Popular Fast Food French Fries Put to the Test

See how these popular french fries compare.

The potato is the shape-shifter of cuisine — capable of being smashed, mashed, baked and broiled. But, this starchy staple’s most beloved form might just be the ubiquitous french fry.

Greasy, salty and oh-so-good, the french fry paired with a classic cheeseburger has become the quintessential fast food meal for many cultures — as well as a popular late-night order. GOBankingRates tasted four major french fries to see how they compare.

Keep reading for a guide to the best fast-food menu items, and decide which style suits your taste.

The Playing Field: Four Styles of Fries

Four restaurants could lead to multiple styles of fries. Here’s the breakdown:

Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr.’s smiling star is found all across the country, and so are their staple natural-cut fries. Described on the company’s website as “premium-quality, skin-on, natural cut french fries,” a large-size portion of this salty treat boasts 460 calories. Its 920 mg of sodium, however, is more than 60 percent of the daily ideal limit for most adults, according to the American Heart Association.

Five Guys

Five Guys is known for serving up delectable fries in a paper cup within a brown paper bag, often opting to overflow the cup. This can lead to a bag filled with leftover greasy goodies for you to dip into ketchup. Or, if you prefer, mustard.

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In-N-Out Burger

This West Coast chain has built a cult following due to their low-frills, high-quality menu of burgers, fries and shakes. The fries, described as “fresh, hand-cut potatoes prepared in sunflower oil” are crisp and salty and go particularly well with a sweet milkshake or an “Animal Style” burger.


The Golden Arches has been a fast food beacon for decades. Found in most major cities and towns, McDonald’s fries have become a staple of fast-food cuisine — and the benchmark for what a french fry should be.

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