Mississippi SNAP Schedule: When Benefits Hit EBT Cards in April

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously known as food stamps, is a nationwide federal program administered by individual state agencies. In the state of Mississippi, SNAP is administered by the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

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SNAP provides monthly benefits to eligible low-income families and individuals. SNAP benefits are loaded onto an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card each month, which can be used just like a credit or debit card at the point of sale. In Mississippi, EBT cards can be used at any location that displays the Quest logo. Food may also be purchased at non-traditional stores, such as farmers markets, truck vendors and community support agencies approved by the Food and Nutrition Service.

Each state controls its own eligibility requirements for the SNAP program. Mississippi residents will need to work with the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Economic Assistance Office to determine whether they are eligible for benefits. To give you an idea of how eligibility is determined, you can use the SNAP pre-screening tool at access.ms.gov. If you qualify, you will be able to receive your SNAP benefits within 30 days of your dated application.

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Unlike many other states, Mississippi does not distribute SNAP benefits on the first of the month. Benefits are sent out from the 4th to the 21st, based on the last two digits of your case number. Here is the Mississippi SNAP schedule for April 2022:

Case No. Ending InDate Benefits Received
00-04April 4th
05-10April 5th
11-16April 6th
17-22April 7th
23-28April 8th
29-34April  9th
35-40April  10th
41-46April 11th
47-52April 12th
53-58April 13th
59-64April 14th
65-69April 15th
70-74April 16th
75-79April 17th
80-84April 18th
85-89April 19th
90-94April  20th
95-99April 21st

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