SNAP Schedule: West Virginia Mountain State Card Benefits for May 2022

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The West Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) distributes monthly benefits to eligible low-income households through the Mountain State Card, the state’s version of the EBT card. In West Virginia, SNAP is administered by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, or DHHR.

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The West Virginia Mountain State Card works just like a credit or debit card, allowing SNAP recipients to purchase eligible food items at any participating store or farmers market. Eligible items include food for human consumption and seeds/plants to grow food. SNAP benefits cannot be used for household items, grooming products, tobacco, alcohol, pet food or hot prepared foods that are ready to eat.

Cash recipients can use their SNAP benefits at retailers for food purchases and get cash back with the purchase (or withdraw funds from an ATM with the “Quest” logo). The first three withdrawals each month are free. For each additional cash withdrawal, a $1 fee is taken out of your WV WORKS account. There may also be bank surcharges for using ATMs.

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Benefit amounts are determined by household size and countable income after all deductions are applied.

Households with an elderly or disabled resident are generally given special consideration. West Virginia also has a higher asset limit and no gross income test in such cases. In said cases, more “excess shelter/utility costs” can also be deducted, as can medical expenses over $35 per month.

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Benefits are sent out over the first nine days of every month, based on the first letter of your last name. Cash benefits are sent out on the first calendar day of every month. Here’s when to expect benefit deposits on your Mountain State Card for May.

Last name’s first letter isBenefits available
B, X, Y, or Z1st
C or F2nd
H, N, or V3rd
I, M, O, or U4th
Q or S5th
A or W6th
J, K, or P7th
D, E, or R8th
G, L, or T9th
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