The Richest Super Bowl MVPs of All Time

Find out which NFL Super Bowl MVP is the wealthiest.

The Super Bowl is a sacred event for football’s faithful. For over half a century, the NFL’s two finest teams of the year have battled off in one of America’s greatest traditions. As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in the word “team.” In the Super Bowl, however, there is almost always one player who stands out from the rest. Keep reading to find out more about the wealth of the NFL’s best players.

Richest Super Bowl MVPs of All Time

In the half-century the Super Bowl has existed, the game has morphed from a glorified championship into a timeless tradition for the whole family. These MVPs might share a similar accolade in their careers, but they each did different things with their football fortunes.

GOBankingRates compiled a list of the richest Super Bowl MVP’s, listed in order of their impressive net worths:

NFL Super Bowl MVP Net Worths
NFL MVP Net Worth MVP-Winning Super Bowl Position Team
Roger Staubach $600,000,000 Super Bowl VI QB Dallas Cowboys
Peyton Manning $200,000,000 Super Bowl XLI QB Indianapolis Colts
Steve Young $200,000,000 Super Bowl XXIX QB San Francisco 49ers
Tom Brady $180,000,000 Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX QB New England Patriots
John Elway $145,000,000 Super Bowl XXXIII QB Denver Broncos
Eli Manning $100,000,000 Super Bowl XLII, XLVI QB New York Giants
Drew Brees $80,000,000 Super Bowl XLIV QB New Orleans Saints
Joe Montana $80,000,000 Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIV QB San Francisco 49ers
Jerry Rice $55,000,000 Super Bowl XXIII WR San Francisco 49ers
Joe Flacco $55,000,000 Super Bowl XLVII QB Baltimore Ravens
Ray Lewis $45,000,000 Super Bowl XXXV LB Baltimore Ravens
Aaron Rodgers $30,000,000 Super Bowl XLV QB Green Bay Packers
Kurt Warner $30,000,000 Super Bowl XXXIV QB St. Louis Rams
Von Miller $30,000,000 Super Bowl 50 LB Denver Broncos
Troy Aikman $25,000,000 Super Bowl XXVII QB Dallas Cowboys
Santonio Holmes $25,000,000 Super Bowl XLIII WR Pittsburgh Steelers
Lynn Swann $20,000,000 Super Bowl X WR Pittsburgh Steelers
Emmitt Smith $18,000,000 Super Bowl XXVIII RB Dallas Cowboys
Joe Namath $18,000,000 Super Bowl III QB New York Jets
Hines Ward $16,000,000 Super Bowl XL WR Pittsburgh Steelers
Phil Simms $16,000,000 Super Bowl XXI QB New York Giants
Deion Branch $15,000,000 Super Bowl XXXIX WR New England Patriots
Terry Bradshaw $15,000,000 Super Bowl XII, XIV QB Pittsburgh Steelers
Desmond Howard $14,000,000 Super Bowl XXXI KR Green Bay Packers
Doug Williams $10,000,000 Super Bowl XXII QB Washington Redskins
Len Dawson $10,000,000 Super Bowl IV QB Kansas City Chiefs
Terrell Davis $10,000,000 Super Bowl XXXII RB Denver Broncos
John Riggins $6,000,000 Super Bowl XVII RB Washington Redskins
Bart Starr $4,000,000 Super Bowl I, II QB Green Bay Packers
Marcus Allen $4,000,000 Super Bowl XVIII RB Los Angeles Raiders
Franco Harris $3,000,000 Super Bowl IX RB Pittsburgh Steelers
Larry Csonka $2,000,000 Super Bowl VIII FB Miami Dolphins
Malcolm Smith $2,000,000 Super Bowl XLVIII LB Seattle Seahawks


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The 52nd Super Bowl will take place on Feb. 4, 2018 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. Justin Timberlake will perform for the world-famous Super Bowl halftime show and the game will be announced by the hosts of NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” — Al Michaels, providing play-by-play commentary and Cris Collinsworth, serving as color commentator.

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Net worth information sourced from Celebrity Net Worth. Only Super Bowl MVPs with documented net worth estimates were considered for this article.

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The Richest Super Bowl MVPs of All Time
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