20 Secret Ways to Save on Your Next Hotel Stay

Score cheap hotel rooms and deals on your next vacation.
  • Tommy

    Really great advice! I’ll keep this in mind for my next trip.

    • George O

      None of it will work if the manager has half a brain cell. You want an upgrade? That costs more.

  • j7apple

    How do you really feel? lol Im quite sure this was targeted for people who never travel.

  • Tony

    Right on point. I think that the best way to get deals is if you have status with the hotel. When I was platinum with starwood I would get upgrades all the time. I miss those old days….

  • Justice for Caylee-Dets

    If I had to consider all these things the trip would not be worth going on.This article is way to stress related.

  • Yes, I always prefer online discount codes for my hotel bookings. Actually, you will surely get bundles of offers from all the hotel booking websites or you can even use discount codes websites in order to get the best deals. Thanks for sharing though.

  • kelly orr

    You forgot the most important way to save money when staying at a hotel..Start at the top floor with an empty duffel bag and work your way down floor by floor collecting all the flatwear and dishes left out for room service. Count as you go to be sure you complete full four place settings, forget about shooter glasses (no-one likes those) Collect as much as you can carry out the front door and don’t forget to promo yourself some towels and face cloths and toilet paper so things don’t “clink around” too much. Then use these sets as Christmas gifts for your wife’s side of the family or vise versa. Now there’s some advice you can actually use and that will actually save you some money because all the other ideas never work.

  • kelly

    Actually I made a mistake, avoiding the bottled water is really good advise, especially when your in mexico?