements, so not everyone will qualify for every site.
  • Is user testing a good way to make money?
    • User testing can be an excellent way to make extra cash, but not as a primary income source. Since most tests have specific qualification requirements, testers may only qualify for a few weekly tests.
  • What do you do in user testing?
    • User testing primarily involves testing websites, apps and digital products to determine how user-friendly and well-designed they are, reporting on the user experience and recommending improvements.