Most Expensive Cookies in the World


There is nothing like the sweet, delicious bite of a cookie. Once your taste buds sink into the sugary treat, there is no turning back, no matter how hard you try.

We all have our favorite brands and kinds, as well as how much we are willing to spend to enjoy these delectable bites.

Like most foods these days, there are high-class cookies and then there are cookies that are so mind-bogglingly pricey you might be wondering if you read the sales tag right. Well, hold on to your glass of milk as we dip into some of the most expensive cookies in the world.

Bahlsen Butter Leaves

One of the most well-known names in the cookie game is Bahlsen, a company that has been baking scrumptious gingerbread and butter cookies since 1889 in Hannover, Germany.

Bahlsen’s Butter Leaf cookies are butter cookies described on the company’s website as “sweet, buttery biscuit that melts in your mouth and balances the richness with a sweet almond aftertaste.”

Because these treats are so in demand, it might be hard to find them at your local grocery store without a special order. Right now, Amazon is selling them in bulk, with a 12-pack of 4.4-ounce boxes going for about $41.

Boho Rainbow Cookies

Etsy is a place where you can support artisans selling their wares and crafts online, including pastry chefs and cookie bakers. This includes KmbCookieco, owned and operated out of South Salt Lake, Utah, by Kala Meservey, specializing in Boho Cookies for every occasion.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

These are festive, muted cookies that are perfect for any other fun celebration, but particularly baby showers and birthdays. As described on Etsy, these cookies are “One of a Kind! Hand decorated in your choice of royal icing colors (invitation matching available) these boho rainbow cookies are the perfect treat for a bohemian first birthday.”

The smaller box of 12 Boho Rainbow Cookies costs $75, not including shipping fees, while an order of two dozen can go for over $200.

Pierre Herme Macarons

Is it a macaroon or a macaron? While both are very French, the macaron by premier chef Pierre Herme is a highly delicious and highly priced after-dinner treat. That’s because you can’t order just one of them — and why would you? Especially when you know you’re going to want to try all of the hundreds of flavors available.

What makes these colorful little sandwich cookies so delightful and worth the price of admission to your mouth? Herme has figured out the perfect recipe for the filling — a delicate balance of powdered sugar, egg whites and white almond powder.

The smallest box of Pierre Herme macarons — four of the masterpiece treats — will generally run you about 13 euros ($13.88). That breaks down to roughly $3.25 per cookie, not including shipping costs. 

A box of 40, however, goes for $117.42, which is almost 26 times the amount you typically would pay for a 30-count family-sized package of Oreos in the United States.

23-Carat Gold Monkey Cookie

In 2012, Abdullah Al Ansari lived in Kuwait and baked cookies in his kitchen. By 2017, he had turned his hobby into a business called Monkey Cookies, which ships tasty treats to numerous outlets in Selfridges Birmingham and London.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

That same year, Monkey Cookies rolled out an exclusive 23-carat gold cookie, a chocolate chip cookie that was carefully crafted by hand and decorated with a gold-sheeted Hershey’s chocolate kiss, then sprinkled with gold flakes as a final touch. 

You could purchase one for a mere £23 ($27.35), which may or may not be a golden opportunity to savor decadence, depending on whether you like the flavor of one of the most valuable substances in the world.

The Thousand Dollar Cookie

Otherwise known as the “world’s most expensive cookie,” going for $1,000 when it was released in 2019 by Sofia Demetriou, the owner of Duchess Cookies in New York City. Most of Duchess Cookies desserts at the time were going for $4 apiece, but that all changed when Demetrious created a red velvet cookie like no other. 

Using imported ruby chocolate to make the base of the cookie, it was then coated with 23,000 gold leafs before being placed inside a shoe carved from chocolate. The entire cookie was then placed on fine china Baccarat catchall, accompanied by a string of freshwater pearls.

For that much money, it’s hopefully a cookie that doesn’t crumble.

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