Amazon Flex Review: How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make?

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Our take: If you own a car and are looking for a flexible side hustle, delivery services such as DoorDash, Postmates and Instacart are a good way to make extra cash on your schedule. Amazon Flex jobs are another way. They're available in many cities as a way for one of the world's largest retailers to keep up with order demands. If you're wondering how much Amazon drivers make, this Amazon Flex review will get into all the details on whether this gig is worth it.
  • Areas Available
  • Learning Curve
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Earnings Potential
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An Amazon Flex driver job isn’t for everyone. Here are some top reasons it may (or may not) work for you.


  • Flexible scheduling — you can reserve time blocks ahead of time
  • Work alone
  • You'll know how much you can earn in advance
  • The app takes out all the guesswork
  • Amazon Flex pay averages $18 to $25 per hour including tips
  • Payments via direct deposit are processed twice per week


  • Limited availability
  • Open-bed pickup trucks and smaller cars may not qualify
  • You get penalized if you don't cancel your scheduled block at least 45 minutes in advance
  • Workload fluctuates, making it hard to earn a steady income
  • You won't get reimbursed for gas, tolls, parking expenses or citations

      What Is Amazon Flex?

      Amazon Flex is an independent contractor job delivering packages on behalf of the company. Some of the deliveries you may make are for:

      • You’ll pick up orders from an Amazon delivery station to deliver. You could be delivering anything sold on
      • Amazon Fresh and Prime Now: You’ll deliver household supplies and groceries from an Amazon delivery station.
      • Instant Offers: Not available everywhere, these one-off deliveries may come up based on your location.
      • Store Orders: You’ll pick up orders from local stores instead of an Amazon delivery station.

      The Amazon Flex app organizes your schedule for you and provides you with all the info you need. Simply check what’s available, reserve a delivery block of time, follow the app’s instructions to complete the deliveries, and you’ll get paid in a matter of days.

      How To Become an Amazon Flex Driver

      Getting started may be the hardest part of the whole process. Amazon Flex isn’t available everywhere yet; you’ll find about 50 cities have limited spots. If you don’t find your city listed, you can download the app, create an account and wait for news from Amazon if it’s recruiting in your area.

      To become an Amazon Flex driver, you must:

      • Be at least 21
      • Have a valid driver’s license
      • Have a smartphone with the Amazon Flex app downloaded
      • Have a four-door SUV, van, pickup with a covered bed or midsize vehicle

      You’ll also need to have car insurance. Keep in mind that personal car insurance policies don’t cover driving for delivery or rideshare apps. Amazon adds you to its Amazon commercial policy for free in all areas except New York. You may need to add rideshare insurance in New York to protect yourself.

      If you meet the requirements and your city has opportunities, here’s how Amazon Flex jobs work:

      1. Sign Up for an Account

      You can use your existing Amazon account or create a new one. You’ll need to watch some videos on how delivering with Amazon works. Follow along and answer questions that help Amazon determine your area and the type of delivery you’re best for. Enter bank information to get paid by direct deposit and fill out tax forms.

      2. Schedule Blocks

      Once you’re approved, you can tap on “Upcoming Offers” to view what’s available. It will show you the duration of the block and potential earnings. The length of the delivery block depends on the Amazon Flex opportunity. slots typically last three to six hours. Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and Store Orders are usually available for two to four hours. Instant Offers can pop up at any time and can take between 15 and 45 minutes to complete.

      Remember that you don’t get reimbursed for parking, gas or tolls, so take that into account when choosing blocks. When you see something you like, swipe the schedule you’d like to reserve.

      3. Make the Deliveries

      You’ll see your starting location in the app one hour in advance for Prime Now and orders. Other orders show you the location in advance. You’ll load up your vehicle and follow the app for directions to customers’ homes and everything you need to do.

      If something comes up and you can’t make your scheduled block, cancel at least 45 minutes in advance or it may be marked as a missed block.

      4. Get Paid

      The earnings screen of the app lets you track your pay. You’ve already added a bank account by now, so you don’t have to do anything else except wait for a notification that your payment was processed. Amazon Flex typically processes your pay twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Depending on your bank, you could see your payment in your account as soon as the next day.

      How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

      The pay for Amazon Flex drivers depends on the area and type of delivery you make. Tips factor into your income, making it hard to determine. Amazon says it always pays you “at least $15-$19 per scheduled hour.” However, the company found that Amazon Flex pay averages $18 to $25 per hour when you include tips.

      Pro Tips To Maximize Your Earnings

      The following ideas can help you make more as an Amazon Flex driver:

      • Check the schedule regularly for new delivery blocks. Cancellations may come up and you could snag a last-minute opportunity.
      • Ramp up for the holidays. November and December are peak delivery times when you can make more money than the rest of the year.
      • Look for busier block times, which pay more. It may require you to work later or earlier hours, but it may be worth it.
      • Be courteous and thoughtful on deliveries and you may earn extra tips. Small details such as dropping mints into a food order bag from the restaurant pickup or placing grocery orders neatly at a customer’s door could earn you extra cash.

      How Amazon Flex and Other Driving Gigs Compare

      Are you wondering how Amazon Flex compares to other car-related side hustles? Here is a breakdown.

      Amazon Flex vs. Postmates

      Amazon Flex and Postmates drivers may make similar money. The average for a Postmates driver is $17 per hour, according to Glassdoor, compared to Amazon’s $18 to $25. Postmates drivers work on a last-minute schedule when compared to Amazon Flex.

      You can schedule in advance with Amazon and have a good estimate of how much work you can expect in the selected block and how much you’ll earn. With Postmates, you log in to the app when you’re ready to start and wait for a delivery to pop up.

      Amazon Flex vs. DoorDash

      Both companies offer scheduling in advance. Amazon Flex provides more details about what to expect before you commit. However, DoorDash operates in more cities at this time, potentially making it more lucrative than Amazon Flex jobs.

      Amazon Flex vs. Instacart

      If you don’t want to deliver packages for Amazon, Instacart focuses on grocery deliveries. Shoppers typically make about $17 per hour or just under $25 per trip, according to Gridwise. Amazon Flex is more consistent with guaranteed earnings between $15 and $19 per hour plus tips.

      With Amazon Flex, you pick up the packages or orders and spend most of your time making deliveries. Instacart orders require you to go and shop for them. You’ll have to decide on how much time you want to spend pushing a cart versus dropping orders off.

      Is Amazon Flex Pay Worth It?

      GOBankingRates’ Amazon Flex review finds that the side hustle is worth it if it’s available in your area and you’re not too pressed about a steady gig. The Flex program is fairly new and not widely available yet, potentially making it less reliable or lucrative than other similar types of gigs. However, it’s nice to know what to expect ahead of time before you schedule a block — and the tips can be a nice bonus.

      Amazon Flex FAQ

      Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Amazon Flex.
      • Can I bring a friend on Amazon Flex jobs?
        • Amazon does not encourage others to tag along because of its commercial insurance coverage limits. You can take someone with you as long as you drive during your block and the passenger remains in the vehicle while you pick up and drop off deliveries.
      • Does Amazon Flex pay include tips?
        • Amazon Flex delivery blocks usually show you an estimate of how much you can earn during the two- to four-hour shift. Customers may tip you extra after a delivery, which could bump up your earnings. Any tips you earn are yours to keep.

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